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Galen and Egad

A number of events have been set in motion, follow the story as a refugee seeks help from a noble and stoic protector to confront the shadows of the bondage-crazed villain, Egad Nob.


A refugee and an outlander, Lyan is a stuttering and easily-scared snow fox on the run from something... or someone.

Galen Dhaelos
A famous warrior in the kingdom of Krestel, Galen serves as the captain of the guard in his city of Mel´Andrea, where he's charged with the city's protection. Word of his heroic feats and incredible strength has traveled the land...

The previous captain of the guard, Zutan acts as a mentor for Galen in his responsibilities and takes every opportunity to lecture the young arrogant captain...

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"It was a quiet night on the roads of Krestel, an ancient medieval land forgotten by time. The stillness of the night covered the landscape in silence, as a traveler from distant lands made his way to a small lonely inn on the far side of the forest. The fireplace's light was like a beacon in the darkness."

The atmosphere inside the inn was warm and comforting, and the innkeeper was still serving up a few drinks to a couple of men half-asleep on the counter. "Good evening," the innkeeper greeted his new guest as the traveler took seat at the table. The traveler's fur was white as snow and almost glinted in the fireplace's flickering light.

"A bed for the night, I presume?" The innkeeper asked formally, and the traveler nodded as he put up some coins on the table in exchange for a resting place. "Heed my warning traveler, you should not wander these dangerous roads at night," the innkeeper said as he poured up a drink from an old bottle.

"W-why... have you he-heard any rumors?" The traveler asked slightly stuttering and the innkeeper nodded, "Bunch of mercenaries scuffling around... probably set up camp some place in the woods. Rumor has it they were hired by some fancy outlander for a manhunt."

"Have you seen any of them?" The traveler asked as he lowered his straw hat, covering his face in the shadow. The innkeeper shrugged, "Just one, came in yesterday... trying to buy a few bottles with some foreign coin."

The traveler sipped from his mug as he pondered, "Have you ever heard of a man... named Galen Dhaelos?" The innkeeper raised his eyebrows upon hearing the name's mention, "Well of course... everyone in Krestel has heard of the great and powerful Galen!"

The two other men at the counter was starting to peak interest at the mention of the name. "Can you tell me about him?" The traveler asked and the innkeeper nodded, "A lion who made a name for himself as the new captain of the guard in the capital city, Mel´Andrea... Stories of his deeds travel far, even to this fair inn."

"You wanna know more about Galen, traveler?" One of the other men at the counter had finally woken up, a large aged gray wolf with a long white beard. The traveler nodded and the old man began his tale, "It was not long ago... I was visiting Mel´Andrea to see my dear daughter, when misfortune struck - an earthquake shaking the entire city."

"Oh my," the traveler commented and the old wolf took another drink from his mug, "The captain had his guard all over to dig people out people, but it wasn't enough... a building collapsed, and trapped two small children inside an airtight coffin of solid wall."

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"Time was running short, you see... those children would run out of air before any of us could dig them out. It was then he showed up, the captain himself.. and with his bare hands, he lifted the wall before my very eyes. Never before in my long life had I seen such vigorous strength, that man single-handedly lifted an entire wall." The old wolf finished his story and emptied his drink, "Bartender, another!"

The traveler nodded almost spellbound to the story while the innkeeper poured another drink, "Impressive, has his strength ever been rivaled?" The old wolf snickered as he looked over on the other man at the table, a depressed-looking panther sitting in a dark cloak.

"You should ask the fella over there about that," the wolf winked at the feline, who was coughing a bit sickly and exhausted, "Must you bring that up...?" The cat sounded even more hoarse and tired than he looked.

"Just because you had your sorry ass handed to you, doesn't mean you should be a sissy about it. Or would you rather I told the tale?" The wolf snared with a smirk and the panther sighed in response, "Shut up, you old man... fine... I'll tell the story."

The traveler turned over his seat curiously as the panther began his story, "You could say there's a reason a buff guy like me is sitting in an inn by the far edges of the forest and looking like crap... instead of a warm comfortable bed in Mel´Andrea... A few years back I used to live in the capital, I was in some form of... group, you might say-"

"He means to say he was a crook." The old wolf briefly interrupted the panther, who shot the old man a brief look. "...Well, yes. I was part of an underground gang that took care of certain jobs. Galen was still being mentored by the previous captain of the guard at the time-"

"That old bear named Zutan. God, that guy had his head stuck so far up his furry ass." The panther's story was yet again interrupted by the old wolf. "Now now, let the man finish his story." The innkeeper remarked the old wolf.

"... As I was saying, me and some boys were given a job... to take out the old man and a double pay if we took down the new guy with him," the panther smirked slightly, "Zutan of course, was no match for us. We were six against two, but it only took one guy to hold the bear down, so in the end we were five against Galen."

And then you had your ass handed to you, haa haa...." The old wolf commented on his story again before being shushed by the innkeeper.

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"I had heard about his training in the arts of war, but to experience it for myself was mind-blowing... Never before had I met such a fierce warrior, despite all the blows he took he never backed down, not even once. His every blow was fierce and devastating, he alone took down all five of us. The last guy, of course, fled the scene." The panther let out a weary sigh as he tugged his right arm.

"I've been hiding out here to escape arrest..." The panther finished his story and the old wolf grunted in satisfaction, "You should just get the balls to go face your judgment."

After a brief pause, the innkeeper broke the silence with a question. "So why the interest in our local hero?" The three of them all looked at the traveler now, who answered discretely, "I'm... seeking his protection."

"Oh? ...That wouldn't have anything to do with the mercenaries, would it?" The innkeeper asked and the traveler avoided responding by finishing his drink instead. "It's alright, there's no place safer for a refugee than Mel´Andrea," the panther assured the traveler.

"Thank you, gentlemen... then it looks like I've come for the right man." The traveler got up from his seat and left for the bedrooms, "I'll be gone early in the morning."

Chapter 1: The Marauders

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"The sun was setting over the great city of Mel´Andrea, capital city of Krestel. The once busy streets were beginning to empty out for the night, with traders and merchants packing their wares and people running their last errands before curfew. The guards were as always patrolling the streets to maintain order within the city's walls."

"Captain, captain!" The young guard stuttered as he rushed through the busy street. Galen Dhaelos was the captain of the guard, charged with protecting the city, however caught up in conversation with the former captain, Zutan.

"... Captain Galen...!" The lion stopped his conversation and looked down at the panting young guard that just arrived at the bottom of the stairs, "What is it, recruit?" Galen held his massive arms crossed over his powerful chest with his thick brown hair shadowing his bold eyes.

"Ma-marauders are ransacking from the northern entrance," The guard leaned against the stair railing to catch his breath after running through half the city to alarm the captain. "We'll have to finish this later, Zutan..." Galen said he dashed down the stairs to make his way to the northern city.

Galen Dhaelos tells...
Huh... What are bandits doing in my city? I'll have to teach them what happens when you cross me... Then I'll make them talk and tell me why they're here.

As Galen arrived on the scene, a band of thugs were fighting the guard with most of the men already down on the ground. Several houses had already been broken in with the wooden doors torn and the citizens had fled the area.

Galen Dhaelos,
Captain of the Guard

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The sight of his comrades down on the ground and the homes of his people violated angered Galen so furiously he let out a challenging roar that deafened the sound of battle and made every person turn their attention to the lion.

"Look, it's the captain!"
"Galen has arrived!"
"Now we'll win!"

The guardsmen cheered as Galen took a fighting stance against the bandits. They seemed powerful, a mix of wolves and dark reptiles in dark clothes wielding large swords and maces, but they were nothing compared to his rage.

Six against one, the lion took them all on, taking every blow as if it was nothing and striking them with a devastating force. It didn't matter he was outnumbered, Galen was a true warrior and their power was nothing compared to his herculean level of strength. A pair of the marauders attempted to grab his arms to hold him back but he simply flung them off like rag dolls.

Finally, Galen cornered the last remaining marauder and grabbed the gray wolf by his neck, forcing the bandit against a wall. "WHY DID YOU COME HERE?" The lion roared, demanding answers by pressing against his airway. "Ar-rrgh," the wolf coughed as Galen loosened up for him to breathe and answer, "We came here looking for someone-"

Galen snarled and pulled the thug down on the ground, pressing him against the dirt with a single hand. "Who are you after?" The bandit wiggled a bit in agony before answering, "A traveler named... Lyan, a snow fox..." The name didn't ring any bell and he had never seen a snow fox in the city.

"Why are you after him?" Galen continued questioning the thug, pressing harder to rush the answers. "Our master wants him...," the lion lifted an eyebrow at the thug's response, "Who is your master?!"

"Egad Nob."

Galen's eyes widened at the spoken name before the rage started building up inside of him and he pulled in the bandit's arms to make the wolf yelp in pain, "WHERE? WHERE IS THAT FOX?"

"GALEN DHAELOS!" Another angry voice sounded behind him as his friend from earlier came running towards him. "Zutan...!"

The previous captain of the guard had arrived on the scene, a brown aged bear. "What do you think you're doing interrogating the apprehended in public street...?" Galen halted his motion as Zutan's words broke his rage, "You're here to PROTECT the city, not frighten its citizens. You will leave the interrogation to the warden!"

If there was an expert on making Galen feel guilty, it would be Zutan. The lion let go of the gray wolf, shaking heavily and barely able to get off the ground. The guards had gotten back on their feet and seized the criminals, handcuffing them before taking them away. "Good job men... uh... take them to the dungeons then."

Zutan remained with him, looking at the lion with his piercing stare. "I- I'm sorry, Zutan. I forgot where I was." At last the bear made a slight smile and nodded acknowledging, "You fight well, as always. But it takes more than beating up enemies to be a good captain. Tomorrow I think you should try and find this Lyan fellow, and let me handle the interrogations."

"Focus on protecting with your strength, Galen..." Zutan advised him before taking off and Galen nodded, that was the philosophy he lived by.

Galen Dhaelos tells...
Incredible how Zutan still can make me feel like he's in charge even when he's retired... But he's right. I should go home and rest, then search for this Lyan dude tomorrow. He might have answers.

As Galen went home he looked at the red sun disappearing behind the mountains. His city was truly beautiful and he'd never let... that villain, come near any of his people. It was his duty to protect them and he'd never be able to face them if he let Egad Nob spirit any of his friends away.

Chapter 2: "Lyan"

Lyan the Refugee
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At home, Galen finally felt at ease. The evening's events had him all worked up, but nothing beat coming home after a long day. He was still going through everything in his head... the marauders, the mention of Egad Nob and finally this new character, "Lyan".

He wasn't sure what to make of it all yet, but he had gotten pretty dirty after his fight, so he undressed to take a shower. After all, there was no better way to clear your head than to soak into a tub of warm water.

While relaxing in his bath tub, Galen suddenly heard a rattle from his living room. His heart started beating fast, he wasn't alone in his home. Had the marauders come for revenge against him? Had the villain Egad Nob sent henchmen to deal with him? Whoever it was, they had picked the wrong house to enter!

Galen got out of the water and wrapped a towel around his waist before entering his living room, "COME OUT AND FIGHT OR I'LL PUNCH-" He roared, but he was interrupted by a loud girlish scream from the intruder, "AAAAAIIIIH!"

He had expected an ambush, but the person in his living room wasn't trying to sneak around or had even turned off the lights. Instead, Galen had scared the introducer to his shaking bones. If the fox's fur wasn't already white as snow, he'd probably have been pale from the scare.

"You're... Lyan!" Galen realized as the fox was slowly backing away from him, "No, it's okay- I won't hurt you!" Galen tried to soothe his voice from his roar and Lyan stopped backing away. "I-I'm he-here to lo-look for Ga-galen Dhaelos..."

Galen nodded with a broad smile, "That's me." He first now noticed he had dropped his towel and stood completely nude in front of the stranger, "I... uh..."

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I came at a bad time, I'll leave-" The fox started backing away again, "NO! I mean... stay. I need to talk to you. Ask you things. It will be okay." Lyan nodded and gulped before leaning against one of his shelves from his constant shivering. The snow fox seemed both fragile and weak, being only half the size of the large nude lion that stood before him.

"S-so... what do you want to ask...?" The fox finally managed to calm himself enough to speak without stuttering. Galen went over and pulled over a chair, "Have a seat..." There was something familiar about the fox that he just couldn't put his eye on, and he wanted as many answers he could get.

"Do you know anything about... Egad Nob?" Lyan began stuttering at Galen's question again, "Ye-yes, he-he's an evil man." Galen nodded for him to continue, "He-he's after me because he wants to ca-ca-capture me..."

Galen's eyes widened, the worst case scenario had come true. Any number of questions started to fill his mind now, why Egad Nob was after this fox and what was so special about Lyan that would make the villain resort to openly recruit bandits? From what he knew, Egad Nob was a master planner who didn't leave a trace... Maybe Lyan knew something that could be used against the villain?

Lyan started to explain because of the lion's lack of response, "I do-don't kn-know wha-what he'll d-do to m-me-"

"Don't worry. I won't let him do anything to you." Galen tried to calm his guest down, and the snow fox took a deep breath to calm himself at last. "Ho-how do you know about him, Mr. Dhaelos?"

"He once held a tournament... It's a long story, but I know what he does to people."  It was hard for Galen to talk about, but the reason he knew about Egad Nob from the beginning was because he had been dragged into one of the villain's previous plots and had been captured for a time. To Galen, that was a blow against pride.

"Wha-what do-does he do then?" Lyan's attempt to remain calm was failing as he was starting to become hysteric again and Galen the answer wouldn't help him remain still, "Don't worr-" But the snow fox insisted, "Pl-please, te-tell me...!"

Galen sighed and explained, "He does.. bondage. He's a sicko that ties people up naked." His answer made the snow fox eye twitch a little in response, "He-he's tied you up? Then ho-how am I safe he-here?"  

"Don't worry, little dude... I broke his bondage. Stay here tonight, and I'll protect you." Galen assured the snow fox, and Lyan nodded to accept his offer.

"I'm gonna... get dressed," Galen said as he got up and headed for his closet. "Wa-wait... you don't have to-... I like you... naked...." Lyan's cheek was so flushed it almost seemed like his head was becoming red.

Galen looked over surprised, but then smiled sly. "So you like what you see, little dude?" The snow fox nodded eagerly and the lion turned around to shamelessly display his full front. Lyan's eyes widened as he took in the sight from head to toe.

"So... how did you break free?" Lyan asked and Galen flexed his arms, "I'm too strong for any rope!" The lion grinned with confidence and put a slight smile on Lyan's lips. "...Ca-can I touch?" The snow fox finally mustered the courage to ask. The lion nodded and allowed the snow fox to step closer.

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Art by Krista19
"I... uh..." It was clear that the snow fox was only half the lion's size and couldn't actually reach his arms, "Wait, come over-" Galen led the snow fox over to his bed where he lied down with his arms behind his head, and after a while the snow fox finally summoned the courage to climb up on the bed with a lump on his pants.

Slowly the fox smoothed his hands up the lion's form, letting his fingers glide over every muscle on the way, over the ribbed abs and up to the lion's nipples which he massaged slightly. "Ah... you should take your clothes off," Galen suggested as he was slowly getting a rise.

"Oh, of co-course..." Lyan pulled up his shirt and pulled off his pants while blushing, "Yo-you're very... formidable... I heard so much about you..." Without thinking Lyan had put a hand on Galen's large cock, "I-I-I'm so-so-sorry...!"

"It's okay, dude. Go on..." The snow fox began to slowly caress the lion's length with slow licks from his sensitive little tongue, leaving no spot unlicked on the large meat, before using both hands to pleasingly grind the lion's length to size. Lyan continued embracing the lion's body bit by bit while keeping the lion hard as rock.

At last the snow fox put his mouth to work and took Galen's large meat deep into his maw, the size of it was so large he had to stretch his jaw just to take it in, letting it slide in slowly over his wet hot tongue, before taking a grip at the base and sliding it back and forth while sucking away. "Oh... yeah..." Galen grunted, the pleasure was almost unbelievable and it didn't take long before the snow fox swallowed his first load.

"Am-amazing..." Lyan said as he coughed a little after sinking, "... you're still this hard after your first shot?" Galen nodded while he chuckled a little, pulling a bit up to let his wet slimy tall cock stand tall as he lied over the bed. "Come on little dude... we're only getting started..." The lion smirked as he insinuated for Lyan to mount him and the snow fox climbed the giant to spread his legs out above the standing dick and gliding down on it slowly, "... th-this is gonna be---tight."

"Fuck---I can tell you've this before dude... you've mastered it..." Galen complimented with a sly smile as he watched the snow fox go down on him with ease, then spread his elbows out on the bed to begin thrusting up at a slow phase before picking up. "You're... so... large..." Lyan panted as his protector began to fuck him at an increasing speed like a ride.

"Wait---I need to sit up," Galen paused for a moment as he leaned up from the bed with the snow fox still mounted, placing his large arms on the snow fox's shoulders to hold as he picked up the phase. "Oh fuck," Lyan grunted as he shot his load up Galen's ripped abs while the lion filled him with a warm load.

Galen Dhaelos tells...
Fuck... this guy knows his stuff. He's like a bottom, but he's all over my body at the same time. I can't let that Egad-creep throw this guy into some dungeon.


 Chapter 3: "The cat in the bag"

"WAKE UP!" A familiar voice calling out woke Galen in the still morning. The sun had barely risen and someone was already furiously hammering on his door.

"Geez---what do a guy gotta do to get a decent night of sleep?" The groggy lion thought to himself as he sat up with a morning wood bulging on his blanket. He looked over at the white fox sleeping next to him and suddenly everything from yesterday hit him in a flash.

"GALEN, I HAVE IMPORTANT INFORMATION! GET UP!" It was Zutan's voice, and he continued to knock on the door like he was trying to break it down. "Right," Galen said to himself as he pulled on some pants and jumped out of bed. "Wha-what is this noise, wh-what's going on? ...Ar-are w-we u-under a-attack?!" Lyan suddenly sat up half-asleep in the bed and Galen turned around with a finger pointed at him, "You---hide under the sheet."

The fox nodded and pulled up the blanket, curling together in hiding. The last thing Galen needed right now was for Zutan to know he had slept with the refugee, he didn't need anymore trouble than he already had.

"Morning Zutan, what is it?" Galen opened the door and blocked the way, he didn't want the former captain storming in. "Well it's about time," Zutan's mood hadn't really improved and it didn't seem like the bear had slept much either. "I finished interrogating the prisoners... it's bad."

"Tell me," Galen nodded with a serious face. "Those goons were hired thugs, and their boss is coming to town. Apparently it's some villain that's after some guy named Fyan-"

"Lyan," Galen interrupted Zutan's speech, "Yes, Lya- wait, how do you know his name?" Zutan's expression changed to a mild surprise mixed with suspicion, "I err-" Galen scratched the back of his head, "I sorta... found him last night....on the way home---I put him somewhere safe."

"Well then you better bloody 'UN-PUT' him because he's a refugee, and if he stays here a serious crime boss will come to our town!" Zutan demanded while poking Galen's chest with his finger, "And put on the bloody watcher's jacket for once."

"No. We will protect him, he's all alone and he needs our help," Galen disagreed. Zutan had gone far enough, he wasn't the captain anymore and it wasn't his call to make, until Zutan repeated the exact same words he was thinking, "... Unfortunately, that's not your call to make."

"It IS my call Zutan, I am the captain now." But the wolf nodded no, "The council made a decision." Galen's eyes widened, "The... council? They decided so fast?" Zutan nodded, "This... Egad Nob character has a reputation for mass kidnapping, we don't need that in our city to protect some outlander who doesn't even belong here---Your first responsibility as captain is to our people, remember that."

Galen smashed his hand so hard in frustration against the frame of his door that the wood splintered, and Zutan took two steps back. "Uh... well then... I will wait with reporting your finding of Fy--Lyan for a few hours. Should give you some time for a nice walk out of the city... if you know what I mean." Galen nodded and thanked Zutan before he left.

As he headed back inside, Lyan emerged from the sheets and asked, "Don't they know?" Galen shrugged, "... Know what, dude?"

"What happened between you and that evil Egad Nob?" Out of all the danger that surrounded the white fox, this was the first thing that concerned him. "I... erh... uh... That's not important right now, Lyan." But the snow fox looked him into his eyes, "Is it because of that guy you talked to? Does he not trust you?"

Galen nodded no, "He trusts me... but he feels he must place the city in the right hands---but right now I have a responsibility to keep you safe." The lion went through his house to find some native clothes for the fox, in addition to a long hooded cloak.

"What's all this for?" Lyan had at least stopped stuttering all the time, so that at least meant he felt safe in Galen's presence now. "The city council has ordered you out of the town, so we only have a couple of hours."

"What? So you're just going to se-send me away? The e-evil fo-fox will kidnap me within the ho-hour!" Lyan's stutter returned, but Galen nodded no. "He is coming here---so we will find him and then I will break him." Galen underlined as he stroke his fist into his open palm with a confident smile, and that made Lyan brighten up.

"But there are probably henchmen in the city already, how will we handle all those alone?" Lyan asked as he started chewing down some breakfast. "I beat the crap out of them," Galen wasn't kidding.

"Whoa, you're really strong aren't you?" Lyan asked and the lion nodded with a confident smile, "I heard about your strength while traveling... I knew coming here was the right thing!" Lyan had finished his breakfast and Galen got up, "It's not just to protect you---It's payback time. Put on the cloak so people don't see who you are, and we'll go... hunting."

Lyan dressed up and put on his cloak before following Galen out of the house. "But Galen, how will we find Egad Nob?" Galen looked at him with a wicked grin, "We'll pay the prisoners an extra visit, and then we'll make them talk."

"But how will that work? If they didn't return, he probably already knows they failed and changed his plans," Lyan argued but Galen shrugged, "We have to start somewhere, dude. It's our only choice."

Lyan came to a halt and Galen looked over, "What's wrong, dude?" The fox nodded no, "It's not our only choice.... We could use me as bait." Galen nodded no and disagreed, "That's NOT an option, dude."

"Galen..." Lyan looked him up in the eyes, "Galen, I'm not stuttering when I'm with you. I know you will keep me safe. I know you can do it. Please let me do this."

The lion looked at him. He had changed so much already. When he had arrived last night he was a scared little white fox, and already he was ready to face real danger. "Alright dude, but I promise you nothing will happen. I will save you," Galen swore to him.

Lyan nodded and took off his hood, revealing his snow white fur as he walked ahead. Now all Galen had to do was tail him until a thug came out and made a move on the fox. Lyan didn't spare himself any danger, walked straight for the most deserted part of the town with plenty of corners and alleys.

...It didn't take long. The fox had just turned around a corner when Galen heard his voice call out, "Hel---mph!" The lion turned into dash and ran around the corner, already the thug had a considerable lead with a wiggling bag over his shoulder.

Maybe it was because he was alone that the thug gave no effort in trying to shake him, as he was leading Galen straight to their rendezvous point. If Egad Nob was there, then he could save Lyan and beat the villain once and for all.

Finally, the thug made it down into the basement of an abandoned house. It was dark down there and there wasn't any light because the house hadn't been used for well over a year, a perfect place for a villain's hideout. "Don't worry Lyan, I'm coming," Galen thought to himself as he followed the trail down into the basement.

The first scene Galen met was three thugs, two muscular wolves and the sly cat that had made off with Lyan, manhandling the wiggling sack with his friend inside. "Here he is, just like the master predicted. We'll get a bonus if we can take him down!" The cat said as he signaled for the two buff wolves to attack Galen.

Though they charged at the lion, they weren't even a match. Galen blocked their blows with his arms until he grabbed each of their heads and slammed them together, instantly knocking out the two. "Oh crap," the cat backed away while holding the sack.

 "Did your master also plan this?" Galen threatened as he forced the cat bandit down on the ground and kept him down with just one arm. With his other arm, he undid the ropes on the large cloth sack. "Galen, is that you?" Lyan popped out of the sack like a chicken, "You're safe now, my friend."

"I knew you would protect me. Did you beat Egad?" He asked Galen. The lion smiled and turned his attention to the struggling bandit on the ground, "No---but let's find out." He lifted the cat up against the wall and started pressing harder, "Now, we can do this in... two ways. Either you tell me where Egad Nob is, or-"

Galen's pressed harder against the cat and the thug grunted in pain. "Well?" Galen let off the pressure for an answer. The cat's look kept shifting between Lyan and Galen as if he didn't quite understand, but then he finally seemed to realize something and broke into a smug grin. "The master... is expecting you in the next room... I think."

"That's all I needed to know," Galen knocked the cat against the wall to render the thug unconscious before dropping him on the ground. "But Galen, if he's expecting you, it's a trap-" Lyan tried to stop the lion from going towards the next door in the basement, but Galen motioned for him to stay.

"Don't worry dude, Egad can't catch me with any trap. I'm too strong, remember?" The lion reassured Lyan before opening the door. And indeed it was a trap, with seven more thugs awaiting him. All of them grinned and prepared to fight as he stepped towards them. "Egad... you make this too easy," Galen grinned as he launched into battle.

Watching Galen fight seven powerful thugs at once was nothing short of amazing. He didn't pause or hesitate for a single moment, no blow slowed him down and his every punch knocked them back or unconscious. Truly, the lion lived up to his reputation as one of the best warriors and nothing short of an army could bring this lion down.

"WHERE IS EGAD?" Galen had finished off six of them and spared the last wolf to get some answers. There was no one else in the room but a single wheelbarrow with a cloth sack and some loose ropes, and the only way out was the way they came in.

Galen Dhaelos tells...
There's no way Egad could have gotten out here---so where is he? Did the cat lie---where the hell is Egad Nob? I'm gonna beat this guy until I get some damn answers.

"Heh... everything went according to the master's plan...," the wolf grinned even with blood running from his lips, "... we thought we could at least earn... the bonus... by capturing... you... before... him..."

"Capturing me?!" Galen roared, "What the fuck are you talking about? Aren't you here for Lyan?" He pressed so hard against the wolf that the thug cried out in pain,  "... Ugh... Heh... Heheh...Hehehehe," The thug was laughing?!

"WHERE IS EGAD NOB?!" Galen roared again and threatened with pain again, then the wolf looked over his shoulder. "Haven't you realized it yet...? The master is right behind you."

Galen's eyes widened as he turned around. Lyan was standing in the doorway, wearing some kind of mask while waiting patiently. "Lyan, get away from there! Egad-" It was then it hit Galen what the wolf had meant.

[Click to Enlarge]
Everything had been a setup. The mercenaries had been hired to lull him into a false sense of security, and the fox himself had led him out of sight and straight into a trap from which he could not escape. Lyan was Egad-

It was too late. Galen spotted the smoke bomb that 'Lyan' had already rolled over the floor before he even had turned around. The room was already being filled a white smoke that made him drowsy and he had been caught complete off-guard.

Everything was getting blurry as Galen began to doze off from the sleeping gas, "You---you..." But it was no use and he collapsed on the ground, falling into a deep state of sleep. The last words he heard was Egad's smug voice saying, "It looks like I got you in my trap after all."


"Hey, don't you need some help with that?" The buff male unicorn asked as he watched a small snow white fox pull a large wheelbarrow with an even larger cloth sack larger past his café, apparently loaded with something much heavier.

"No... thanks... I got... it... ufh..."

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"You sure? I have a friend who could help you---he does that sort of things," the unicorn asked but the fox insisted, "I wouldn't wanna bother your friend... huff... he's probably already busy as it is... puh... besides... ufh... I like to wheel home my catch of the day..." The fox panted and the unicorn nodded, "Looks like you got yourself a big one."

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This story begins with a prelude to setup the two main characters: Lyan and Galen. Lyan is a traveler who passes a tavern on his trip to Mel´Andrea to seek Galen's protection. The stories told in the tavern builds up to Galen: A heroic figure famous for his herculean strength, heroism and combat skills. Lyan appears to be hiding something as he acts secretive and doesn't reveal his identity to the crowd. The innkeeper warns Lyan of a threat, insinuating a connection between Lyan and the marauders.

As the first chapter begins, we finally meet Galen whose talking to the previous captain, Zutan. A guard alerts the captain that a crisis is at hand, and Galen rushes off to resolve the conflict. Upon arriving at the scene, people shout out his name to establish him as the hero. With his superior combat skills, Galen quickly brings an end to the fight and begins to question the bandits, enraged over the damage they caused to his city.

The bandits reveal that they were hired by a man named Egad Nob to hunt down a refugee in the city. The name infuriates Galen, as he had previously encountered Egad Nob in "The Tournament" story where he was captured as a trophy by the fox. Losing his temper, Galen becomes too violent and the previous captain intervenes, reminding him to control himself in a public scene. Galen calms down and takes Zutan's offer to go home and calm down.

After getting home and taking a shower, Galen quickly learns that he is not alone and a stranger has entered his house. Alarmed, Galen raises his voice and shouts at the introducer, which scares Lyan who reveals himself to be the refugee the bandits were after. Lyan appears skittish and easily scared; fragile, which makes Galen's protective instincts kick in and begins to converse with the fox for more information.

Lyan confirms Galen's fear that the villain Egad Nob is indeed coming to his city, and Galen finally admits to his previous capture by the villain's hands. Galen swears to protect Lyan from a similar fate, and they end up sharing his bed for the night.

In the morning, Zutan returns and rudely wakes the two. Galen conceals the fact that he has been sheltering Lyan, and learns that the city's council has ordered the refugee to be banished to protect the city. Having enraged Galen, Zutan promises to hold off on reporting in to buy Galen enough time to get Lyan out of the city safely.

Galen however, decides to take matters into his own hands and takes Lyan out to hunt down Egad Nob. Galen wants to force more information about the villain's whereabouts from his jailed thugs, but Lyan suddenly hints that it isn't within the villain's nature to leave vital information like that, and suggests a more radical approach: Using himself as bait. Though initially against it, Galen agrees to the plan and Lyan heads straight for the most suspicious areas of the city with his protector tailing him.

It doesn't take long before Lyan gets captured by the bandits, and Galen follows the abductor into an abandoned basement where he confronts the thugs and saves Lyan. Upon interrogating a confused thug, Galen is sent into a closed room where a large ambush is waiting for him. Despite the odds, Galen still wins at ease but can't find a trace of the villain.

Violently interrogating the remaining thug for more information, the thug breaks into laughter at the captain's failure to realize the villain's disguise as Lyan, whose already sprung the trap with a sleeping gas bomb and a gas mask prepared. Galen turns around and realizes the deception as he falls asleep before his hidden enemy.

The scene shifts and Lyan is pulling a wagon described from the room earlier, insinuating that he did indeed plan everything down to every last detail by having preplaced the necessary equipment. The fox then strips the lion of his clothes and ties him up, before stuffing his large captive into a sack and loading him up on the wagon to drag the naked, bound and gagged Galen out of the city in plain sight. One of Galen's friends takes notice of the fox, but doesn't suspect a thing and unawarely compliments the fox on his capture.

Though the story you find several small hints suggesting Lyan has a suspicious character: First in the tavern, where despite acting like a wuss through most of the story, he has no problem sitting next to an admitted bandit. Then following his conversations with Galen, he accidentally twitches his eye in response to an insult to Egad Nob and finally, he displays an unusual insight into Egad's thought pattern out of a sudden to make Galen make the necessary choices and not waste the setup by going the wrong way.

Egad plays out Lyan's character extremely convincing, to deceive Galen into thinking that he's a fragile helpless character so that Galen feels obliged to protect him - and inevitably ends up trusting him enough to lead the fearless captain out of plain sight where to abduct the hero without anyone intervening. Galen is then dragged out of the city, leading up to the story's next chapter.


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    Great so far, so I'll keep reading as much as I can :3