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Sylas Spellbinder


Chaos Demonwolf
A young Demon Hunter out on his usual patrol hunting demons that roam the streets of the city, that is until a couple of villains drag him into their twisted games...

Egad Nob
A bondage-obsessed fox who runs his own company, making a secret market out of capturing men and selling them as slaves. Despite having numerous henchmen, Egad still loves making captures the old fashioned way...

Sylas Spellbinder
A foreigner that has recently made home in the town, Sylas is not only a powerful villain but also a magician with tricks that will leave you speechless. Out on the prowl in a new city, Sylas is sure to meet new interesting people...

Chapter 1: Foolhardy
"Just a quick kidnapping, if I'm not back in three hours just teleport me."

Those were Egad Nob's instructions before he left office. He was taking a short walk down the sidewalk peaking at the men that passed him on the busy street. "Too short, too ugly, too fat, too urgh..." He commented to himself as he inspected them.

"Well hello there," Egad smirked at the sight of a familiar face, a cloaked blue wolf rabbit passing through the street rather fast, not paying any attention to his surroundings as if chasing someone... or something.

Egad picked up his phase and followed him as subtle as he could, pursuing the wolf rabbit through at least half the city, panting heavily as Chaos finally took a turn into an alley out of plain sight. Was it a wise decision to follow a demon hunter down a dark alley? Egad smirked as he dared on.

The demon hunter was sniffing around garbage as if he was on to a scent, obsessed with his tracking  and still unaware of his pursuer. Now was the perfect time for an ambush! Egad put down his suitcase and started treading lightly towards the hero, pulling out a rag doused with chloroform. Just as he closed in from behind in arm's reach, he lifted up the rag and..

Wham! The wolf rabbit had quickly turned around and grabbed his wrist, slamming him against the wall. "Who are y- Egad?" The demon hunter's eyes widened, then turned into an angry snarl. "What do you think you're trying here?"

"Cha-chaos Demonwolf, my old buddy, no hard feelings right?" The fox grasped for air as the wolf rabbit lifted him off the ground and pressed him against the wall. "NO HARD FEELINGS?" Egad felt the claws tighten around his neck. "You tied up in your DUNGEON!"

"You kept me there for months-" But Egad's face suddenly changed to a state of panic as if something was horribly wrong, "Cha-haos, BEHIND YOU! THE DEMON!" The demon hunter quickly reacted and loosened his grip on the fox to draw his swords and swung around to face the... nothing behind him.

"Hr- Mmmph!" Chaos grunted as Egad had already gotten on his feet and grabbed him from behind, pressing the rag up against his lips and nostrils. "My acting is very convincing, don't you think?"

It was a brief struggle. Chaos had to drop his swords to grab Egad's hand over his mouth, but by then he already felt the drowsiness and his strength fading. The fox grabbed his crotch with the other hand and forced the rabbit down on the ground until he was quietly breathing and asleep.

"The old tricks are still the best," Egad grinned smug as he started pulling off the wolf rabbit's clothes, baring his nude muscular form between the heaps of rubble and garbage. Opening his suitcase, Egad took out several ropes and a bright red ball-gag. He started looping the rope around the nude hero's wrists and joined them behind his back, before tying the hero's ankles together as well.

Finally, Egad took out the large red ball-gag and secured it tightly inside Chaos' maw, stuffing the ball far inside his mouth before tying the strings behind his neck. "Mm-mmph...," Chaos grunted in his sleep.

Chapter 2: Reversal
This was Egad's favorite part. It had only taken him bare ten minutes to transform what was once a proud hero into his own personal sex toy. 

He looked down at the hero's naked form and took in the sight of the bound muscular body before letting his hand glide down to his captive's sheath, gently caressing the tip.

He loved this feel of power, to be able to toy with a man's pride without him being able to do anything about it. Egad grinded up Chaos' shaft while groping his own growing bulge on his dark pants, it didn't take long before Chaos' hard dick stood tall. Now all Egad had to do was find a way to get his new slave back to-

"Why, what cute couple in dis alley." Another voice said behind them with a French accent. Egad's heart jumped, he knew Chaos had been here hunting for something monstrous. "The demon?!"

Sylas Spellbinder Appears
[Click to Enlarge]
"No good sir, Sylas Spellbinder is le name... and you and ze boyfriend is now mine." It was a weasel dressed like a magician coming out of the alleyway, holding out a large wand. Before Egad could say anything more, the magician pointed the wand at him and several long ropes emerged from the tip of the wand, twisting around his body until his arms were locked down by his side.

"What is this? Magic?!" Egad struggled as the weasel approached him, he tried making a run for it but the magic rope pulled him down to his knees. Again the weasel lifted his magic wand, "Avardo no clothia".  In an instant Egad's clothes disappeared, exposing his own naked form with his hard shaft from all the excitement of tying up Chaos earlier.

"Damn it, Chaos. Wake up! I need yo- Mmm-MMMPH!" Egad tried calling out, but was muffled by a similar ball-gag that Sylas had just conjured out of thin air. The fox shook his head to try and stop the weasel from joining the strings behind his neck, but it was futile.

Egad looked up at his captor who had the same smug grin as he had just a couple of minutes ago when he stood over Chaos' unconscious body. Sylas waved his finger and the ropes around the fox's body twisted until they matched the exact same binding as the wolf rabbit.

He knew he risked running into some dangerous type following Chaos here, but never once had he imagined running into some other bondage-crazed villain like himself. For the first time Egad knew what his captives felt like as the weasel arranged his naked body up against Chaos, shaft against shaft with the man he had just tried to abduct. What was the weasel planning to do with them?

"Now ze be a truly matching couple!" Sylas said as he took off his hat and hit it twice with his wand, then lowered it down to their feet. Egad couldn't believe what was happening and started to struggle. The hat was pulling them in like a vacuum. He could see their feet disappearing into the hole but the hat's form remained unchanged.

"Hmm-MMMMH-MMPH!!!" Egad cried out as he struggled to push himself away, but Sylas simply let go of his wand and took a firm grip on their exposed dicks, and held their joined lengths tightly together. Egad felt more helpless than ever, not only being unable to do anything about Sylas using his erect dick like a handle to keep him from pushing away, but also using Chaos' dick as an anchor to keep them together.

Obviously the weasel took great pleasure in this as Egad could spot the same kind bulge poking out from his pants as well. He didn't remotely desire giving this man the pleasure of playing with him, but Sylas tugged their dicks a couple of times before letting go as the hat pulled in their waists. Now he couldn't even separate himself from Chaos and felt as the wolf rabbit's thick dick was pressed up between their abdomens side by side with his own.

"Wake up Chaos, wake up NOW!" Egad cried out and bumped against the demon hunter's chest the best he could, but it only came out as "Hmph Omph Chao-mph, hmph omph MPH!" He knew the chloroform was powerful enough to keep even such a powerful guy out for at least an hour, and Chaos merely wiggled a slight bit as their torsos were pulled into the hat.

The only fresh air Egad could feel now was the breeze on his face as Sylas picked up the hat and smiled wickedly. "GRRR-MPH!" Egad grunted at him angrily in defiance, but Sylas covered his eyes with his hand and pressed his face into the hat.

It felt like they were engulfed by soft silk as darkness surrounded their naked bound bodies before everything faded away...

Chapter 3: Trust
Before the darkness faded, the only thing the fox could feel was his naked form pressed against the wolf rabbit's body until someone pulled him out. 

When Egad regained consciousness, he found himself kneeling down inside a dark dungeon. "Mmph..." he grunted, he was still naked, bound and gagged as before. His hands were still firmly tied behind his back, now with a rope connecting to his tied ankles making it even harder to move.

He could feel his bindings had tightened from all his earlier struggle, now pressing through his fur and into his skin. His legs felt sore from being bent for so long in his hogtie, and drool had started spilling from his maw because the ball-gag shoved so far into his mouth kept him from swallowing his spit. He could only breathe through his nostrils, and he could feel the chilling air on the skin of his hard dick.

"So this is what it's like to be kidnapped?" Egad thought to himself. His heart was beating rapidly, he was uncertain of where he was or what would happen to him. Everything he was, all of his status and power, had been stripped from him as a bondage slave in this dungeon. He could only guess his captor had recently worked on his erection as the precum leaked from its tip.

... Which meant that Sylas would be back for him soon. He knew his loose escape plan wouldn't work if Sylas worked his magic on him again, from what he knew the time limit could already have passed and he was stuck here. The thought of being permanently stuck here made him shiver.

He looked around for Plan B and spotted the wolf rabbit unconscious in the darkness, not far from himself. Chaos was lying on the cold rocky floor with a small pool of droll from where his maw was resting and a dick equally as hard as the fox's own member.

"Mm-MMMPH OOMPH!" Egad roared to try and wake the boy up, and Chaos finally opened his glowing eyes again. "Mmmph? Grrr-mmph!" Chaos responded, first shooting Egad an angry look then a puzzled look as he realized Egad's state of captivity as well.

There was something about it that amused the fox, truly men became equal as bondage slaves. Regardless of who had been the hero or the villain, they were now both slaves in Sylas Spellbinder's dungeon.

The captured hero managed to get up on his knees and started struggling wildly, flexing his muscles about and causing his hard dick to sway from all movement. If Egad wasn't already aroused, watching Chaos struggle like this would surely have made him horny as hell.

It was something else to watch the hero struggle as a fellow slave. Chaos wasn't holding back in embarrassment anymore, he didn't care if Egad saw him naked because they were both in the same helpless situation.

Regardless, Egad knew it was a useless struggle as he had done the ties himself... He enjoyed tying Chaos like that, just to make him feel like he had a fighting chance and allow him to wiggle about. It was ironic that his own rope-work on Chaos was now keeping them in the dungeon.

Obsessed with watching Chaos struggle, Egad had almost forgotten about his own bondage until he heard someone move about upstairs... He imagined Sylas was preparing something for them and he didn't want to stay to find out what it was. He looked over at Chaos again and then it struck him, he had only done these ropes for a single person!

"Mm-Mmph!" Egad tried to signal Chaos and the wolf rabbit ceased his struggle for the moment. Egad wiggled his way over to Chaos and faced back against back, hoping the wolf rabbit would catch on. While his were soft and polished, he knew Chaos' claws were sharp and crude enough to cut through rope.

The real problem was getting the hero to trust him. It had been Egad's fault Chaos was trapped like this in the first place, so why should he help his captor now?

Of course Chaos was angry. He grunted and pushed the fox away to resume his own struggle. "That stubborn ass is never going to get free that way," Egad thought to himself and resigned himself to a useless struggle as well from lack of better choice.

Egad had never really tried to struggle before. He loved watching guys struggle for hours  upon hours, but he never once had tied himself up. There was just no point, he could never imagine a point in his life where he would submit to anyone. This situation was already unbelievably against the odds... yet here he was.

He tried pulling his arms free, but the ropes clearly had more power than his strength. He tried reaching the rope with his fingers, but he couldn't even get near them. He tried tumbling around to see if the hogtie would loosen a little, but all it did was face him against the cold floor several times with his hard dick pressing along the rough surface. "Mm-mph..."

Chaos looked over at him with a hint of sympathy. Usually he enjoyed watching captives struggle, but it wasn't any fun anymore now that he was one of them. He faced away and closed his eyes to think of a way, a man with his intellect and cunning couldn't just be rendered helpless like this... there had to be a way.

Much to his surprise, he could feel Chaos lining up against his back with his own. It had probably been around half an hour, but the hero had finally given in to teamwork. Back against back, Egad stretched out his hands as much as he could, just enough for Chaos to fiddle around his wrists until he seized one of the ropes and clawed through it. Egad started pulling until the bindings finally loosened... he was free!

He rose up and took the ball-gag out of his mouth, letting it hang loose on his neck. "MMMPH!" Chaos grunted he turned over to look at the bound hero. At first Chaos looked at him with hopeful expectation, then as he smirked Chaos turned to an angry stare.

Chapter 4: Decisions
"What, you expect me to free you as well?" He could just escape now and leave Chaos behind... but he had an even better idea.

He kneeled down and grabbed Chaos' hard shaft, holding it tight just as Sylas had held his earlier. It felt good to be back in control. Egad broke into a devilish smirk as he whispered, "You have two choices here."

"One, I make my escape here and leave you behind." Chaos gnarled and wiggled with his arms in spite, but Egad just tugged hard on his dick to make him stay quiet.

"Two, I free you and you help me get the bastard that captured us." Chaos went quiet for a moment, but then nodded in agreement.

Egad undid the ropes on Chaos' wrists and let him help himself for the rest. He enjoyed still having the hero at his whim. "I still blame you for all of this," Chaos said as he pulled out his ball-gag as well. "Just keep your promise, Sylas is upstairs waiting for us."

"Sylas?" Chaos asked, "He's got some kind of magic. If you don't beat him, he'll continue to capture men like this!" Egad dramatized and Chaos snickered sarcastically, "You mean like yourself?" Nevertheless, the wolf rabbit turned to the door leading up from the basement. "Stay behind me then, fox."

Egad had always wondered what it would be like to be the hero, and now he got to be Chaos sidekick against a bad guy. Only they were naked with a ball-gag hanging on their chest like a necklace - the best kind of adventure in his opinion.

The door leading up from the basement was locked, but Chaos simply put some muscles into it and broke it open. As they stepped upstairs, they saw what looked like an old haunted house with all sorts of weird relics.

"Egad, have you noticed?" Chaos whispered as they made their way through the hallway. "What?" Chaos turned for a moment to show him his still rock-hard dick, "Our erections aren't wearing off." Egad thought he was right, it's not that walking around an old house sexually excited him... Sylas had probably worked some magic on them. "I just find it embarrassing..."

Chaos moved on, but Egad spotted a bookshelf full with a type of binders he only had seen used for something childish like trading cards. He pulled out a folder and paged through it, it was indeed full of cards... with some form of holographic life-like photographs of naked men with hard dicks, helplessly bound or hammering their hands against the surface of the card. What an odd hobby...

Something was weird about it. The images weren't moving in any patterns like a hologram. They were actually moving on their own... It was real men trapped inside the cards! They were looking back at him and trying to make contact with their body language, some begging and others threatening him with their fist.

He knew Sylas had some strange magic to trap people with, but this was absurd. Browsing through the pages, he recognized people on the cards reported missing dating back several years... Cops, firemen, even criminals. It was like the perfect catalogue for a collection of slaves, and there enough binders here to make even his own dungeon look slim.

"What is it Egad, did you find something?" Egad quickly closed the folder again and put it back inside with a smirk. If he told Chaos about it, the "hero" would undoubtedly find a way to free them... he'd rather take over Sylas' collection after capturing both him and Chaos.

They moved on and they could hear Sylas chanting from inside the living room. Carefully, they peaked inside and saw the magician standing with a deck of blank cards pronouncing some strange words while waving his wand about.

Before Egad could even react, Chaos had already moved in. The demon hunter leaped over the furniture like an animal and placed a solid fast kick in the weasel's gut, sending him flying across the floor. "Uff... wat is tis?!" Sylas grunted as he tumbled over the floor.

The weasel got up and instantly pointed his wand at his naked attacker, only to realize Chaos had grabbed the wand and held it before him, snapping it in two. "Fast lil' runt, aren't ya?" Sylas cursed him. "I'm going to make you pay," Chaos said while clapping his palm on his fist while approaching the weasel.

This was the moment of reckoning. Sylas pulled out a blank card from his shirt and raised it against Chaos, who instinctively charged his opponent. "Encardo mafisicio!" The card emitted a bright light that engulfed the naked rabbit, and when the light faded Chaos was gone.

Still hiding behind the door, Egad guessed Chaos had now joined ranks with Sylas' other captives... Ironically the hero could have been spared this fate had the fox not made the selfish decision to refrain from telling him about the cards. Without his firepower, Egad was now left with the choice of either running away or confronting Sylas on his own...

The fox knocked on the door and Sylas turned over, "Wat is it now?" Egad stepped inside casual and bowed before the weasel, "Sylas my good sir, I believe we have come off on the wrong foot."

The weasel grabbed another card from the stack but the fox remained still. "I pose no threat to you, but I am confident that you will not such a great opportunity pass you."

"An oppotuny?" Sylas grinned as he lowered the card he was about to point at the fox, "I am most impressed with your method, trapping your captives inside cards you could store not hundreds, but thousands of slaves inside this meager little house."

"And dis does not disturb you, fox? You will be trapped inside card." Egad shook his head, "On the contrary, I was not making out with any boyfriend in that alley... I was capturing the hero, Chaos Demonwolf, just so I could once more sell him on 'The Auction'. You and I share a passion for collecting men alike him."

"Ze action?" Sylas was both puzzled and entreated now, "Who is you, fox?" But Egad halted his motion and reached out with his hand, "May I see him please? The card."

Sylas looked down at the cards he was holding, hesitating a bit before handing over the first card. Egad took the card and held it up in his hand...

He could see Chaos trapped inside the card, trying to talk and motioning Egad to release him from his small prison. He was standing up with his hard dick, snout and palms pressed against the surface, but Egad could neither hear or feel him despite holding the card in his hand. Chaos had literally been turned into a trading card, an object of pure collective value. "So I'm guessing all you have to do to free someone from a card is tear it?"

The weasel sharpened his eyes, but broke out in a smirk and nodded. Chaos looked up hopeful from his entrapment, but Egad merely smudged his thumb at the area with his dick on the card before grabbing his own shaft and grinding it at the sight. "You always make me so horny when you are captured, Chaos."

But apparently Chaos could hear them, as he roared silently inside and began hammering his fists against the surface before Egad handed the card back to Sylas, "I can make you a very rich man, Mr. Spellbinder." But Sylas raised a finger, "You must first answer question, mr. fox".

"Of course... I am the infamous Egad Nob, master of bondage." Sylas eyes widened at the sound of the name, "Even I has heard of ze great Egad Nob, you great villain indeed."

Egad smirked as he reached out to shake hands with Sylas... If he could get Sylas inside his office he had at least a hundred ways to capture him. In the end, Egad won everything...

At least that's what the fox thought until the weasel picked up a card from the deck now. "Wait, don't you want-"

"Truly, you will be gem in mine collection... Egad Nob, once ze master and now ze slave!" Sylas lifted up the card with a devilish grin, "Encardo mafisicio!" And Egad disappeared in a flash of bright light.


"Are you alright, my master? The teleportation should have been successful... but somehow failed to assemble your clothes and your member appears fully erect... did I interrupt you in anything?" Professor Mize stood by the computer connected to the teleporter as he checked his wristwatch.

"Damn it," Egad swore and stepped down from the glowing platform. "Master?" Mize asked as Egad stormed out of the lab, "... You did well, Mize. But I just got myself a new competitor, and he stole my slave." 

Chaos Trapped by Sylas Spellbinder
[Click to Enlarge]
 "... And a second later, I would have been another card in his filthy little hands - forever trapped together with Chaos in the pages on his bookshelf," Egad dreaded the thought.


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