Monday, June 2, 2014

The Dragonborn in Bondage

This is an ongoing comic I've been rendering from screenshots and various mods to the game, Skyrim.
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This is a printable card game that you can craft at home and play with your friends. In order to create your own card game, you will need a printer and materials to make a playable game.

The Story
Our story begins with a bondage-obsessed villain called Egad. This fiendish fox came up with a brilliant scheme: To capture heroes from all around the world by creating a fighting tournament. Together with his partner in crime, Professor Mize, they created a teleporter device used to transport the champions into battle... but against anyone's knowledge, the champions that were defeated was instead brought into the villain's private collection as part of the "The Grand Prize."

Photo Gallery
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The Tournament TCG: The Story

Once there was a devious fox named Egad Nob obsessed with bondage. This twisted mastermind came up with a brilliant scheme to capture heroes by using a device known as the Magnetic Teleporter. Developed by the evil genius Professor Mize, the teleporter could transport a person to the teleporter's platform from any place in the world once they had been "attuned".

How to Print Your Own Deck

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To craft your own deck, you first need to cover the materials and consider the expenses. The materials you will need are:
- A High Quality Printer and Ink
- A Paper Cutter or a Scissor
- Per Deck: 4 Sheets of Double-sided High Definition Paper
- Per Deck: 36 Deck Protector Sleeves
- Optional: Glue

Sylas' Deck

Download the images, then print them in these dimensions:
Width: 18,87 cm
Height: 26,35 cm