Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Damian's Tournament

The introduction story to Damian's Tournament.
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A short rundown of this event's purpose.
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 Combat System:
Everything there is to know about the combat system and the game.
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 Character List:
A complete list of every character that has joined so far.
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 Tournament Bracket:
How all the contestants have been divided into matches.
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  Frequently Asked Questions:
Elaborate answers to the most common questions raised by this article.
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Once, an evil villain came up with a brilliant scheme: to create a tournament for heroes to battle in a great competition, and at the end of the tournament the magnificent "Grand Prize" would be revealed to the champions. Through three rounds, the champions would face off against each other in a set of elimination matches until the last man standing, the victor.

A Tournament Fight
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However, this tournament was all a clever trap setup by none other than Egad Nob and his new assistant, Professor Mize. The professor had invented a new machine, a teleporter that could transport a person to the machine's platform from anywhere in the world. However, the person had to be attuned to be transported and so, "The Tournament" was announced to promote the science advancement.

The Grand Prize
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The champions that signed up for the tournament would become attuned and teleported to the arena to fight. Against their knowledge, the champions would be teleported into a hidden chamber after suffering defeat where they remained captive inside a glass dome like a trophy. One by one, the champions was collected as trophies until finally, the Grand Prize had been assembled - none other than the champions themselves.

Naturally, such a feat did not go unnoticed and now Egad's boss, Damian Ratsbane, wants to host a second tournament of his own, since hundreds of people were attuned but never elected for the tournament... and he wants your character to be in it!

 Damian Ratsbane Tells:
I invite you all to take part of this event, to fight other champions for glory and... the Grand Prize! It's free to join my tournament, and everybody's welcome to take part. Of course, we'll need a little incentive for the competition...
The winner of this tournament will receive 300 USD. To be eligible for the prize, you must have a paypal account to receive the money.

Damian's Tournament was an event held on FurAffinity that started the Friday the 8th of June 2012 and ended Sunday the 30th of December 2012.  In the event, submissions for the contest was made to my FurAffinity gallery using the site's comment system as a way to participate. Through votes, matches were decided like a forum game and the characters proceed through several rounds until a winner was decided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event over?
Yes, the event ended on Sunday the 30th of December 2012.

Where can I find the matches?
Visit the bracket and follow the instructions on how to request match images.

Can I still join the event with a character?
Unfortunately, the event has concluded and no more characters can be applied. You can check this page for future tournament events.


  1. how do we vote for characters and read the tournament matches?

    1. You will need to create an account on FurAffinity and enable adult content, then you can vote by making comments and see the matches as they are posted.

  2. I wish I'd known about it, I have a sister who would've entered, and probably thrown the event for the penalty 8)