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The main story is an on-going canon featuring Chaos Demonwolf and his allies in their battle against the Dominant Six.

The Demon Dungeon »
The main protagonist Chaos Demonwolf and his evil brother Hatred Demonwolf encounter a newborn villain, a fox named Ryan Foxmoore, and undergo an unwillingly experience in a whole new world of bondage.

Hunter's Journal »
Together with his boyfriend Nico White, the police offer Wade Hunter must go through a dangerous mission in confronting one of the villains that runs the crime syndicate "The Dominant Six" in an attempt to stop the monster from freely prying on the citizens of the city.

The Tournament »
Part: One / Two
/ Intermission / Three / Four / End
Ryan Foxmoore is back and fully recovered, and he's got the most devilish scheme up his hand. A new teleporter has been invented, a tournament is being hosted to promote the invention and a magnificent grand prize has been promised at the end of the event.

Sylas Spellbinder »
Egad is up to his old games with his favorite target: Chaos Demonwolf. However, not everything goes as planned as the fox discovers a new rival has come to town and the two must find a way to cooperate before they both become permanent part of Sylas' "collection".

Galen and Egad »
Part: One / Two
Galen Dhaelos is the Captain of the Watch in the town of Mel´Andrea, but his past encounter with the villainous fox comes back to haunt him as a refugee seeks his protection from Egad Nob and his hired marauders.

To Bond Hatred »
Hatred Demonwolf awakens on an altar and finds himself naked, bound and gagged with no memory of how he ended up there. Now the once great demon has to remniscence all the changes in his life that brought him to this point.

The Auction »
Part: One / Two
Sylas Spellbinder has decided to join the Dominant Six by selling off his most recent captive at the underground slave auction. Wade Hunter has gotten a lead on the whereabouts of the new recruit, and Egad has his own card up his sleeve.

Brothers »
(Work In Progress)
With Hatred on the team, Wade sends the Demonwolf brothers out to investigate a series of cases involving murders related to predatory naga. The mission becomes complicated when the brothers begin to fight and Zeraxies turns up.

The Alliance »
Wrath, the demon god of anger and one of the Seven Sins, has grown tired of watching his sister Lust only manipulate the mortals through her puppet Damian Ratsbane, and wants to forge an alliance for a more eminent apocalypse. In the meantime, Yin arrives at Blade City after being summoned to a clan meeting.

The Demon Hunters »
(Work In Progress)
Chaos has summoned his clan of demon hunters to address the threat of the demon goddess Lust, but Damian has been ordered to eliminate them and sends two demons from the Dominant Six to interrupt the gathering, Cheshire and Nemesis.

Smaller stand-alone stories that are unrelated to the main story's progression, but exist in the same universe.

After School »
Raynard Bagley must face new trials as he begins a life in college, where he has to learn how to live with a room mate that he crushes on.

After Hours »
You meet Victor Feralfang in a bar, a lonely tiger whose looking for some company for the night. He appears as a tough guy, but with some charm and flirt you might just be able to get him to warm up to you.

After School: Second Year »
Return to Eaglewood College and begin your own adventure in the college together with Mark and Ray, as well as your new room mate Barry.

Demon Hunted »
An oni demon ends up trapped between two brothers as prey for their demon hunting, but as the siblings begin to argue the demon seized his chance to turn the hunters into the hunted.

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