Sunday, April 15, 2012

Midnight Surfing

An added scene to a larger story that doesn't contribute to the plot, but describes the characters in unwritten moments.

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As a master, the fox would would do much more than just play with his captives' bodies. One night after recently capturing the Demonwolf brothers, he found a forum dedicated to reporting sights of the dark vigilante, where the hero's fans would discuss his heroic deeds in the shadows. Naturally, the fox couldn't resist dragging the captured hero upstairs to share the experience with him.

"Oh, here's some fan art of you! Let's move you up for a comparison, shall we? ... No, that's all wrong, your muscles aren't that big and you're more rabbit than wolf... This picture doesn't do you much justice."

"Let's register an account... I named it Demonwolfmaster02. The two implies that I'm master of not one, but two Demonwolves, hehe..."

"How do these guys know you exist if you're so dark and secretive? Oh here's something... the leaked security footage... blurry images, but that's some ugly fucker you're fighting in this film... oh now your fighting skills are just getting me horny."

"Now here's a real treasure... fan fictions. "Chaos and Hatred - Forbidden love", "The Bed Hunter", "Chaotred - Sword Training", Oh man, I should totally submit the story of how I captured you guys."

"Here's some replies already... Clair04 says I'm stupid and the Demon Hunter would neeever let his guard down, but croup56 says it's hot and he'd like to see part two!"

"Bah, the moderator just banned me, she wrote that I'm a perverted asshole. That's kind of rude, don't you think?"


  1. LOL He's really enjoying this.

  2. Oh? Is that a reference to the goblin of soup I see? Ha, made me laugh. I think I enjoy your writing more than your artwork, although your artwork is pretty good too. Giving characters actual identities and then putting them in...predicaments is pretty awesome. I'd love to see one of these little snippets for hatred too! Great artwork as well, chaos looks so...unamused.