Monday, December 8, 2014

Corruption of Justice

Written by Croup

“NNGH!” The big thug let out a grunt as Jed slammed him up against a wall. “Ungh, damn cop! Why you always gotta ruin my fun?”

“So knocking over convenience stores is just ‘fun’ for you now, huh?” Jed said as he scraped him along the brick alley lining before shoving him to the ground. He quickly settled his heavy panda’s bulk on top of the two-bit punk, sitting on his back to keep him down and grabbing his wrists. “I’m surprised at you, Brunt. I thought you’d gone clean.”

Brunt, a jacked up rhino with a chip on his shoulder, struggled underneath him. “Motherfucker! Like I’d really do that? I only said that shit so you’d quit parkin’ your fat ass on my corner!”

Jed frowned. “You know what? You’ve got the right to remain silent,” he said, covering the rhino’s mouth with his big hand while he cuffed him.


After the satisfying clink of the cuffs locking in place, Jed hauled him to his feet. “All right buddy, now you and I are gonna take a little trip to the station . . . “

“Whatever man, I’ll do my time in the big house and then be right back on the street,” Brunt snarled. “You know it’s true.”

The panda officer looked at him. A beat cop, he’d been passed over for promotion several times, and it was starting to show in the bags under his eyes and the growing burliness to his belly. He was still in good, fit shape though, with the uniform hanging tight on him and accentuating his figure everywhere it should. His badge shone brightly on his chest. But as he looked the thug over, his eyes grew dark.

Brunt was a solid, well-built guy with big muscles and a bigger attitude. His worn tanktop clung to his powerful chest, and his legs were bulging out of his ripped jeans. Tattoos snaked their way up one arm, and across what Jed could see of his pecs. As he was studied, Brunt sent a sneer Jed’s way.

He was pretty perfect for that guy’s tastes.

“ . . . You’re right,” he finally said. “Our jails are already overcrowded as it is. But I bet I know a guy that can take care of you.”


Jed lead the cuffed rhino back to his cruiser and stuffed him into the back, ignoring his shit talk. He then slid into the front seat and took the wheel, guiding the car out from where it’d been blocking the alley entrance and back into traffic. His partner, a fresh-faced cat just out of the academy named Riley, glanced at him. “Why didn’t you read him his rights?” he asked.

“Peh. Trash like him doesn’t deserve rights,” Jed snorted.

“Hey, I heard that!” came a yell from the back of the car.

“Put a sock in it, pal.”

“Man, the state lawyers are gonna have a field day with you when I--”

“There ain’t gonna be any lawyers where you’re going.”

Riley was looking at him questioningly. “This isn’t the way back to the station.”

“We’re not going back there. Just trust me,” he said, punching in a text on his cellphone. He settled back against his seat, then noticed how Riley still looked uneasy. “Don’t worry, this is still serving the people. Not everything in the real world is gonna be squeaky clean like you were taught in training. So just sit back and watch some real police work in action.”

After a few minutes they drove down to a spot Jed knew. It was a deserted spot down by the docks. The only people who ever used it were hustlers, but they wouldn’t be out this time of day. He stepped out and pulled Brunt out of the car. In his seat, Riley still looked uneasy. “I don’t know about this, Jed, what are you planning to do out here?”

The panda shrugged. “Stay in the car if you’re uncomfortable. All I’m gonna do is make sure this thug doesn’t make it back to the streets. Right, punk?” he asked the rhino.

“Man, I don’t know what you’re--Mmph!” Brunt’s mouth was once again covered by Jed’s hand.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”

He manhandled the buff rhino over to an abandoned warehouse and hunkered down. There was no one within hearing range to call out to, which Brunt seemed to realize as he just spent his time glaring at Jed instead. The cop didn’t care, and kept his eye on his phone. After about fifteen minutes another figure entered the warehouse. This was a slim, almost scrawny-looking fox in a business suit. He didn’t appear nervous, but strode right up to the pair.

“Officer Sterling, what a pleasant surprise. I see you’ve acquired another . . . item of interest for me,” he asked, looking Brunt up and down.

“‘Item’? The hell?” the rhino roared. “Who the hell is this pipsqueak, man? What’s the score here?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” the fox answered him. “You’ll be well taken care of.” He withdrew a roll of bills from the lining of his jacket and handed them to Jed. “Since this is the second you’ve sent handed over this week, I included a little bit extra. I’m so happy our little arrangement is working out.”

Jed took the cash wordlessly. When this fox had first approached him months ago about a ‘job’ offer, he’d refused him out of hand. However, that was before he’d been forced to take a pay cut and his car had broken down. In need of some fast cash, he’d taken out the business card that he’d kept for some reason and given the fox a call . . . and discovered just how lucrative part-time kidnapping could be.

It wasn’t that he was totally corrupt. He only ever sold off men he would’ve arrested anyway.
The way Jed saw it, as long as he cleaned up the streets he was doing his job. And this way paid the bills a lot easier. He’d already afforded a brand new car--a convertible--which would’ve been impossible on his meager cop’s salary.

He made sure to never ask what this fox (who clearly used an alias on his card) did with the thugs he took. Jed wasn’t naive though; he’d heard the rumors of an underground black market the same as anyone else. “The Auction,” it was called. He had no doubt that if he found the secret location a few weeks from now he’d find his old buddy Brunt here strung up on the auction block, being sold off to the highest bidder.

Not that he would ever do that.

He counted the money and slipped it into his pocket. “A pleasure doing business with you,” he said, though that was a lie. In all honesty, the guy made his skin crawl. He turned to go.

“Oh, Officer Sterling, Have you given any thought to my other offer?”

“Hell no.”

“A pity. Well, if you ever change your mind . . . “

Jed slammed the warehouse door shut behind him.

Back inside, Egad shrugged. Then he removed a black hood from of his briefcase and slipped it over the rhino’s head.

* * * * *

“Where’s Brunt?” Riley asked as he got back into the car.

“Don’t worry about it,” he replied, revving the engine.

After that, the ride back was passed in an awkward silence. Jed could tell his partner was mulling things over, probably jumping to all sorts of conclusions, but Jed didn’t care. Give him a few more years on the force, he’d understand. Anyway, he was reasonably certain Riley wasn’t going to report him. The kid might be a rookie, but he wasn’t a snitch. So after dropping him and the car off, Jed headed back to his ratty apartment and, after a hot shower, stumbled wearily into bed.

“Tomorrow’s another day,” he groaned.

Just before sleep took him, he thought back to the fox’s ‘offer’. In addition to taking street toughs off his hands, the fox had casually inquired if he’d be willing to sell even his fellow cops out to him, offering a substantial sum in return. But Jed had refused. He may be in it for the money, but he still had his standards.

But that night, the panda’s dreams were full of shackles, chains, and gags . . .

* * * * *

He woke up with a headache. “Uugh, what the hell . . . ?” he groaned. Why did everything feel so strange? He hadn’t been drinking or anything last night . . .

Smooth, satin sheets were draped over him. The bed was feathery soft, with a down mattress that felt like he could sink right through. Stretching out, he couldn’t even feel the edge of anything. The bed just went on and on. Rich, neverending comfort.

His eyes snapped open. This wasn’t his bed. Hell, this wasn’t even his apartment. Where the hell was he?


Looking over, he was startled to find someone else sharing his bed. And, just to increase his astonishment even further, it was . . . Brunt.

Not as he’d ever seen him though. The muscled rhino was completely naked, laying on his stomach with his wrists and ankles expertly hog-tied behind his back with loops of thick rope.  Brunt’s face was turned toward Jed, giving a clear view of the giant red ballgag shoved in his mouth that he was grunting and drooling around. He was blindfolded too.  Around the rhino’s wide, sinewy neck was a leather collar attached to a leash, the lead end of which was secured to a bedpost.

The whole thing was ridiculously sexy.

The cop’s movements must have stirred Brunt awake, as the rhino began to struggle, shouting muffled noises around his gag. Jed’s head spun. Where the hell was he--and why was he sharing a bed with the same thug he’d turned over to the fox yesterday? More to the point--why was Brunt naked, bound, and gagged like that?

And something else was odd too. Something he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

Shaking his head, he decided the only way to get answers was to ask. And since the only person with him was Brunt . . . he reached over and flipped up the blindfold and then, with some effort, ungagged him.

“AGH! DON’T TOUCH ME!” the rhino immediately bellowed.

“What? Hey man, I’m just as confused here as you are--”

“Whatever! Keep your hands off!” the rhino insisted again, trying to wriggle away from him on the bed. It looked almost comical with the ropes restricting his movement like they were. “I got enough of that shit last night!”

Jed blinked. “Last night?”

“Fuck! Don’t ask me to give you the play-by-play, asshole!”

It was then that Jed noticed a peculiar way that Brunt was wriggling. Or rather--not wriggling. And he doubted it was entirely due to modesty. With a grunt he worked his hands under the rough gray mass of his stomach and then hefted up, rolling the muscular thug over onto his side. He glanced down at him--then quickly glanced back up at the rhino’s face.

“All right, why are you hard?!”

The rhino blushed furiously. “Fuck, you’re asking me? You must’ve drugged me with something! It’s sure as fuck not ‘cuz I like any of this shit!”

Jed slipped off the bed, only belatedly realizing that he was naked too. “I’m really confused right now,” he confessed. Then his heart jumped. Wait . . .

He looked down at himself again.

That was what had felt odd.

Everything in the room had felt too big, somehow. Like when he’d been a child. And he felt weaker, too. His entire center of gravity had shifted. He . . .

He rushed over to a mirror--and saw the fox’s face reflected back.


His thoughts spun. What was going on? Why did he look like that? Had he somehow been put into the fox’s body? But that made no sense! How could something like that happen?!

Fighting to contain his panic, he spun back towards Brunt. “Okay punk, what’s going on!”

The trussed up guy glared back. “How should I know? You’re the one who had me dragged in here!”

Jed advanced threateningly on the rhino. “Just where are we . . . and what did you do to me?”

Me do to you?! Are you serious?! Man, that’s some fucked up shit! You spent all night . . . playing with me! Keeping me . . . like this!” He wiggled on the bed, making his big erection wag back and forth. “As for where we are, I ain’t got a clue! You kept a hood over my face, remember?!”

Jed didn’t. He didn’t remember any of that--because he hadn’t been the one to do it. But whether he liked it or not, it seemed like the street thug was also telling the truth. Coming up with some complicated plan like this and pulling it off wouldn’t be Brunt’s style--not to mention beyond his means. And even if it were, why would he then present himself to Jed like that--naked, bound, and gagged like some bondage slave, with a huge hard-on? No, there was no way Brunt could be the one behind this.

But then who?

Just then the door swung open. “Is everything alright . . . master? I heard some commotion outside . . . “

In the doorway stood a large, imposing rat. Even if Jed were back in his own beefy body, this guy would stand a full head over him. He was strong and muscular, dressed only in a loincloth and a black hood, giving him the appearance almost of an executioner. A brace of ropes hung at his side. Three scars ran down his chest, and somehow Jed knew they had been earned not from an accident, but from good, honest battle.

Jed froze for a moment, not sure what to do about this newcomer. But then, the rat had called him ‘master,’ so . . .

“No, everything is fine.” Jed tried to act more confident than he felt. “I was just having a discussion with the prisoner here,” he said, hoping his deception would succeed. He needed time to think . . .

Brunt, however, wasn’t going to make it that easy. The tied-up rhino was looking at him strangely. “Hey, wait a second . . . Why are you askin’ me that stuff? Shouldn’t you know it already?” His brows furrowed in suspicion. “Come to think of it, since you woke up it’s like you’ve been a different pers--MMPH!”

Without thinking, Jed had quickly snatched up the discarded gag and crammed it into Brunt’s mouth, forcing him to shut up. “Silence, slave! Did I give you permission to speak!?” he thundered, hoping beyond hope that the rat guard hadn’t paid attention to anything Brunt had said.

The rat, however, seemed to give no indication he’d heard anything at all. Perhaps he’d been trained to ignore the ramblings of slaves.

“Is there anything else you require, master?” he asked, standing poised like a powerful half-naked butler.

“Er. . . . No. Why don’t you wait outside? I’ll be right there.”

The hooded rat nodded and withdrew, thick tail swaying from side to side. The door clicked shut behind him.

“Whew!” Jed seemed to deflate as privacy was gained once more and he no longer had to keep up the charade. He began to pace up and down the length of the room. As he did, he took the chance to take a look at it for the first time. Everything was fine and exquisitely tasteful, from the rugs to the drapes. That, and freaking expensive. This fox was loaded, whoever he was. As he searched the room half-heartedly for clues, Brunt sent the occasional muffled grunt to him from the bed.

“So I’ve somehow been body-switched with this fox . . . this creepy fox who I guess sometimes I sell guys to so he can make them into bondage slaves? Well, I kinda suspected that last part already, but it’s still weird having it confirmed. Anyway, this is no big deal. We can figure this out,” he sighed. “The chief is never gonna believe this. He’s really gonna flip his top when I don’t show up for work today. Heyyy . . . wait . . . “ A sudden dire thought crossed his mind. If he was occupying the fox’s body, did that mean that the fox was occupying his? He gave a shiver.

“Okay, first things first--we’re gonna call home!”

He glanced around. No, of course the lavish room didn’t have a phone. That’d be too easy.

Opening the closet, he gave a blush when he saw it was full of leather bondage gear, arrayed neatly next to an array of business suits. Picking a suit at random, he quickly put it on. On top of a nearby bureau was a wallet with photo ID inside that said ‘Ryan Foxmoore’.

“I guess that’s me,” he said, slipping it into his pocket.

He took a deep breath.

“Okay, let’s do this.”

Before leaving, he couldn’t resist but give Brunt a smirk and one final ultimatum of, “Now don’t you go anywhere.” He chuckled as the guy writhed on the bed. Hey, the punk had given him a load of headaches out on the streets. Let him stew for a while on that soft bed with his cock all hard and throbbing for release.

Outside, Jed found himself in a long stone hallway. It looked almost more like a medieval castle than the palatial mansion he’d been expecting. The same guard as before was waiting dutifully for him.

“Er . . . guard! Take me to the nearest phone,” he said, trying to sound authoritarian, which was surprisingly difficult in his new, much shorter, body.

“ . . . “


“ . . . yes, master.”

Letting out the breath he’d been holding, Jed followed the muscular rat down the passageway. He had to be careful here. If anyone suspected his identity, who knew what they would do to him? Fox’s body or not, he might find himself trussed up just like Brunt.

As they went, they passed many cells, and Jed found himself taken aback by the sheer number of them. Each one contained a strong-looking, muscular man, tied up helplessly--either tied to a chair, shackled to a wall, or in some other manner of bondage. He even recognized some as the punks and thugs he’d sold off to the fox to make a quick buck. However, there were far more than just the meager sum he’d turned in. Whatever his role in this place, he was but one small cog in a vast machine. This fox must be like some sort of master slave keeper.

They were also universally all hard and erect, which Jed didn’t understand. Who would get off on being captured this way? For himself, he could admit he enjoyed looking at the others struggling, but to throw a boner at being tied himself . . . ?

“Guard . . . just how many slaves are being stored here?”

“ . . . the latest figures are automatically included in your morning email, master.”

“Ah . . . of course.” Jed checked a sigh. Just what had he stumbled into? “You know, I’m not sure I ever got your name. Uh, new guy?”

“ . . . I have served you faithfully for five years.”

“Right! Yes.” Jed mentally hit himself. “So, your name?”

“ . . . when I was pressed into your service, you erased my name. I am now only your faithful Dungeon Keeper.”

“Er . . . yes, how silly of me. Well, carry on . . . Dungeon Keeper.”

The rat suddenly stopped and turned his faceless hood to him. “Master . . . why do you test me? Have I not been loyal? Have I not milked your slaves, over and over, keeping them on the cusp of release but never once allowing them over? When they beg, threaten, and plead for escape, have I not once wavered?”

“Um--no, of course not. You’ve been exceedingly loyal. In fact, I’ve been considering you for promotion,” he said quickly. “Sorry, I’m just . . . not myself today.”

The musclebound rat gave a slow nod to this, and then wordlessly turned back to leading the way. Jed frowned, wishing there was a way to pump information without tipping his hand. Thankfully, their trip was at least at an end. At a bow from the larger guard, Jed found himself shown into a spacious and well-appointed office with a phone inside, as well as a personal computer. With trembling hands, he dialled in his number.

Ring, ring, ring . . . click.

“Well hello there, I’ve been expecting your call,” came his own voice from the other end.


“From the sputtering and confusion in your voice, I’d say you must be that dumb panda who sometimes gives me new prisoners for a fraction of their market value. Jed . . . Sterling, wasn’t it? Oh, yes, that’s what it says right below your very shiny badge.”

Jed grit his teeth. “Are you the one behind this, then? I don’t know what kind of sick game you’re playing, but--”

“No no, not me. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to take advantage of it. Who knows how long this effect will last? This is a prime opportunity.”

“Opportunity?!” Jed gaped. “To do what?”

“Why, to do whatever I want of course, like always. And in my case, that means capturing whoever I want. People trust the police, don’t they? They hardly expect them to be bondage masters in disguise.”

Keeping himself calm, Jed snarled into the receiver. “You had better not do one fucking thing in my body, do you understand me? You’re just gonna stay put until we figure this out. Or else I’ll . . . I’ll . . . !”

“You’ll what? Send your cute little partner after me? I’m afraid he already arrived. Seems you have a bad habit of sleeping in, don’t you, so he came over to get you out of bed before the chief really blew a gasket.”

Jed paled. “Riley?”

“Is that his name? I’m afraid we didn’t get much time for introductions. I’d offer to let you talk to him, but I’m afraid he’s a little tied up at the moment.”

Over the phone’s audio, Jed could hear the faintest sound like a muffled ‘mmmph!’ and someone struggling.

“It could have been tough without my usual tools, but luckily I found a roll of duct tape under your sink. You should have seen the look on his face when I wrapped it over his mouth as soon as he walked in the door! An old standby, I’ll admit, but sometimes you can’t beat the classics.”

“You little--whatever you’ve got planning, when I find ya I’m gonna--”

“Oh, you’ll have to excuse me, I’ve got another call. Ooh, caller ID says ‘boss’. Is this the big chief himself, calling to upbraid you? Maybe I should pay him a visit too . . . after I buy a new roll of duct tape, of course.”

A click, and the call was ended. Jed looked at the phone in exasperation. The two of them had gotten their bodies switched--through completely unknown means--and all the guy cared about was kidnapping people? Either the fox knew something he didn’t, or he had some seriously twisted priorities.

But what now?

He could give a call to the local precinct, alert them to what was happening, but . . . who would believe him? He knew the guys in dispatch; if he gave them a story like this he’d be laughed off the phone lines. But if he couldn’t warn them that good ol’ Jed Sterling was now a bondage maniac, then what could he do?

The big screen beside him suddenly blinked to life. On it was a nerdy-looking mouse wearing thick spectacles and wearing a lab coat. “Ahh, Master Nob, there you are.”

“Er . . . yes. Yes, that is who I am,” Jed said, trying to mask his confusion.

“ . . . yes. Well, you’ll be happy to know that the latest test results are in. Once you see my findings, I think you’ll be more glad than ever that you’re sponsoring my research.”

So this was a guy who worked for him? He didn’t seem like one of the slaves though. The way he was speaking to him was respectful, but more like how you’d talk to . . . a colleague?

“What kind of findings are they?”

The mouse shrugged. “Nothing so urgent that I can’t show them off to you in person. Why don’t you swing by the labs when you have a spare moment, and I’ll go over them myself.”

“Right . . . the labs,” Jed said, and shut down the machine. With a place as big as this, that should only take me a couple hours to find.

He was still worried about his fellow officers having to fare against a bondage maniac in his body, but figured, hey, they were all big strong cops. They could take care of themselves.

* * * * *

At least the walk gave him additional time to think, and an excuse to explore. Wherever this castle was, it was far from any civilization. Views from the windows showed only unspoiled forests and mountains. But that couldn’t be, right? There must at least be a road somewhere, to transport so many men. Until he found it though, he had no choice but to remain on the premises.

Another thing that troubled him was what that scientist guy had called him. ‘Master Nob’, not ‘Master Foxmoore’ like his ID said. So which was his real name? Was Nob maybe a nickname? There was no way to find out without making it clear he wasn’t who he claimed to be.

But more to the point, Jed had to figure out what his next move was. He’d already brought up, and discarded, the ideas of both getting in touch with his old life and of escaping on his own. Was he really going to go to that scientist’s lab now? It didn’t really feel like his style.

. . . What would the so-called Master Nob do?

Then, as Jed wandered the halls, passing by cell after cell of naked, powerful men gagged, bound, and at his mercy, another thought came to him--why not have a little fun? This Foxmoore, or Nob, or whoever he was clearly had a lot invested in this project. Why not indulge himself and enjoy this opportunity to act as a slave master before figuring out how to undo the switch? After all, this was literally the chance of a lifetime.

Well, maybe just for an hour or two.

Smirking at the thought, he walked back to the nearest line of cells. What was the harm? It wasn’t like this was his body. Along with the driver’s license and several credit cards in the wallet had been a custom keycard. He inserted it into the first door he came across and went inside.

Inside was a tied-up snake. His green scales shimmered under fluorescent lights as he gave a harsh glare at Jed and thrashed reflexively in his bindings at the ‘fox’s’ entrance. The room had a higher ceiling than most, with the snake hanging high in a harness made of ropes coming from all corners so that his flexing tail couldn’t reach the floor. His well-toned arm were tied behind his back, another few lengths were wrapped around his scaly snout, and there was even a rope tied around his hard dick. A nametag nearby read ‘#9 Venorax’.

#9, huh? Did that mean there were at least eight more guys like him, tied up someplace? The thought made Jed a little excited. The snake seemed strangely familiar to Jed, like he’d seen him once on TV or something, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

He observed the snake’s struggles for a time, intrigued at the way the sinuous muscles bunched and jerked in his helpless state. He’d never done it with a snake before, but by the precum leaking from his shaft this Venorax guy was clearly in need of some relief. Locating a step-ladder in the corner, surely intended for this purpose, Jed set it up behind the snake and climbed up to test his bonds. Venorax continued to wiggle and grunt in anger, but he wasn’t going anywhere as his ropes were pulled in different directions.

“Ssssssssmmph! SssssMMMPH!”

“What was that? I’m afraid I can’t hear you,” Jed said, getting into his villain role. But, actually, he was interested in what the snake had to say. So he reached around the guy’s head and slowly worked the knots loose, being careful to keep his fingers clear of the snake’s fangs, which looked poisonous.

“Ssssssso, the great Egad Nob himssself has come to toy with me, rather than leave me to hisss minionsss,” the snake said once the ropes slipped free. He glared at him scornfully, tongue darting in and out of his mouth. “To what do I owe the pleasssure!”

Egad Nob, huh? That must be his full dungeon keeper alias.

“Oh, I just thought I’d see how you’ve been doing,” he replied, “Being cooped up in here all day, it must be . . . exhausting.”

“Sssss! If that isss truly how you feel, then releassse me!” He squirmed further, his erection bobbing back and forth. Jed smirked at the double meaning of ‘release’.

“Oh, I was planning on it,” he said, gripping it by the base. It was odd to touch another man’s boner with such tiny fox paws. It made it seem even bigger . . . more powerful. He gave it an experimental stroke. Even that simple motion made Venorax give out a long, drawn out moan. He wondered how long it’d been since he--that is, since Egad Nob--had allowed him to get off.

“I know of . . . old treasssures! Hidden caches of--Ssss!--money!” the snake hissed out, lurching in his grip. His cock was so hard and full, already set to blow, but he was still trying to bargain for his freedom. “I can give you their locationsss, if only you--nnnssss!--let me go . . . !”

“I’ve already got all the money I’ll ever need,” Jed replied with a smirk. This was starting to get fun. He gave the cock a squeeze. “You’ll have to try harder.”

“Ssssss!! Damn you, Egad! I should never have joined that foolish tournament and put myself in your clutchesss!”

The memory snapped in his head. That was where he knew this snake from. The Tournament. Hadn’t there been some sort of scandal his entering in the first place? Jed wasn’t sure. He was more of a Dancing with the Stars guy. But whatever the circumstances, it seemed the snake belonged to him now.

“But now you have. You are. All mine,” Jed said, and with a last chuckling jerk, he made the snake cum all over himself. Venorax panted, still completely bound in ropes, and now spattered in his own cum. Snickering, Jed then fastened the ropes back around his snout before he could say anything else.


Jed got down off the ladder and set it back in the corner. “Don’t worry, Ven. You seem like a pretty slippery guy. I’m sure you’ll manage to sneak out of here sooner or later.”

The snake merely glared at him as he left, squirming defiantly. Unknown to Jed, Venorax actually had already escaped several times. But thanks to the regular ‘attunements’ to Professor Mize’s teleporter he was subjected to, any time he did so he was always teleported directly back into nude bondage sooner or later. It was exceedingly frustrating.

Jed smiled as he looked down the line of cells, each one containing their own beefy, squirming victim for him to enjoy. “Okay, just a few more visits, and then I’ll get back to figuring out how to return to my own body,” he said.

* * * * *

“He’s visited how many slaves?” exclaimed Professor Mize.

“Thirty one, and working on the thirty second,” the Dungeon Keeper replied. Through a closed-circuit surveillance camera they were watching their mutual boss Egad Nob pumping away at his latest victim, a bound-up ram who was shaking his horned head back and forth as the fox repeatedly milked him dry.

“Unusually high amount, even for him. But it’s especially odd that he’s brought orgasm to so many slaves he’d earmarked for your fellow dungeon keepers to keep on the edge until they could be packaged up for auction.”

The large hooded rat nodded, but said nothing more.

“And I expected him in my lab hours ago . . . Tell me, was he acting at all unusual this morning?”

“Unusual? . . . He is the Master.”

“Hah . . . I suppose that answers my question,” Professor Mize said with a dry chuckle. “Well, I suppose there’s nothing else but to wait for this latest episode of lecherism to run its course.” He sighed and shook his head. “It can be so trying having Egad as my employer.”

Luckily, Mize could work on any number of active projects in the meantime. Actually, there were dozens of experiments he had running at once, and he could use the time to devote to them. It wasn’t like the facility really needed Egad around for its day-to-day operations.

“Still worlds better than a government grant though, of course,” he said, humming.

* * * * *

Jed woke up early the next morning, feeling better rested than he had in years. He gave a great big yawn and stretched, then smacked his lips and looked around. The first thing he noticed was that he was back in his own bed, in his own house. And, most gratifying of all, back in his own body.

Odd how disappointing that could be.

“So . . . it was all a dream?”

He sat up in bed, then looked at his tented boxers as all the memories of the things he’d done . . . or imagined he’d done, flooded back. His morning wood expanded.

“More like a wet dream.”

He jacked himself off right there in bed, and caught the ejaculation in a tissue. It occurred to him as he did that his dream had been pretty messed up. He was a police officer. His first impulse should have been to help those men . . . to free all those helpless gagged muscle slaves. But that had never even occurred to him. Instead he’d taken complete advantage of them all, treating them more like objects than people. Talk about a perverted imagination.

He went through the motions of his day, showering and then putting on his uniform. He pinned his badge to his chest. He waited around for Riley to swing by in the car and pick him up like he did every morning, but the minutes ticked by without him showing. Eventually Jed got tired of waiting and decided to make the trek to the station on his own.

“Guy could’ve at least called if he’s gonna play hooky,” he muttered.

On the way out of his house he thought he heard something strange coming from his basement, but since he was running late didn't have time to investigate. He made a mental note to check it out later.

When he arrived at the station though, the parking lot was strangely empty. When he tried to go in through the private entrance, he found it was still locked. Taped to the front door was a memo explaining that the station would be closed for renovation until further notice. Meanwhile a forwarding address was listed for the next station a few blocks over.

“The hell?! I wasn’t notified about any of this!” Jed said.

“No one was,” a voice suddenly said from behind him.

Jed jumped, and turned to see a grim-looking panther standing there. He was wearing a tight black t-shirt and jeans, but had the bearing of a cop. In fact, after a second Jed recognized him as one. “Wade?” he asked. “Wade Hunter?”

The guy gave a curt nod. “Looks like you’re the only officer to escape whatever happened here. Care to explain?”

“Hold on.” Jed frowned and put up a hand. “What are you even doing back here? Didn’t you leave the force a few years back? After that . . . shitstorm that happened to your partner?”

Wade just gave him an even look. Even when the two had shared the same beat, they’d never gotten along. Wade had always been very by the book, while Jed preferred to bend the rules when they didn’t suit the situation. They’d been at odds and butting heads nearly from day one.

“I repeat . . . where were you yesterday, and what happened to the rest of your station’s officers?”

Jed was growing belligerent at the attitude the rogue cop was giving him, but also confused. Hadn’t the fox said something yesterday about making a visit to the station? But . . . that had been a dream, hadn’t it?

Hadn’t it?

“I don’t need to talk to you, man,” he blustered.

He turned to go, but Wade got in his way. “There’s a crime syndicate loose in this world, Jed. They call themselves the Dominant Six. They’re an organization of kidnappers who abduct men and run an underground auction of bondage slaves. Sometimes they even capture whole groups of people--like an entire station full of cops. Every time they do, it’s covered up for the public safety. So I’m asking you again, Jed . . . what happened to every man you work with?”

“I said I got nothin’ to say!” Jed said, shoving past him. He went down to the parking garage and took out a car, looking over his shoulder the whole way. But when he drove back by the front of the building, Wade was gone.

The whole way back to his house, Jed’s mind was spinning. If his suspicions were correct, he was in some serious shit. Or . . . maybe he wasn’t. But he’d need to verify first.

He skidded to a stop in front of his house and ran down to the basement entrance. Throwing the doors open, he was greeted with what he’d both feared and hoped. There was the entire directory of his station there, lined up in neat little rows. Jed was impressed they’d all been made to fit down there. He was tempted to call roll, but figured the many officers would have difficulty answering what with all the gags in their mouths. He also wondered where all their uniforms had gone.

Right up front was his partner, Riley. The poor guy looked spooked, his slim body all wrapped up. But right next to him was a manly pillar of strength . . . his boss, Rick Carburn “the hardass”. While going gray at the temples, the proud bull was still as strong and fit as any officer who served under him. The man was glaring at him and thrusting out his burly chest as he grunted into a bandanna gag, likely describing in detail just what horrific things he’d do to Jed once he got free. Of course he was. From his point of view, it was “Jed” who’d captured the lot of them, stripped them all naked, and left them tied up in a musty basement together.

Jed looked down at him. Ever since he’d been a rookie, this was the guy who’d called the shots--who commanded all the authority, who delivered all the angry tirades in his office, and who gave out the demotions. But, right now . . . he just looked like any other helpless bondage slave. His authority had been stripped from him as surely as his uniform.

He bent down and gripped the bull’s thick cock, rubbing it until it started to harden as the outraged chief struggled in the tight ropes. As he did so, he flipped out his cellphone and tagged in the familiar number.

How had the fox put it last time? This was . . . an opportunity?

“Hello . . . Egad Nob? If your prior offer is still open, I’ve got quite the shipment for you . . . Uh huh. They just fell into my lap, so to speak. Oh, and I’ll be raising my rates from today on . . . “


  1. Wunderbarr! This is well made and wonderfully written! I had thought of writing in myself, but this sort of story here is not only in the same vein as what I would've written, but excels it in every way. I can feel good in having not been able to enter in knowing that a masterpiece like this could defeat me.

  2. Will you post other peoples story? Or at least give us their link?

  3. Nicely written. He deserved to win