Monday, February 20, 2012

Concept: The Model

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The model is a handsome, muscular and famous lion. He doesn't usually take model jobs, but he has a bit of a soft spot for admiration and doesn't necessarily reject an artist wanting to study his amazing musculature - in addition to earning a few coins as well.

The artist that asked him to model is however a bit of a pervert and sly. The artist keeps buttering him up from the moment he stepped into the apartment. He's way too large to fit into the smaller door and accidentally broke the door handle on his way in, giving the perverted artist some guilt to sweeten him up with.

The lion's settled for a nude study of his body's anatomy, but the artist keeps insisting on going further and pushing him bit by bit with idle chatter. A few ropes here and there, it's like an art with the body itself and it makes an interesting position. "He's got to try it." "It's not like he's not strong enough to break the ropes on a whim," and the lion already owes him a bit of a compromise, so he's inclined to allow himself a few ropes.
Before he knows it, the lion's kneeling down in the nude with his ankles and wrists tied together. The artist's being very obscure about what he's doing; the artist's working on something, but the lion doesn't really understand the bondage world. Would he mind a few more ropes around his torso? Suppose not, he's so strong it's no problem.

Would he mind a gag? What's a gag anyway? Some crap in the mouth, the artist's probably a bit of a nut and he might as well just get it over with and get paid. He can't talk now, grunts and muffled sounds is his means of communication. Somehow this job managed to take an unexpected turn, now the artist's asking if he minds allowing an erection - for the art, of course. How is he supposed to respond to that with this thing in his mouth? "Mmph..."

Nevertheless, the eager little artist starts working on his shaft. He wasn't sure when the artist's clothes also came off, his eager little boner coming up as well. He's had lusty admires before but this guy is kind of an oddity even in those ranks. Wait, what is the artist doing now? More ropes are brought out now, this time around his balls and shaft - turning his dick into a handle like an object. He's not sure this is right anymore.

He raises an eyebrow as the artist takes seat at his drawing board, holding a pencil in one hand and the dick in the other. The boy is obviously taking a lot of wrong pleasure in this, he can't help shake he's been taken advantage of in a way. He tests the ropes a bit, they're well done but still nothing above his strength, the artist would probably throw a fit if he broke them, so he'll play along... for a bit.

Why was this scrapped?

This picture was drawn before I really knew either of the characters, or Da2p (Galen's author) at all. Galen would never really submit in a situation even such as this, it's really out of his character. Chaos isn't really the sly type either and would never take advantage of another man in this way (but at the point in time I drew this I had no villain characters really either). 

Not to mention boring technical stuff like the proportion being completely off, the anatomy being a bit stale and my drawing style being rather outdated in this sketch.

What this idea really played on though, is the concept of drawing bondage art with a model. Artists sometimes draw poses after models, but the model is rarely doing something erotic - let alone in something as intense as bondage. However, the idea of having the actual bondage slave you're drawing in your possession is both appealing and stimulating... I'd like to imagine I can one day recreate this picture in my own life. ;-)


  1. I hope you do recreate it. Thanks anyway for posting this even if you do never end up recreating it. It is always nice to see your work, especially when it is Galen you are drawing :)

  2. Well could redo it with different characters. I honestly wonder how this would turn out in color.