Monday, December 17, 2012

Character: Lust

"The world's going to end either way, darling. It's just a matter of how it ends. And I don't know about you, but I'd prefer it ended in kisses."

The demon goddess Lust is an incarnation of the Seven Sins, a powerful malevolent succubus whose agenda is to consume the world in darkness by making all mortals succumb to desire. She's an avatar of dark emotion and grows stronger when people lose themselves to lust.

She thrives on intense sexual desire, when people become blinded by passion and depraved of their free will for overwhelming physical pleasure. She has however no power over true love and pure hearts.

Lust only appears when summoned for a contract. In exchange for eternal servitude, she will grant her summoner the power to control desire in order to spread her dark influence.

The Ring of Desire

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Lust made a contract with the crime boss, Damian Ratsbane. She granted him a powerful ring that allowed him to manipulate people around him by creating false desires in their heart.

In exchange for the ring, Damian swore his servitude to her and to to fulfill her task, he used the ring's mind-altering power to control several like-minded villains in order to start a large underground slave auction.

Slavery and Bondage

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Through Damian's slave auction, numerous men are captured and turned into bondage slaves, to be used as sexual objects for the rest of their lives as an offering to the goddess.

Most of the slaves sold at the Auction end up losing their free will, becoming permanent thralls of lust. Once touched by the ring's power, even the toughest of men can become willing slaves and only a select few have managed to escape the Auction.

Because of the ring's supernatural power, all attempts at bringing down the organization have failed and the special task forces sent in to stop the Auction ended up meeting a similar fate.

Eventually, the government began to fear the ring's overwhelming power and dangerous potential, covering up the auction's existence and hoping the day where Damian will surface to claim the world in Lust's name will never come.

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