Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Writing Contest: A Day in the life of Egad Nob

It's your turn to be the villain! What would you do if you suddenly woke up one morning in the body of Egad Nob but with your own mind? Send me your story and have a chance at winning a 80$ cash prize as well as having your winning entry featured on the blog!

The Plot

A careless warlock was conjuring a powerful spell when it misfired and swapped the minds of two unsuspecting people for twenty-four hours: You and the villainous fox, Egad Nob.

Now you find yourself waking up in the master bed of a bondage-crazed rich villain who has captured countless heroes and lives a life of luxury and danger.

What would you do if you were to spend a day in the life of Egad Nob?

Explore Egad's Dungeon

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A castle hidden away in the wild with a dungeon that reaches miles below the ground, filled with cells containing countless of helpless captives. Do you try and play the hero and find a way to free them, or do you play the villain and take advantage of your new position?
"It was one thing to wake up in a stranger's body, it was another thing to wake up in a castle. I looked out the tower window and could only see forests and mountains for miles. Where in the world was I? And what was that... grunting sound coming from down the hall?"
And what of your subordinates, your dungeon masters and your evil partner Professor Mize? Will you risk letting them in on your secret or will you keep up the act to stay safe?
"The professor seemed suspicious of me. I could tell they had a close friendship as he was immediately thrown off by my choice of words. This guy worked side by side with a maniac who actually abducted people for a living. Was he dangerous?"

Who's Your Captives?

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Which heroes or villain do you find in Egad's dungeon? And how do you interact with these characters, suddenly at your mercy, naked and bound?
"Check up on the trophies, the professor had said. What trophies? I walked down the corridor trying my best not to look lost. There was a sealed metal door on the right and I pressed the button to open it. My heart jumped in my chest when I stepped inside. 
Before me was all of the tournament champions that I had seen on television, only entirely naked and severely restrained. They were all contained inside some huge glass tube like... trophies. The fox had captured the tournament champions as his trophies, and now they were all staring at me angrily as they grunted in defiance."
Do you find the Demonwolf brothers locked away in your cellar, or do you find the mighty Galen Dhaelos bound on your couch? Pick any character, hero or villain from the blog to be your helpless slave.
"I couldn't believe my eyes. I had seen muscular guys before, but this lion was on a whole other level. The size of his muscles put even bodybuilders to shame, and yet I was watching him lie there... entirely naked and restrained, quietly drawing his breath in his massive chest as if he suspected I was there." 

Make Your Choices

Do you spend your day trying to defeat Damian Ratsbane and bring an end to the villains? Or do you spend your day embracing the life of a villain?
"It had to be a dream. I mean, there was no way these guys could be bound and gagged before me for real. It had to be an erotic dream and I'd be damned to not live out the wildest sex dream of my life. After all, I'll probably be back in my bed when I wake up!"
Or do you try and phone home to find out what has happened to your body? Is it your room mate, your boyfriend or Egad himself that picks up the phone? What happens if Egad suddenly shows up on the doorstep in your body? What about your friends and the relatives you live with?
"If I was in this body... then who was in mine? I called my room mate to try and figure out what the hell was going on. It was so strange to hear my own voice in the other end of the phone. I asked him who he was, and he said I already knew. When I asked him to put my room mate on the phone, he said he was a little tied up at the moment. Oh fuck!"

Ending the Story with a Twist

What happens when you fall asleep after the day is over and wake up back in your own body? What has changed in your life after the villainous Egad has been in charge of your body for one day? Did either of you realize you'd swap back or you think it would be permanent?
"When I woke up again, I realized everything hadn't been a dream... because I woke up exactly where I left my old body: In the dungeon. Egad had come in my body and I had ordered him to be tied up to protect myself... only now, I had delivered myself straight into his hands."
Did you make any friends or any enemies? Did you change and save the world from the villains or did you take the opportunity to deliver your bullies into the hands of Egad Nob?
"On the day after, the usual gang of bullies weren't there to push me around anymore. I knew exactly where they were. And it made me hot just thinking about them. If only I could swap back one last time... just to see them squirm in the dungeon. I should feel awful, but instead I feel only the victory rush... perhaps this experience has made a villain out of me as well."

Contest Winner

The contest is now over and you can read the winning entry by Croup here:

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