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Hunter's Journal


Wade Hunter
Nothing short of serious, Wade is a police officer recruited for a dangerous mission together with his boyfriend, Nico. Always a detective, Wade can't help but suspect their unit is unprepared for what lies ahead...

Nico White
A natural born leader, Nico is assigned a police unit to lead on a dangerous mission. The young wolf will have to make difficult choices and find the courage to make the right decision in life and death situations...

Duncan Sandscale
Nicknamed "Tank" by his fellow officers, Duncan is the backbone of the unit. With his incredible dragon strength, Duncan's job is to make sure his team mates makes it back from the mission....

A villainous beast, Zeraxies has been prying on victims thorough the city, spiriting away innocent men with methods unknown. As a member of the Dominant Six, Zeraxies has yet to be faced with justice...

Post Date Entry: The 27th of October, 1992

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I am in love. Nico and I are officially an item since our graduation from the police academy. We had been dating in secret through most of the academy, but today we finally took the public step and our fellow officers congratulated us.

Initially I doubted whether we should continue our relationship in the force, as we cannot let our emotions cloud the decisions we will be faced with. But Nico has convinced me that we will find a way, and some battles are worth fighting. We will face discrimination with pride, and we will find the strength to conquer the fear of losing each other on the field of battle.

I have known Nico since we were young boys. I met him in Junior High, where I was the gloomy soccer goalie and he was the captain of the away team. After I blocked all of their attempted goals, he dragged me out behind their school bus and instead of beating me up, we shared our first kiss. In college I was the overachiever and he was the jock, I tutored him and he made me part of his team. We then decided to go to the academy together, as a partner he kept me competitive and always inspired me to do my best.

Post Date Entry: The 14th of March, 2007

Rumors of a beast roaming dark alleys during the night hours are spreading fear through the city. So far me and Nico have only uncovered three stray cats in our patrols, but reports of suspected sights continue on our scanner. In most cases we'd treat such reports a sham, but the slowly increasing number of disappearances give reason to investigate.

Nico thinks I'm being paranoid, "... Or at least more paranoid than usual" by his own words. The real problem is the missing person reports flooding the station's office, once a rumor like that takes life people will hesitate at nothing to file a report and the only way to quench the rumor is to find evidence that will sate people's irrational fear, whether the headliner's an actual stalker or a mere hobo with a knife. This is why I win most arguments with him.   

Post Date Entry: The 6th of April, 2007

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My so-called "wild goose chase" has turned out for the worse. Security footage from the sewers below a bank revealed a beast we've been ordered to keep secret from the press. The public would only panic if they saw the 'explicit' image of their fear incarnated.

A monster this massive doesn't just roam the streets without being noticed for so long, as we've been turning every trashcan in the city alleys searching for a single trace of this thing over the past month. 

There's a reason this serpent can sweep away any number of victims without leaving any evidence behind. My research indicates that the snake is an ancient breed of naga and the only other specimen in our databases is the still loose assassin and thief, "Venorax". What abilities this brood holds is a mystery and without any further intel, I suspect confronting the beast would be disastrous. At least I got to deliver Nico my subtle "I told you so" speech.

Post Date Entry: The 25th of May, 2007

The search for the mythical creature has gone on long and hard. It was inevitable that information was leaked to the media after a joined number of missing person reports on the entire fire department on nothing less than thirteen people. With the appropriately censored snake printed on the front pages, hundreds of families are leaving town and the chief gave us the longest earful known to history this very morning.

With this much backlash, all police resources are now being spent on aiding the Federal Bureau of Investigation and I suspect our force will be used in a near confrontation. Nico tells me not to worry, but if this creature is responsible for the disappearance of thirteen powerful male firefighters, not even his charm will still my concerns.

Post Date Entry: The 30th of May, 2007

The events of this day terrify me.... I feel as if I have a large hole in my chest and I can barely breathe, and nothing can right what happened today.

The serpent's nest had been located in a deliberated building at the edge of town, and the task force had been instructed to act fast to retain any hope of confronting the elusive criminal. Several units had been assembled in a platoon of five squads, me and Nico were part of the swat team as the primary squad.

The other members of our squad was Duncan Sandscale, Marco Greypaw and Barry Bearpatch. Though I only knew Duncan personally, all of them carried a reputation as the finest officers in the force, probably making us the best elite team they could put together on such short notice.

Back in the day, Duncan had been one of Nico's quarterbacks, a large brown stone dragon with skin as thick as the armor he was wearing and a fire breath in addition to his arms. Since then he had four little hatchlings and had taken on the role as the force's overprotective father, a stalwart man both chummy and patient.

We were briefed in the truck on the way to the location. The serpent's name was "Zeraxies", a member of some infamous group of criminals called the "Dominant Six". All the intel sounded like it had been taken out of a comic book, only as a grim reality. "Mass abduction", "slavery", "underground criminal organization" and "dangerous villain" were all phrases used to describe the beast. At that point I was beginning to wonder why they weren't considering enlisting some vigilante "super hero", but apparently the beast had disposed a fair number of those as well. Nico's joke about us having to take up the mantle brought a smile to my lips in face of all my worries.

It was Nico's turn to talk and deliver a rousing speech to the squad. He always knew the right words, "No matter how grave we perceived the threat it was our duty to fight criminality and never allow such atrocities in the city that believed in us... We are the protectors that allow people to sleep safe at night, we are agents of order and we do not succumb to fear... we best it!" I still fondly remember him practicing the speech on the run as we drove to work.

Nico nodded to Duncan as we headed out, I knew what he meant. He was signaling for Duncan to watch over me as they did back in the old soccer days, he wouldn't trust my safety to anyone else for this mission.

The nest was in an old office building with a front and back entrance, and three sewer exits inside the building. It was a square building with a garden in the center, most of the windows were shattered and the concrete wall starting to crack. Each of the squads would guard an entrance while the primary squad - our team - made it in through the front entrance, with a helicopter stationed nearby for air support once we engaged the beast.

Nico's strategy was strictly scouting, once we had found the beast we were to rendezvous and call in reinforcement, as such he divided us into three groups - me and Duncan covering the left wing, Marco and Barry in the right wing and Nico alone in the center garden. Though at the time I felt strongly against letting my boyfriend go solo, we had agreed not to let our emotions affect the chain of command.... In retrospective, I think Nico's decision was the best way to engage an enemy with unidentified abilities, as had we all been struck at once we wouldn't have had any fighting chance.

I followed the large dragon into the left wing, but not at any point did we hear hear anything from our team - not even when Marco and Barry was silently ambushed. At this point Duncan attempted communication, but it had been cut the second we had stepped inside against our knowledge. That fact made me worry a lot, and I suggested we should find Nico in the center.

However, Nico was nowhere to be found in the nightly garden and a rustle from one of the bushes made us both jump the gun, allowing the shadowed serpent to strike us from behind with a tail lash. 

I had underestimated the size, agility and strength of the beast. The diameter of the tail matched my own torso and the snake had us surrounded with its coil. Duncan was quickly back up on his feet, but halted his motion in an empty stare. It was then I made the mistake of following his eyes instead of searching for my gun, and realized Zeraxies' true strength: Hypnosis.

As my eyes met with his spiraling yellow eyes, I felt drowsy as if asleep and awake at the time time. Reality felt like a dream. My mind was subconscious, both open and vulnerable to... suggestions.

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"Shhh-strip for me..."  His voice was like a whisper in my head, even Duncan followed his command eagerly. We were two well-trained officers and within a minute, the beast had us taking off our sturdy armor like mindless puppets. The trance didn't only make me want to obey him, I also felt a certain happiness and accomplishment in performing his tasks.

Zeraxies had been naked back on the camera, but I had never given much thought about it until this point. His nudity seemed natural like a wild beast to me, and I hadn't realized the real reason he didn't sport any clothing until I stood naked before him together with my equally subdued dragon bodyguard.

"Kneel-ssh... and shhh-lick." In face of everything, every sense of logic and reason I knew, he made me kneel down, hand-cuff myself and stick my tongue to his gigantic member. Duncan followed my example and let his serpent tongue down into the serpent's urethra, causing the first of his many releases with the semen load splattering over us.

Normally I would have felt humiliated, but the more I met his glowing eyes the hornier I began to feel. He had the same effect on Duncan, a man I knew to be perfectly straight now taking pleasure in sexually serving a larger male sporting an erection of his own.

In the hypnosis, it felt as if time stopped while the naga had his way with us. The more hypnotized I became, the foggier my memories feels. I remember the roaring pain from when he tried squeezing his giant rod into me, only to swap over to Duncan's hole and succeed while he made me stuff my meat into Duncan's maw in face of his pain-filled grunts.

At last the snake finished, now I would come to witness the method he used to trap his captives... the method he had used to make so many males disappear without a trace... and we were next on the list to disappear.

Zexaries drew a circle around Duncan on the ground with the tip of his finger, chanting some words that I couldn't comprehend until the line started glowing like a red light. The naga then waved his hands above the dragon as if he was pulling some kind of energy out of the ground, and shortly after a red bubble emerged from below and engulfed the cop until it solidified into hard glass around him.

I was all coiled up in his tail when he snapped his finger, breaking our trance... only so he could watch us squirm and wiggle as he held us captive. "Duncan, DUNCAN!" I called out to him as Zeraxies continued to weave his arms around the glass. It only took Duncan a moment to realize his captivity and start hammering on the glass to break free.

What I witness was magic, the sphere Duncan was trapped inside started to shrink and the dragon shrunk with it. Duncan's eyes were filled with panic and anger as the world around him grew bigger, but the naga didn't stop until the sphere was on the size of a tennis ball. 

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At first I didn't understand the point in shrinking the dragon inside an orb when he already had completely control over us with hypnosis... until the serpent opened his maw and swallowed the ball.

In a single gulp Duncan was gone, trapped inside the ball that Zeraxies just swallowed whole. I was astounded and frightened at the same time. I was certain the point of what he did wasn't to devour Duncan, if the intend was to feed he wouldn't have trapped his victim inside a glass he couldn't possibly digest. No, it was how he carried his captives around... and I was fairly certain all the other men, including Marco, Barry and Nico, were already stored inside his stomach in similar globes.

When he raised me above the ground and started to draw a similar circle, I thought it would be the last I would see of the free world... Weeks trapped in a magical glass ball inside a serpent's gullet awaited me... Our mission had failed.

It was then a gunshot sounded and Zeraxies lashed out in pain. The bullet had pierced the serpent's right shoulder and he quickly retreated back into the shadows, dropping me on the ground below.

The sight of Nico coming to my side filled me with an unbelievable happiness, he kept his eyes closed with both of his guns drawn. Then my mind was flooded with questions, why was Nico first here now and where were our reinforcement? Where was our air support and why had Nico come in alone?

"Talk to me, Wade." Nico shot in the direction of every rustle and kept the naga at bay against all odds. "His eyes cause a deep trance, and he's both faster and stronger than both me and Duncan."

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"I figured," Nico smiled sly, "You'd have to be fucking brainwashed to be turned on by this." I wasn't even embarrassed, despite cuffed with my dick out I could keep my focus with Nico by my side. We were a team, nothing else mattered.

"When are our men coming, Nico?" I had to ask but once, Nico had to focus on his opponent. "The snake-guy put up some... barrier-thing around the building, they can't get inside and we can't call out." He had figured out that communications were cut and gone straight to attempt getting our reinforcement, then observed the snake's abilities before jumping into combat.

"You have to be my eyes if we're going to have a chance, Wade." Making me look for the beast was the last mistake Nico made, "Ten-o'clock sharp!" Zeraxies' eyes put me right back under his spell and it took him but one word to defeat Nico... "Betray-shhh..."

When my mind was sound again, Nico was down on the ground before me. I had tackled him from behind during my hypnosis, and Zeraxies had just swept in and pinned him down on the ground.

"Heh... I never thought I'd be the damsel in distress-- Mmph." Nico joked to calm me as the snake tore off his armor before shutting his maw with a tight grip. "NICO!" I cried out and tried getting up, but Zeraxies trapped me in his coils again.

"You-shh... have hurt-sshh me... I will puni-shhh you... Little wolf-sshhh..." I watched in agony as Zeraxies lifted my now naked boyfriend and shoved him into his maw. He didn't use the bubble this time... he was swallowing Nico whole and with every gulp, a bit more of Nico's white form disappeared into the snake's throat.

Nico struggled as much as he could, head-first into the beast's gullet. But when his arms were locked inside the throat, Zeraxies rose his head and let gravity take its course. I saw my boyfriend disappear into the serpent's throat and glide down until he became a large wiggling bulge on the massive tail.

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He didn't trap Nico like the others, no... Nico had hurt him, and therefore he had to pay with his life. When the man-shaped bulge on the tail stopped wiggling, I knew it was the last time I had seen Nico's smile.

"I swear... to fucking god... I will hunt you down and KILL YOU."

Zeraxies tightened his coils around me as I swore at him and began struggling, "NO MATTER WHERE YOU HIDE, I WILL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU." Zeraxies smirked like a devil at my anger, "Sssh-such strong words from ssh-such a petty little cop... Maybe I ssh-should eat yo-"

His speech was interrupted by a massive blast above us. It wasn't just a rocket launcher, but several tanks that had started firing at the barrier and the shield wasn't holding at all as a bullet flew by us and crashed into the nearby wall.

The naga forgot everything about me and fled the scene, slithering away with Nico and Duncan in his stomach. "NO, COME BACK YOU FUCKING COWARD!" I was enraged when the other officers arrived at the scene and despite being hand-cuffed it took anesthetics to calm me down.

Post Date Entry: The 1st of September, 2007

As I am writing this entry, it is my last day in the force. I turned in my badge today after my conversation with the chief.

A week ago they finally found Nico's corpse, a skeleton at the border in a large pile of excrement only identified by the teeth. I had requested the bones extracted for a coffin to give him a proper burial, despite Duncan, Marco, Barry and Nico already had their official "police burial" a month ago.

I stated my belief that Duncan and the other officers were still alive in my report, but the case was closed regardless. Zeraxies had made his escape into the sewers and made his way through the squad that was guarding the exit without them even realizing they had been hypnotized. "It would take months if not years to track down the beast again, not to mention the resources, and even the intel from your encounter barely revealed the full extend of the creature's powers".

"I know you are frustrated, Wade... I know Nico meant the world to you, but this is an enemy we can't deal with. You are the first to escape an encounter with this... beast, however we have lost too many officers dealing with this threat in the past and it has been deemed out of our hands." I knew the chief was right, it had already become a case to be handled by secret services to avoid public panic and a complete demoralization of the justice system.

But... I cannot continue serving knowing what threats and evil the force turns a blind eye to out of fear. It goes against everything Nico stood for, we were supposed to best fear and not let it rule us. It taints his memory, and I have sworn to avenge him.

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I buried Nico in an abandoned graveyard on an old earthquaked landscape near the college that we used to study at. We'd come out here and play cops and robbers with paintball guns. I used to lie down on the plain together with him for cloud watching, and he'd make all sorts of jokes about the shapes until we were both crying in laughter... I will never hear his laughter again. I will never see his smile again. In the end, we let our emotions get in in the way. He rushed to my side when he had no chance of winning, and now he's gone.

I took a job offer from the a secret service to work as an individual agent investigating the "Dominant Six" and help to bring down the criminal network. I will bring those criminals to justice... even if it's the last thing I do.


  1. Killing off the poor wolf so easily? Well I'll just wonder for now how you're going to take this. Though right now if the six resort to murder I have no desire to root for them.

  2. Uhmmm...the rape slavery mass abductions were okay, but murder suddenly makes it wrong? You either have the most twisted sense of morality ever or you don't register this is just fantasy that hurts no one.

    Also yay updates!

  3. Looks like the odds just got unfair for Team Hero... Worse yet, how is anyone gonna successfully combat this new menace?

  4. Very nice. He seems to be the more cold-blooded of the 6. So far the others just work with enjoyment. This one won't hesitate to kill.

  5. You've made quite the villain, I hate him so much I want to seem him devoured himself; well done. A good villain should be hated and making a good hero is having a great tragedy befall him so that he will grow from it and be spurred on. A very sad story but it works out well. I look forward to seeing more.

  6. I am bothered by the violent turn the story took, killing the wolf right after a sexual hypnosis scene. It just doesn't sit well with me to know the wolf died. Captured? Sure. But eaten alive and knowing that he was digested just really doesn't sit right with me.

  7. To be honest I did find Wade Hunter's back story tragic but well written however uncalled for at most parts.

    Seeing how Niko means so much to Wade makes me feel sorry for Hunter's loss and I do want him to be okay again, however after reading Hunter being striped, raped and having him being tied up as all he can do is seeing his partner being swallowed alive and slowly killed inside. seem to make this kink thing a lot darker then it needed. The site might not be intentionally morbid and just meant to be tongue and cheek with a tad dark side, however when you put this kind of story telling then you should treat the characters more respect and be careful what kind of kink you have.

    After saying that, the villein is well made or lest menacing to the story, just being sexy and morbid is a bit too far and can make the erotic theme tasteless.

    All that said I'm looking forward to the stories and characters you make, just be careful on the hole bondage theme, as you might get disturbingly messed up then you intended, as you make more complex story telling and deep character development.