Saturday, January 21, 2012

These are the characters that appear in the Bondowolf stories.

The story's main hero, a wayward demon hunter whose trying to find his place in the world. Raised an orphan, Chaos learned of his family's true origins when he was turned into a half-demon against his will. Now all he has left is his mission to rid the world of the unnatural evil.

The older brother to Chaos Demonwolf, a once full-fledged demon and tyrannic leader. Since his arrival in modern times, Hatred has felt at loss and without purpose, slowly driving him to switching sides and becoming a 'good guy'.

  To Bond Hatred »

Zarch Demonwolf
Once a powerful demon king and the father to four children, Zarch fell in love with a young priestess who turned him away from his evil ways. Now on a quest for redemption, Zarch watches over his sons like a watchful guardian hoping to protect them.

  The Demon Dungeon »

The proud Captain of the Watch in the city of Mel´Andrea, Galen serves as a protector and keeps his home safe from threats. Trained in the arts of war, Galen is a skilled warrior and words of his herculean strength travels far and wide.

  Galen and Egad »

Once an ordinary cop, Wade lost his lover and partner on a mission against a villain. Since then, he has sworn revenge on the group responsible for his loss and now works as a secret government agent to try and bring down the big boss.

  Hunter's Journal »

Egad Nob
An evil genius or perhaps just a psychopath, 'Ryan Foxmoore' was a spoiled lonely child that grew a liking for the villain's story and decided to make capturing heroes his full-time job. With endless riches behind him, there's no evil plot this fox can't pull off.

  The Tournament »

Professor Daniel Mize
A scientist and an inventor, 'Professor Mize' was often bullied and had his research stolen by businessmen until he came across his new employer and partner in crime, Egad Nob. Now the professor invents new ways to capture heroes.

  The Tournament »

Damian Ratsbane
The Big Boss and the man behind it all, Damian was once a common crook until he made a deal with the devil and was granted a powerful ring that allowed him to control the will of others. Now he runs an underground slave auction as part of his deal.

One of Damian's most prized henchmen, Zeraxies is a dangerous naga who collects slaves for his auction with hypnosis and the strangest of magic. The beast has a reputation for his merciless tendency to devour his captives whenever he feels hungry.

A centuries old demon, Nemesis was once a gladiator trapped in a magical amulet by a power-hungry warlock. The spell backfired and the gladiator's spirit possessed whoever wore the amulet, allowing him to drag more victims into his gem prison.

Sylas Spellbinder
A twisted evil magician with a french accent, this guy can do more than pull a rabbit out of his hat. Sylas has real magic and uses his craft to literally collect people by turning them into cards and forever trapping them.

Mark Greypaw
A young mutt who just graduated from high school, Mark is one of the many new students to attend college. Having trained with his military father for a year before starting college, Mark has to grow and learn what it means to be his own man.

Raynard Bagley
An overweight orange tabby whose been subject to bullying through most of his school years, this gentle boy is about to start college. Ray must learn to find acceptance and learn how to love if he's to grow up and move on with his life. 
Victor Feralfang
A muscular tiger who works as a fitness instructor, Victor may not be as perfect a guy as he appears. Struggling with his bisexual identity, Victor is determined to settle down one day, but lives a carefree life until that day comes.


  1. really helpful. damian is an awesome villain and i can't wait to read more of your bondage stories.

  2. amazing stuff here the detail and energy you've put into this..the characters are really well fleshed out

  3. is this a movie or comic

  4. Love your stories and pictures, when are there any updates?

  5. Point is... would Damian and the Dominant Six withstand the powers of nature itself? Like, creatures they cannot control? hehe Just wondering. Because I've an interest in doing a project together. OF course you know the rule, Villains never win, right? And having such creatures as supernatural beings born from the ones destined to destroy the world and the actual owner of Damian's Ring in the hero's side... what could go bad for the villiains *Eveilishly Grinning* mind to join?

  6. We got a story on Nemesis yet or is that still in the making?

  7. So many outstanding stories, so little time before I died