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The Demon Dungeon


Ryan "Egad Nob" Foxmoore
Yet to assume his future identity as the infamous bondage master "Egad Nob," Ryan Foxmoore is working hard to start the company that will fund his evil schemes. An encounter on the way home from work is sure to put the fox on his destined path...

Chaos Demonwolf
A demon hunter on the prowl, Chaos has vowed to put a stop to monsters like his older demonic brother, Hatred Demonwolf. Wielding a staff blessed with light magic by the priesthood to put an end to the demon's terror, our young hero is bound to learn a lesson about blind trust as he finally tracks down his prey...

Hatred Demonwolf
A rogue demon with a bloodied reputation, Hatred enjoys nothing more than causing havoc and spreading fear through the city. Already a public menace, the unsuspecting demon is about to discover he's not the only villain around as he finds refuge for the night...

Zarch Demonwolf
Once a powerful demon and the father to both Chaos and Hatred, Zarch has been asked never to interfere with their lives again. Yet a parent can't help but worry, and when his sons disappear he may find his family reunion to be something else entirely...

The Sleeping Demon

It was a quiet night as the fox headed home from his new office. It had been a long day at work, but even the largest and most successful companies started from scratch with nothing but hard work. That was his dream, to run a successful business company and become a millionaire like his parents.

Or well, it was at least one of his dreams. To tell the truth, Ryan Foxmoore had far greater plans for his future. The company was just the surface of it, but like so many other operations Ryan's plans required money and large amounts of it.

Walking down the sidewalk, the fox felt confident that his future plans were well secured. Nothing could go wrong now, it was just a matter of time before his wealth and power.


The fox passed a dilapidated street and paused for a moment, looking down the littered road with old buildings. Only half of the street lights were still flickering with a dim light like a glimpse into a shattered and forgotten world. Ryan passed this street every day, but something was different... and it compelled him to investigate.

He thought himself insane to be stepping alone into this alley at night, knowing the street housed only homeless looters and other dangerous types. But something had driven them out as the ruins were empty with only a dead silence looming over the rubble. What kind of person could scare away even the worst of scum?

Ryan reached a large hole in a wall big enough to step through. He could tell it was made recently because all the dust was still left from whichever force that had smashed its way through the solid stone. He hesitated for a moment, whatever was inside of there could probably kill him. Why was he venturing out on this dare?

The sound of a deep snore from within the ruined house beckoned him inside. He had to see what kind of beast that resided here, if not just a quick look and then he'd head home safe and sound. He threaded forward carefully, making sure not to push any rubble that would give away his stealth.

The house was in absolute ruins, but someone had been in here. The source of the snore came from upstairs, and the fox headed up the old wooden stairs as quiet as possible, halting his motion after each of the squeaky step awaiting the next snore to ensure the beast was still asleep.

What he found in the attic room made his heart race like nothing he had ever seen before. A red wolf was sleeping soundly on the ledge of the ruins, his topless and muscular body bathed in moonlight.

What astounded the fox was not the male's incredible almost bare form, but the pair of large horns curling from his forehead to the back of his head with a pair magnificent wings. The fox was looking at nothing less than a real demon.

Every sense of logic told the fox to leg it and never look back, but never in his life had he seen such a specimen. The demon was masculine beyond words with powerful broad shoulders, large bulking biceps, ribbed abs in a six pack, a perfectly flat stomach and solid leg muscles. He was sleeping with a grim smirk, resting his chin on his pumped chest and his hair was like a large mane going down the back of his head.

 Ryan Foxmoore tells...
You know when you're in the gym and you see this incredibly hot guy that looks like a prince taken out of your dreams? I could walk away from this, but I'd regret never taking a shot at this unbelievably hot stud. If I could just knock him out cold somehow...

Drawn to the demon, the fox stepped forward and looked around the attic for items he could use... He found a baseball bat, a couple of cloth sacks and a whole lot of rope in the remaining inventory. He was armed and ready to take on the demon.

Stepping up to the sleeping male, the fox hesitated before swinging the bat - his following move would determine whether he lived or died. A glimpse down the muscular form gave him the courage to make the swing and he hit the demon's forehead right between the eyes. It was a solid hit and the snore turned quiet, but the demon was still breathing.

The victory rush filled him with excitement, and he pinched the demon once to test the wolf's response. There was no response, he was unconscious!

The fox moved placed his hands on the pumped chest and ribbed adds, groping to his heart's content like a child given his favorite candy. Never before had he laid hands on such a powerful man, he wanted to savor every moment and feel the demon's hard body. It was not until the fox's erection was pressing hard against his pants that he moved on to the demon's loin cloth and brushed it aside to reveal the large dormant sheath.

Taking a firm grip on the sheath, the fox started fondling the demon's balls as he used his other hand to caress the tip of the demon's cock. He wanted to see this guy's length before sacking him up and bringing the car, and he wanted to get this belt off keeping the demon's only piece of clothing.

It was when he was trying to undo the belt that he realized the demon was looking at him. The fox looked up and met the demon's eye for a second, the iris was glowing red in the wolf's angering stare. There was no need for words.

The fox rushed out on the street followed by a blast of rubble as the demon broke the wall behind him in an attempt to hit him with the debris. "Come back here, you filthy little coward!" The demon's voice roared behind him, his voice was hollow and dark like a monster.

 Chaos Demonwolf tells...
I have been searching for my brother for a very long time, a rogue demon responsible for not one but several massacres. It's my responsibility to stop him and I have been given a blessed staff to fight him. If I could just find a single sign of that arrogant bastard...

"Someone help me! He's going to kill me!" The fox called out as the demon chased him through the streets. The demon finally spread his wings and took a leap, gliding through the air as he closed into arm's reach of the fox... The fox couldn't outrun the demon. He was going to get caught. He was going to get killed.

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Just as everything seemed to be over for Ryan, he spotted a cloaked figure on the street. It was his only hope and sprinted towards the figure, "I could really use a hero right now!"

As the demon closed in on them, the cloaked man raised a staff and called out, "STOP!" The fox halted as a bright shield protected them like a bubble made of light and the demon crashed into the shield like hitting a solid wall at full speed.

The fox was panting heavily as the shield around them faded, he turned over and looked at his savior. It was a blue rabbit wearing a red cloak, just a head taller than himself. It was unbelievable his prayer had been answered, but he recognized the cloaked man from his reputation. Everyone in the city had heard the tale of the lone demon hunter that hunts in the darkest night, only that urban legend was alive and standing with back turned to him right now...

The staff's barrier had knocked the demon cold and the large red wolf collapsed on the ground, "Why did you meddle... Brother..." The demon grunted one last time before falling down with a thud. The hero stepped forward and looked over his fallen foe with satisfaction, "Don't worry, he's unconscious now."

Just as the hero was about to turn back his attention to the civilian, the fox swung his bat one more time. "What did you do to piss- AUGH!" The fox had hit the back of his head with a solid blow and exploited his trust, and within the minute the demon hunter lied unconscious on top of his own prey. 

  Ryan Foxmoore tells...
Just a couple of minutes ago I was seconds away from certain death, and now I got not only the demon but also the infamous vigilante. I won't be making the same mistake twice and give them time to wake up. This dark avenger will make a fine addition to my dungeon together with his "brother," hah!

The fox wasted no time hauling the two of them into an alley and pulled out all the rope he had hidden under his shirt as well as the sacks he had collected earlier in the attic. The boner scared off earlier was returning quickly again as he resumed control.

He finished stripping the demon, turning over the red wolf and joining his large paws behind his back with thick layers of rope. The fox then joined the demon's ankles together with a similar binding before securing his snout with rope as well, effectively gagging the hotheaded bastard.

Just as he had presumed, it didn't take the demon long to regain consciousness again - only this time the fox had pulled the sack over his head and enveloped his whole torso inside the now bulging bag. "Grrr-MMMPH MMMMPH!" Despite the demon's muffled protests and violent kicks, the fox had no problem tying a knot on the sack with his hole form inside.

"You're mine now, demon!" The fox turned his attention from the wiggling and struggling sack to the unconscious demon hunter and started stripping him off his clothes. To the fox's surprise, the boy was large for a rabbit with several wolf traits, the comment about their brotherhood might not had been entirely off.

While not as bulking with muscles, the demon hunter still had an athletic form with a cute fluffy chest. The fox took great pleasure in giving the naked wolf rabbit similar treatment to the demon and stuffing the second filled sack up next to the first before getting his car to take both of his "toys" back home.

In The Dungeon: Day 1

  Hatred Demonwolf tells...
Never before in my life have I been so humiliated! Stripped by a lowly peasant, then tied up and carried off on in a sack like some slave.

I am Hatred Demonwolf, a lord and master. I DO NOT DO CAPTIVITY! I DO NOT GET TIED UP! I DO NOT SUBMIT! This is all the fault of my damned brother, and when I get free I will make them both pay... "Grrr--MMPH!"

The demon hunter woke up to the sound of dark muffled grunts. His head felt groggy and everything was dark and misty. Every time he tried recalling the situation, his thoughts were interrupted by an even louder grunt, "MM-UMMMPH!"

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"Will you shut up? I'm trying to realize we've been abducted." The demon hunter snapped at the bound demon behind him. Hatred grunted once, then turned to an angry stare while he continued struggling.

As a hero, he had faced situations of peril before... but nothing like this. Not only was he naked and tied up, but he found himself sitting on top of his tied brother's abdomen with both of their cocks fully erect and wired together with rope, keeping them together with their very own length.

Hatred was lying on the floor with his torso up against a pillar, his wrists were joined behind his back with many thick layers of rope like his ankles. His wings had also been tied to the pillar, preventing him from moving an inch. Lastly, he had a big large red ball stuffed inside his mouth with two leather strings attached that went around the back of his head. For a demon of such destructive power, he had been tied up helplessly.

Chaos himself had been mounted on top of him, sitting on his abdomen with his legs locked together with some kind of leather strap, forcing him in a kneeling position. His arms were also joined behind his back with an incredible amount of rope, worst of all he had a collar around his neck like some house pet.

They were in some kind of basement with several boxes standing around and only a single stairway leading upstairs. The only source of light came from a small window near the roof of the basement, showing patches of grass. From his guess, whoever lived here had moved in recently and they were trapped in the basement of an ordinary house.

"Y'know, if I bend my back right..." Chaos said as he leaned over to reach their joined shafts with his tongue. "...I can aaaalmost..." Hatred grunted and looked away in embarrassment, it shamed him so much to be so helpless.

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 "You need more practice for that," another voice interrupted them. "YOU?" Chaos couldn't believe his eyes when he saw his captor. That fragile scared little fox he had saved earlier in the dark streets was standing naked before him wearing a harness and holding a ball-gag similar to the one in his brother's maw.

"That's right, and if you hadn't been there I wouldn't have captured the demon at all!" The fox gloated. As Chaos was about to object, the fox took the ball-gag and stuffed it tightly into his open mouth, "Hmmmph!"

"Let me show you my gratitude..." The fox said as he secured the strings behind Chaos neck. The hero shook his head and tried to resist, but the fox already had him too tied up to fight back. Despite both of the brother's muffled protests, the fox pulled out two white cloth blindfolds from a nearby box and started binding one around his brother's eyes, then his own.

  Chaos Demonwolf tells...
This is bad! Normally I'd find any humiliation of my brother funny, but.. it really is my fault. Because I turned my back to that fox, he's got us both and I've never been restrained like this before... I really can't get lose, "Mm- Mmph!" What's he gonna with us?

"Why don't you let me help you with this?" The fox asked as the blindfolded brothers felt his grip around their joined shafts. All they could do was wiggle as much as they could and grunt with the gags in their mouth as the fox mounted Hatred and joined their three cocks to jack them off in a three-way frotting.

Though they tried holding their load back, it still didn't take the fox long to make them cum and send their load flying up in the air in one joined orgasm. "UUUM-FH!" "HMM-UUMPHH!"

[Click to Enlarge]

The boys panted as the fox let off and started walking away. "Mm-Mmh--Ummh?!" Chaos called out in question blindfolded as he was, and the fox spoke to them. "Don't worry, I'll be back tonight to feed you... and then we'll start on your training tomorrow?"

"Training?" The boys thought to themselves, what kind of training did the fox have in mind for them? Either way it didn't seem like they going anywhere just yet.

Day 2

  Ryan Foxmoore tells...
Do you have any idea how slow work feels when you know you have two bound treasures waiting for you at home? I can't even stop thinking about their naked bound bodies, and the minute I get home I'm going to start breaking them in. When I'm done with them, they'll be begging me to play with their erect cocks!

The fox groped the bulge on his pants as he set his car in gear and parked it outside his house, an erection he had since before he left work. As he opened his fence door he reminiscence dragging a wiggling sack through the same fence not once but twice last night.

At the surface everything seemed like a normal day, but the second he stepped inside he could faintly hear their loud muffled cries coming from the basement below him. He smirked and put down his suitcase before going into his room to 'change'. He'd need to teach them not to be so noisy or he wouldn't be able to have any visitors.

Chaos and Hatred were still in the exact same spot he had left them last night after attempting to feed them, tied standing to the same pillar. Of course they had refused to eat anything and just swore and cursed at him until he stuffed the gag back into their mouth, but in spite of that they showed no signs of fatigue yet - a true mark of endurance, he loved that in his slaves.

Both the boys still reacted violently to his touch, flailing as much as they could to defy him. "You two can struggle as much as you like, in the end I am still the master and you are the slaves." He mocked them, and Hatred seemed to blow a fuse as he started swearing so soundly the fox could make out some of the words despite the muffled language.

It didn't help his temper when the fox started rubbing against the tip of their shaft to bring out their erections, switching his tongue between each of their members. They tried holding it back, but every cock has a mind of its own and eventually their lengths stood tall for the fox to seize with each of his hands.

[Click to Enlarge]
 "Two toys for me to play with," he taunted them again. It aroused him madly to play with their pride while they struggled with everything they had. He still kept them blindfolded and gagged all the time, they would have to earn their sight and speech back by proving it useful... to him.

As they finally blew their load, the fox smeared his hand in their juice and then smeared it on to each other's snouts. "This is your brother's cum," the realization of what he was smudging their face with angered them even more, "Get used to the smell, it's what you'll be frequently sharing down here."

He left them to their own devices again as he started unpacking the boxes, full of bondage gear and inventory. He'd need to get this dungeon in shape if he was going to get these guys adjusted to their new... 'life style'.

Day 8

  Hatred Demonwolf tells...
Every fucking day is the same USELESS SHIT. It's like this fox is some kind of demon himself, he knows how to limit my strength! I refuse to be some slave to this fox, the only thing keeping me from raping his sorry little ass is a bit of rope. He even tried making me call him "master", that filthy fox needs to learn his place!

Today the fox had arranged Hatred on a chair and Chaos hanging upside down to his side, both blindfolded and gagged. The brothers knew what it meant, it was playtime. The fox had worked up their cocks good and hard, then arranged them like this. He had a new pose for them every day, and every day he would make them blow their load like a constant reminder of their status as his  'playthings'.

Hatred turned his head left and right in an attempt to at least shake the blindfold, but it was too tightly bound around his head. He used to struggle more, but he didn't like doing it as much anymore in the fox's presence because it made the fox horny and touch him more than his brother. Though he considered Chaos a nemesis, the last thing he really wanted to compete over was sexual attention as a bondage slave.

[Click to Enlarge]
Finally the fox arrived at the scene, they could tell from the sudden hand groping their body. Hatred could feel the fox climbing him on the chair and mounting him... the fox held his shaft as he let it glide into his tight hole, the wolf moaned in pleasure... he had wanted to stick it into that tight little ass... but no, not like this! Not ridden like some sex toy to the fox's own pleasure, he wanted to be in charge of his own body!

It hadn't been coincidental that the fox had strung Chaos upside down from the ceiling as he now discovered his shaft was in exact range of the fox's maw. The fox took in his whole length, caressing it with his warm and wet tongue. It didn't take long before the fox's ass was filled with Hatred's sperm while swallowing down Chaos' load at the same time. The brothers moaned as the fox used them like his own toys before blowing his own load.

Day 21

  Chaos Demonwolf tells...
I have fought... unimaginable monsters, faced off against death and saved the day. But I have never fought against an enemy like this fox. I was resilient at first, but I'm starting to lose count of days and doubt is entering my mind. I want to be the strong guy, but... what if we never get free?

They were being punished after today's session. The fox had tried making Hatred call him master again to which the demon had replied, "GO FUCK YOURSELF, YOU FILTHY PEASANT!"

[Click to Enlarge]
The fox had administrated a drug that made them stay hard through the night. Then, he had arranged them in a sixty-nine position making them suck each other off, using the dick in their mouth as a gag with rope around the snout. They had gotten used to the plastic ball-gag in their maw, but the taste of their sibling's member for a whole night was not pleasant.

Yet the 'master' seemed not to care, as he shut the door to the dungeon wishing them a good night's sleep. Was he really going to leave them like this for over eight hours tied together on the cold dungeon floor?!

 "Mm-Mmmph...!" "Grrr-MMPH!" They struggled in vain, not only were the ropes were tight and numerous but they could feel each other's movement through their... 'joined' condition. This was a night none of them would ever forget.


Day 48

  Ryan Foxmoore tells...
Of course Chaos broke before Hatred, but I underestimated how much their rivalry would prolong their will. I think they were more afraid to show each other their weaknesses than me. Nevertheless, Hatred gave in shortly after he 'won' the competition. It's cute really, even in submission he wants to be number one.

The fox had started taking them upstairs to dine and use the restroom. He still kept them blindfolded and their hands tied, but he left them without a gag as long as they addressed him properly and never spoke unless he addressed them.

It was his way of teaching them obedience rewarded them, and he would take every step very slowly to ensure the boys didn't get any frisky ideas. He'd have to deprive them of all hope before they would become his true slaves. He estimated they were still months away from losing any thought of escape.

Tonight he had taken them up to his bedroom with the promise of a warm bed for the night... if they could satisfy him. He played on their need to contest each other, "Now you boys lick my feet until I am hard, then when I ask you to the one to swallow my load will sleep with me in the bed."

It was a demeaning and humiliating contest, but at this point they were used to it. They knew the consequence meant a cold and hard dungeon floor alone all night. To top it off, they had to stumble their way to his feet with his blindfold before they started licking.

[Click to Enlarge]

Of course the fox was already hard, but he didn't tell them. He kept making them lick, telling them to try harder to win the bed and enjoying the sight of the two males submitting to his very feet. At last he snapped with his fingers and they knew what it meant, both of them trying to crawl up on the bed.

In the end, Hatred managed to push down Chaos every time he tried coming back up and found his way to the fox's erect shaft, caressing it with his tongue before moving on to closing his lips around the length and sucking it dry. "Hah Chaos, I wi- Mmmph..." He said after gulping down the last of it, but the fox had gagged him before he could have a say.

Ryan put Chaos back in the dungeon and then took Hatred into his bed to play with, reminding the wolf that despite 'winning' he was still just the fox's play toy. The fox was sure they both were ready to cry at this point, but they were both men taught never to shred a tear. They just had to let go of their pride now... and they would lose the last bit of self esteem and become his slaves.

Day 103

   Hatred Demonwolf tells...
Why does Chaos keep thinking he can compete with me for the master's attention? I have bigger muscles and a bigger cock, and it was ME the master was after in the first place. I'll show the master that I am way better than my brother.

The brothers had now spent over three months in the dungeon. Though it had taken them a long time to surrender their pride and hope for freedom, they had turned their rivalry into their main activity in the dungeon to keep them from falling into complete despair.

While the master still kept their arms tied behind their back, they were now free to walk around the dungeon without a gag or a blindfold, but they still had their ball-gag hanging around their neck like a reminder that silence was only seconds away.

They could hear the fox coming home upstairs, and knelt down in the center of the room to await his return in silence. The master didn't like when they spoke up when he was coming home, they only had permission to make any sound when he was in the room and still he kept them gagged for the most part of their play.

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The fox came down the stairs already in his gear and stood before them with expectation. "What is your will, master?" Chaos said. "We will obey, master." Hatred followed, and then lowered his head in respect. Ryan smiled complacent, a hero and villain had proven the hardest to train but at long last he had two obedient sexy slaves willingly serving him every day in his dungeon. Everything was going smoothly now.

The Father

  Zarch Demonwolf tells...
My sons don't wish for me to intervene in their lives, but I can't help but worry about them. For over three months I have heard nothing, not even a single police report on my eldest son. I hate to step down this path again, but I'll have to reawaken some of my old powers to track them down.

The large black wolf spread his wings and took off. The ritual to regain his powers had taken a toll on him, but he didn't wish to waste any time resting when he could be searching. As he suspected, the brother's presence weren't gone from the world but somewhere in the city... together. Zarch dreaded what ruins he would find when he reached them.

It had been too long since he last had his demon powers, and he had forgotten how powerful and majestic flying made him feel. In his younger days he had been a great warrior, a feel he was reliving with the demonic blood coursing through his veins again, his strength and agility rejuvenated.

To his surprise, his senses led him to a normal street of detached houses both peaceful and quiet. It didn't make any sense to him, normally any scene both the brothers were present at was devastated from their fighting... but there was no trace of any destruction here.

[Click to Enlarge]

Zarch landed in front of the house he felt their presence nearest, and knocked on the door. He could just charge in, but everything was confusing him now... His demon powers told him they were inside, but his instincts told him they'd never be in such a place. Who was going to answer the door, some wicked mind controlling monster in disguise or...?

 "Oh my..." A small male fox opened the door... wearing a green bathrobe. What a vile beast! Zarch shook his head, "I'm looking for my sons, have you seen them?" He didn't expect the fox to even know how to answer that question, but his demon powers had never failed him this much before.

"And who would you be, if... I may ask?" The fox asked him slightly intimidated, "..uhm... Zarch Demonwolf." He felt embarrassed to be here, but the fox welcomed him inside. The fox seemed both kind and calm, and he didn't wish to frighten the poor critter.

  Ryan Foxmoore tells...
By the gods, what a magnificent hunk! He looks way too old to be another sibling, that would probably make him the father... and he seems good-willed, I can exploit that! I'll have to work fast if I want to add him to my dungeon before the brothers regain hope and start whimpering downstairs. Didn't I stash away some sleeping pills in the kitchen?

"I'm sorry to hear that your sons are lost," the fox tried to comfort the large wolf, but Zarch merely stood lost in thought. How did he find them anyway? He took out a pill hidden in the kitchen drawer before reaching for a glass, "You must be thirsty from... flying for so long. Can I at least offer you something to drink?"

[Click to Enlarge]
The wolf nodded, "That would be nice." Ryan smirked with his back turned as he filled the glass with water before dropping the pill into it. "I've never seen a demon before, how do your sons look?" He offered the large demon the glass, "I don't know why I came here, I guess my senses are just playing a trick on me."

Ryan tried making a concerned face to show some compassion, but he wasn't very good at it. "I'll be leaving shortly," the wolf sighed and emptied the glass before turning around. "No... you won't," the fox thought to himself as he watched the giant collapse on the floor shortly after, the glass smashing on the floor as he dropped.

"Yes, yes, YEEES!" Ryan bursted out as he watched the large black wolf breathe quietly unconscious on his very kitchen floor. Admittedly it had been way too easy, but the things he would do with this this hunk... The whole 'Demonwolf' family seemed to be coming together as his own sex slaves.

He took out rope and a large cloth sack from the kitchen cabinet. He had bondage materials stashed away everywhere in his house. He didn't really need to stuff the wolf into a sack, but he wanted the boys' help to carry him downstairs and keep him secret for a while longer. 

Zarch's body made even Hatred look skinny, with upper arms as thick as the fox's own legs. The fox eagerly tore off his pants to reveal his large sheath... he wanted to see the father's length so much, but he had a better idea. He stuffed his new captive into the sack and called the boys up to carry down the "newest member of the family."

The Demonwolf Family

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When Zarch Demonwolf woke again, he found himself in a basement arranged like... a dungeon. The room was filled with inventory used to keep people trapped, cages, a Saint Andrew's cross and a board with all sorts of gadgets like gags, blindfolds and even what he recognized to be... dildos.

This was the basement of the house he just had been in. He could tell his sons lived down here from the scents all over the room. How could he have been so blind and foolishly trusting? Everything had just seemed so peaceful and normal on the surface when he had in fact been walking on top of their very prison.

Alright, it was time for him to go find them. They weren't far away and all he had to do was-- "Hm-Mmph?" He couldn't even move. He had been so keen on observing his surroundings that he hadn't noticed he had been installed in this dungeon himself.

He had several thick ropes around his torso, and his arms were locked down by his legs with some leather strapping his limbs together. A small pair of ropes had been looped around his now exposed balls with the tip of his cock peaking out of his sheath, and he had a giant red ball stuffed inside his mouth.

"Om-MMPH MH MMMPH!" He roared out as he struggled. He needed to break these bonds or.. or he'd be in the same boat as his sons, all three of them captive. No, he couldn't let that happen. That would be humiliating beyond words, his own family tied up together like sex toys to some meager little fox.

"HMMMPFFH!" He put all of his muscles into it, but it had no effect on his bindings. It couldn't be real, but he guessed it was considering... his sons had been here for months... the fox really had him then!

To his surprise, his sons came walking down the staircase, untied and free from bondage. Had they beaten the fox and came to save him? No... they were naked, and wearing collars like pets.

  Hatred Demonwolf tells...
Not father... of all the people in the world, please say that ain't father... If not even my dad can break the master's bondage, I guess... there truly is no freedom. The master rules all, even the Demonwolf... even me... I am but his slave, just like brother... just like father.

"Erh... welcome dad?" Chaos greeted their father with a raised eyebrow. The brothers walked over to him and Hatred started untying his ball-gag while Chaos knelt down.

[Click to Enlarge]
Were they really releasing him? "Thanks, I was..." Zarch started talking to his son, but was interrupted by Hatred starting to kiss him. At the same time Chaos had started licking the tip of his cock. What the hell was going on?! Neither of the boys he knew would react like this, but they were getting turned on by behaving like... slaves!

"Please... stop!" Zarch begged them, but it didn't take long before Chaos had his length out with his sensitive licking caressing his dick. He understood now, the fox had broken them and sent them to prepare himself.

At last the fox came downstairs, this time naked wearing a leather harness and hood... like some dungeon master. "Welcome to my collection, 'big daddy'. Soon you'll be an obedient slave like your boys... or should I say, my boys?"

  Zarch Demonwolf tells...
This mere fox... knows the art of rope and enslavement like no other person. The minute he stuffs that gag back into my maw I'll be at his mercy, but... I can't let this happen to my sons, even if I have to put Chaos through hell to save us.

With great disconcert the wolf turned to his youngest son standing by his side like a concubine, "I'm sorry to do this to you, Chaos..." Despite being but a broken shell of his former self, the boy still seemed to understand his implication. "You don't mean...?" Chaos replied with a hint of fear, and Zarch looked him deeply into his eyes with concern, "Yes."

The fox was still too busy gloating on about how Zarch was his new captive to pay any attention to what was really going on as the wolf started silently chanting, 

[Click to Enlarge]
"Every cloud ignite,
as heaven becomes hell.

Through pure chaos,
destruction itself shall rises.

Fear the child,
born of demon blood,
bringer of the end."

For every line that Zarch spoke, pain seemed to bolt through the wolf rabbit's body until he collapsed on the ground, holding his hands against his head. "STOP IT. YOU.. DON'T KNOW... WHAT I'LL-"

The fox had stopped gloating. For the time being, he seemed paralyzed and frozen in place. Hatred was looking at his father, for the first time actually worried. "Argh," Chaos yelped as wings started to emerge from his back, and two horns started growing out of his forehead.

As Chaos rose from the ground again, his eyes were glowing red the heart of an inferno and his collar simply snapped like it broke at his very will. The new demon let loose a terrifying roar before turning his burning eyes to his former captor, and the fox gulped as their eyes met.

[Click to Enlarge]
"Oh little fox...", Chaos spoke with a voice now hollow and dark like the rest of his family. "STAY AWAY FROM ME!" Where the fox had previously run away from Hatred, there was no one to save him this time. "Come here, little fox..." Chaos landed on top of him trying to flee the scene, forcing him down on the ground.

"Why, it looks like I caught you, 'master'..." Chaos whispered into the fox's ears, and the fox knew this... this was it. "Ple-please don't hurt me." The demon smirked with a devilish grin, "Only a little... Much."

The demon pulled the fox off the ground digging his sharp claws so deep into the fox's skin that the fox started to bleed. "Hatred, stop him!" Ryan cried out and the slave reacted instinctively to his master's call, whether it was to protect Ryan or just pick a fight with his brother.

Ryan knew Hatred was unbelievably strong from the amount of solid rope it took to restrain the wolf, but... a single hit. In one swing of his arm, a single hit sent Hatred flying back into the wall with such impact that the wolf simply fell down unconscious.

"CHAOS, MASTER THE DE- MMMH OMPH!" Zarch called out from his bound stance, but the demonic Chaos had reacted faster and closed his maw with his jaws. "You... will not interfere with my revenge," the demon commanded as he looked up and down the bound father's form, "In fact... I believe this will be of use to me."

Chaos threw the fox over in the corner to where Hatred was lying and then turned his attention back to the immobilized father, forcing the ball-gag back into Zarch's muzzle and gagging him again. Zarch struggled and grunted, but he knew it was to no avail as the demon dragged him across the floor and joined him with the other two.

  Zarch Demonwolf tells...
Crap! I was hoping the demon would have prioritized protecting Chaos, but it looks like he's horny as hell. "MMMPH!" I can't reason with him with this... ball-gag, the fox is too mortified to do anything and Hatred is already unconscious... I only exchanged one master for another.

Unlike the previous master, Chaos didn't need restraints at all handling his captives. He looked down at the fox with his burning eyes and Ryan already knew what he wanted. "Pl-please don't do th-this!" He stuttered, but the demon knelt down and pulled his legs up, forcibly pressing the large erection into the fox's small hole.

"Shut up," he said as he broke into a devilish grin. The father continued to wriggle for freedom in the background as Chaos pulled out just to thrust his way back in. Again and again, no matter how much pain it was causing the fox. "Unfh... unfh... Chaos pl-please... Stop..." His whimpers only seemed to make the demon thrust harder and faster, pressing his thick shaft all the way inside the small and tight fit.

After a solid ten minutes of fucking the fox finally felt the demon's warm sperm fill him up and he sighed in relief as he panted from the biting pain and soreness.

  Ryan Foxmoore tells...
I know I did bad, but I never hurt my boys like this! It's like some evil monster has overtaken Chaos, he is completely different and he scares me! Oh god, I think he's going to kill me when he's done. It already hurts so much, I don't want to die!

It didn't stop there. Chaos pulled out his length still completely erect like that release had done nothing to sate his thirst. "Suck it," he commanded as he forced the fox's jaw open and stuck his length into Ryan's maw. He didn't dare chewing down knowing the demon would tear his throat in the instant, and started to lick the length. He had caressed this dick before with his tongue, but was different now.. it was literally hot, almost like it was burning his tongue.

"I SAID SUCK IT," the fox's heart jumped at the demon's roar and closed his lips around the length to follow his command, and the wolf rabbit moaned a bit in pleasure as the fox started to take in the whole shaft. Without warning the demon started to thrust into his throat, almost causing him to choke and slamming the back of his head into the wall, but the demon continued... again and again, making it hard for Ryan to even breathe.

Luckily this time it didn't take long for the demon to cum and Ryan made sure to swallow all of it to avoid upsetting his 'new master'...

"Get up," the demon looked down at him with his infernal eyes. All the fox could muster was coughing and collapsing on the floor, but that didn't matter. Chaos grabbed him around the throat and then forced him standing, backing him against the wall before thrusting his unending erection into his sore ass again.

[Click to Enlarge]
Every thrust now felt like thousand of needles piercing his ass. The demon's sperm was burning inside of him, load after load until his ass started dripping with semen mixed with the blood on the floor from the wounds stacking up from the demon's claws digging into his skin. Tears started rolling down his chin, but no matter how much he cried the demon just kept on going.

Just as the demon shot another load in-between his cheeks, the endless rage finally subsided after an hour and Chaos collapsed on top of him. He didn't dare moving until he heard Zarch's grunts resume in the background. He pushed Chaos off and the horns and wings had disappeared, reverting the boy back to his original form.

He looked over at the struggling father that shot him an angry glare and realized he was back in control. Chaos was fast asleep, Hatred was unconscious and Zarch was still tied up. He just had to rope up the brothers again and-

"I can't-," the fox stuttered as he looked back at the boy that had just raped him so brutally. Everything was coming back to him, every moment of horror. The pain in his body started to overwhelm him again and the tears started rolling down his cheeks again. He turned around and ran out of the dungeon, leaving the demons behind.


"Chaos, wake up... Wake up, son!" It was his father's voice. Chaos woke up lying down on the dungeon floor with his father kneeling down besides him, both of them still naked but at last untied.

"Father... what happened?" The boy got up and rubbed his head, still feeling overwhelmingly groggy. "You don't remember?" Zarch asked and Chaos shook his head, "I just remember feeling so angry... and horny at the same time. It was disturbing."

"How do you feel now?" His father smiled as he helped the boy up, "Relieved... I remember what happened over the past few months, but the feelings from then are gone... like I'm back to my old self."

"That's good... I think your brother had a similar epiphany upon seeing your demon form tear up your old 'master' and left..." Zarch explained and paused a bit.

"Don't worry, I'm not upset." Chaos said as he led them upstairs. "You're not? I'm forgiven... just like that?" Zarch looked puzzled and Chaos eyed him for a moment of silence, "I just let out months of frustration, I can't feel anger right now."

"Oh," Zarch looked a bit disappointed, "Well... Our clothes should be somewhere in the house, then we can go our separate ways." But Chaos ignored him and headed for the bedroom, "It's in here."

He pulled out a box from under the bed that contained their clothes and started dressing up. Zarch followed him into the room, "You don't think the fox is still here?" Chaos shook his head, "No... he's gone far away to recover, but he'll back... one day."

"Why don't you put aside everything that has happened in our past for one moment and let me be your father just this once?" Zarch said as he sat down on the bed's edge trying to get his attention. Chaos just flung his pants into his face in response.

"... Alright, just this once." The demon hunter sighed as he was back in his old attire, taking a seat next to the large grey wolf.

"There's something else bothering you, I can tell. Just talk to me about it." Zarch looked into his eyes with a slight smile, "You mean besides for that last night we were both naked and hard in the dungeon below?"

Chaos paused for a moment, then resumed explaining. "It's not just the time lost... There was something in me that enjoyed giving in, and just feeling the pleasure. I'm afraid that I won't be able to focus on my duties knowing I have such a weakness."

Zarch patted him on the shoulder, "Chaos... Let me tell you a story." The boy was about to reply but the wolf interrupted him, "Back when we returned from war and found our home in ruins, our women and children gone, we despaired. Because we had no hope, we sought comfort in any way we could. Even the men that I knew had been wed for many years started interacting with their tribesmen because it was all they had left."

Chaos seemed surprised, "You mean your warriors started sleeping together?" Zarch shrugged, "It was dark and trying times, and the men was just looking for to escape their misery. Through it was only temporarily relief, it was the easiest way for them to cope with the hopelessness."

"Don't mistake what you experienced as an emotional part of you... what the fox offered you was nothing but an easy relief from your helplessness. Ask yourself if your brother would ever have submitted to anyone if he hadn't been deprived of hope," Zarch finished with a smile.

"I still don't want you in my life, but still... thanks, for this." Chaos nodded once before leaving the room, and Zarch looked down one last time over his naked body reflecting over the events before putting his pants back on.

Somewhere far away from their location, Ryan Foxmoore was sitting in a hospital bed getting covered in bandages by a nurse, pondering over the events as well.

 Ryan Foxmoore tells...
You may have won this round, Chaos... But I got a taste of my future, and I liked it! I never did tell my name, did I? No matter, I'll need a new name for the next time we meet... By then you shall know me as "Egad Nob," and I'll have you tied up once again at my mercy!

"Please get me my cell-phone, nurse." He asked his female caretaker, "Alright, Mr. Foxmoore... Do you have any relatives you want to call?" The fox shook his head, "No, I just got an amazing idea for a tournament event I wish to start planning..."

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  2. Does anyone know where this excerpt is from?

    You are enclosed in complete darkness within a large floor to ceiling stone box. It is just wide and broad enough that standing in the center you are unable to reach any of the four walls by leaning, and you are forced to stay in the center of the box by a deviously constructed girdle around your waist. Four belts tightly bind the girdle to vertical metal bars in each of the box's four corners preventing you from pulling more than an inch or two in any one direction. The girdle does allow you to adjust the height your waist since the straps can slide up and down the vertical bars, but this gives you little comfort due to one final feature of the box: between your legs is a bar with several cleverly positioned demonically animated dildos which force their way inside you any time you are not standing on your tip toes.

    The door is locked and barred.
    Your arms are bound behind your back.
    A large penis gag is securely locked and fastened to your head and stuffed down your throat.

    You've sank down as far as you can go and your compact, muscular backside now rests on the bar. Over 20 inches of dildo are buried in your anus. You are awkwardly collapsed with most of your weight supported by the enormous dildo embedded in the depths of your rectum. To your great distress, your intruder is far enough from the floor that despite being close to a kneeling position no matter how you shift your body around you can never quite get your knees to support you. The exertion of supporting yourself is turning your legs into useless quivering pieces of flesh, and your mind is swimming with the desire pouring from your loins.

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