Monday, December 8, 2014

Corruption of Justice

Written by Croup

“NNGH!” The big thug let out a grunt as Jed slammed him up against a wall. “Ungh, damn cop! Why you always gotta ruin my fun?”

“So knocking over convenience stores is just ‘fun’ for you now, huh?” Jed said as he scraped him along the brick alley lining before shoving him to the ground. He quickly settled his heavy panda’s bulk on top of the two-bit punk, sitting on his back to keep him down and grabbing his wrists. “I’m surprised at you, Brunt. I thought you’d gone clean.”

Brunt, a jacked up rhino with a chip on his shoulder, struggled underneath him. “Motherfucker! Like I’d really do that? I only said that shit so you’d quit parkin’ your fat ass on my corner!”

Jed frowned. “You know what? You’ve got the right to remain silent,” he said, covering the rhino’s mouth with his big hand while he cuffed him.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Writing Contest: A Day in the life of Egad Nob

It's your turn to be the villain! What would you do if you suddenly woke up one morning in the body of Egad Nob but with your own mind? Send me your story and have a chance at winning a 80$ cash prize as well as having your winning entry featured on the blog!

The Plot

A careless warlock was conjuring a powerful spell when it misfired and swapped the minds of two unsuspecting people for twenty-four hours: You and the villainous fox, Egad Nob.

Now you find yourself waking up in the master bed of a bondage-crazed rich villain who has captured countless heroes and lives a life of luxury and danger.

What would you do if you were to spend a day in the life of Egad Nob?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

After School: Second Year

Return to Eaglewood College a as a new student and meet Mark and Ray again, as well as the new freshmen. Follow the adventure as the boys go through college and join in as the boys experiment with their sexuality in various bondage games.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Loss of Control

Read more about the ideas and creativity behind the stories and their characters, the situations they are put in and why we love watching them struggle so much.

Men in Bondage »
A general introduction to male bondage and some of the erotic elements within the fetish.

Loss of Control »
Explore the erotic feelings and the reaction when the hero suddenly wakes up in the villain's dungeon completely helpless. How's it like to lose control when you are captured?
Group Bondage »
Several guys all naked and tied together as bondage slaves. What does it mean to be tied up as a group? We explore the subject of group bondage and the implication it carries.