Monday, June 18, 2012

Featured Artists

These are talented artists that have had a special influence on the blog through their contributions with characters and art that have inspired my work. I would like to recommend visiting these extraordinary artists' galleries if you like the work posted on this blog.

Grive on FurAffinity »

Grive is the artist who won the Bondowolf Fan Art Contest with the astounding piece, "The War Game". Grives has an amazing and charming art style that really captures the character's personality in the drawing with beautiful warm and clear colors. While Grive doesn't have a gallery, the artist has shared a few more stunning artworks below!

Art by Grive

Galen on FurAffinity »
Ohblon on Deviantart »
Galen-dhaelos on Sofurry »

Galen is an artist that I've admired since I started out drawing, obviously his raw talent for drawing large and powerful males drew me in first - but there's more to this artist with his incredible variated character designs, his amazing in-depth backgrounds and an entire fiction universe named Vhaldaria. He's even allowed his main character Galen Dhaelos to become a regular on the blog and he's been generous enough to draw more than one bondage scenario for me.

Bondowolf Art by Galen

Screenshots from "After Egad´s tournament..."

Impximon on FurAffinity »
Ximonr on Deviantart »

Ximon is an amazingly talented artist with a passion for bondage. His colors are astounding and he was a beautiful and unique comic-like style when drawing his characters, and he has an amazing creativity when it comes to thinking of bondage scenarios. He has also contributed with several in-depth backgrounds for my tournament events.

Bondowolf Art by Ximon

SoupGoblin's Stash on Blogger »
Croup on FurAffinity »

Croup first approached me as a fan with a passion for writing, and his amazingly written fan had me in awe. He's been a steady writer since then, introducing his two masculine and sexy oni demon characters, Slake and Conquer, in a universe with a bondage-themed way of conquest. His fictions are both tasteful and worth the read.

Bondowolf Fictions by Croup

Prize Polishing »
"Chaos and Fenris’s eyes met as they moaned and twisted weakly in their restraints. Both saw in the other what was once a proud fighter, a contender for champion--but now merely the plaything of a fox in a dungeon. Sympathy mixed with disgust . . . before giving in to acknowledgement of their similarity. They say that men toiling under harsh conditions develop a rapport with each other, such as that of soldiers serving together. Well, the same could be said of bondage slaves. Whatever they had been before, they were both equal now . . . they were both toys to this despicable fox. Why did their bodies react so strongly to this feeling of helplessness and domination?! It was maddening!"

Partnering Up »
"Speaking of, Slake took a look around himself. Not every guy had utterly failed at the obstacle course, and he could perceive through the steam several other naked male forms around himself washing up from their workout. A good variety of body-types was represented, from a mean-looking bull terrier to a heavier white tiger, a blue dragon, a slim bat, and even a coiled cobra. And then there was himself, the beefy blue Oni who, in his own opinion, was bigger, rougher, and meaner than any of them. Regardless of size or species, all were relaxing under the water now, proud they'd made it through and ready to take the last registration step once they were done here."

Entering the Tournament »
"Conquer merely snorted. All he was hearing were excuses. And he didn't like the way this 'meek' scientist was stealthily eyeing him from time to time. It was either simple lust at his impressive body, or something more sinister. Either way, there were more going on behind those thick lenses than the mouse let on. Perhaps it was a mistake to enter this 'Damian's Tournament’. Pure impulse, extremely unlike him. Only a few trusted retainers were even informed that he’d be absent from the courts for an unknown period. There hadn’t been enough time to properly scope the place out, let alone learn its secrets ..."

Firestarterwolf on FurAffinity »

Joe is an artist that I've come to know only recently, both humble and shy when taking credit for his brilliant work. He's nothing short of an amazing comic artist, often drawing adult male stories with his main character Joe Wolf accompanied by his friends, and he recently started on comic projects with some of Bondowolf's bondage-crazed villains against his team.

Bondowolf Art by Joe

Crocdragon89 on FurAffinity »
Crocdragon89 on DeviantArt »

One of the most talented character illustrators I've ever laid eyes upon, Crocdragon has a way of bringing his characters to life with charming personalities that quickly make you fall in love with his style. His boys are of course nothing short of attractive, and he has a way of bringing out many different types of masculinity ranging from the werewolf beast to the hot cowboy with character development that continues to amaze me.

Bondowolf Art by Croc


  1. I've never seen that picture of Galen getting tied up before... did you draw it?

    1. If you're referring to the picture in Galen's banner, it's a cutout from one of our collaborated works that will appear in the upcoming Galen and Egad story arc. Any of the pictures below is otherwise done by the respective artist and I take no credit for them.

    2. Yay, can't wait for the story to be uploaded. Keep yourself happy with art, don't pay attention to the dramas that surround you.

  2. How can you read the stories on furaffinty? Cuz I tried but they say it's blocked...

    1. The stories are erotic and requires an account on the website with adult content enabled. An account is free to create and will allow you to follow the artist's gallery updates as well.

    2. thank you ^^