Thursday, October 2, 2014

Loss of Control

Suddenly he wakes up in a place he didn't remember going to sleep. He can feel his heart drumming in his chest as he looks around trying to understand what is going on. Nothing around him looks familiar and he feels naked and vulnerable trapped in this dark dungeon.

After a while he begins to calm down. He can feel his heart rate slowly starting to relax. Everything remains still and silent. The fear begins to wear off and he realizes he's not in any immediate danger. He's able to think clearly and analyze the situation.

But he doesn't. He notices his restraints. He's already felt them, stopping his movement when he first tried to look around. Now he can feel the ropes press into his skin and binding his limbs. His arms are completely stuck and he can't pull them out.

The lack of freedom causes him to instinctively fight. He briefly enters a primal state of mind. He's not thinking about how to escape. He just pulls in his arms, trying to get them free. As he fails again and again, the rage takes over. Now he's just flailing his torso wildly and straining all his muscles to try and pull his arms free.

He goes on for twenty seconds in his blind rage. Then he has to stop to catch his breath. Reality begins to sink in. It makes his chest feel heavy. He can't actually get free. He repeats the sentence in his head. Again he tries to pull in his arms calmly. Still no result. He really can't get free...

Uncertainty takes over. He's calmed down, but he just sits there staring blankly trying to think of what to do next. He looks around a few times, to try and see if anything changed. It's only been five minutes, but it feels like an eternity.

As his mind blanks, he can feel his hard cock pressing against the cold hard surface even more than before. The urge pulses through his body and his breathing begins to deepen as he pants and instinctively slowly thrust against the glass.

He's never been so hard before. It feels like his dick is hard as rock. He stands up on his feet and pulls away from the glass, then slowly presses back against the surface, letting his hard shaft glide up against the surface. It doesn't do that much for him. Then he tries squeezing it between his abdomen and the glass, then grinds it up and down. It feels so good.

The sound of a click snaps him out of the moment, like the sound of a camera snapping a photo. The sudden noise causes his heart to jump in his chest and he backs into the center of the glass, looking all around him and tries to spot the source of the sound. As he looks around and fails to spot anything, he becomes angry and cries out, "HM-MMMPHH!"

But the ball-gag in his mouth stops him from talking. It literally feels like having a big hard ball shoved into the mouth. It makes his jaw feel slightly sore and it tastes like plastic on his tongue. He can't push it out with his tongue or shake it loose with his head. He tries formulating words but they all come out as grunting sounds.

He remains wary for a long time, he feels like someone is watching him. It makes him feel uneasy and threatened at the same time. He stands firm and strong, his chest all pumped up from his masculine instincts. He doesn't want to show fear or weakness even in his vulnerable position.

Time passes. With nothing happening, he begins to lower his guard. He gradually begins to kneel back down. He's not an animal in a cage. He's long realized someone did this to him, and that someone is probably watching him with great pleasure. But he's unsure of what to do. All he can do now is just sit and wait for something to happen. "Just try and remain calm," he thinks to himself.

Loss of Control is scary, even to the bravest of men. Because we have survival instincts that pump adrenaline through our body to put us at high alert when we feel vulnerable in order to protect us from danger.

But at the same time, losing control is incredibly erotic... especially if you are tied up. The adrenaline causes your senses to be heightened, and if some of your defenses are down, such as your ability to defend your own body with your hands or communicate with your voice, then you gain more awareness over your other senses, especially your sense of touch. You will feel everything that happens to your body much more intensively, such as the air brushing against your naked skin and the rope pressing against your limbs, but most of all the overpowering sexual arousal urging for sweet release.

Being tied up while naked reverts you back to a primal state of mind. The things that connect you to civilization are gone. Your clothes gave you both comfort and identity and without them you're just a naked body. Your voice was your way of reason and self-expression and without it you might as well just be an object.

True loss of control can only be experienced if you are surprised. As for consensual sex goes, it can be extremely hard to practice without crossing some dangerous lines. But in fiction, when fantasy is allowed to roam free, there is no better way to explore the depths of eroticism than to tell the story of the young brave hero who falls victim to the villain's evil scheme and gets trapped in the most imaginative of helpless situations, all naked and bound to put that "cocky and foolhardy vigilante" in his place.

Galen asks...
How do you... deal with it? Y'know... not being able to do something. Me, I just can't accept it. I'll never stop fighting and I'll struggle until those damn ropes break from my might. I won't ever show weakness or let them think they have tamed me for even a second. Losing control is for weaklings who can't fight back.

Chaos answers...
At first I reacted the way any guy reacted, I guess. I was pretty angry at being objectified like that and just left in some glass tube for me to entertain myself like some thing to look at.

But as I spent time in there... like a lot, day after day with those drugs in my system giving me a constant hard-on without release... it's enough to drive any guy crazy. I knew if I had to come out of it okay, I had to find a mentality to endure.

It was then I realized, loss of control happens... especially in our line of work. We go into battle and take on violent fights full well knowing what could happen. But I didn't die, the villain spared me for his own selfish reasons. Yeah, he wanted to own me like his trophy... so what? I was still alive and kickin', so one day, one time I'd get the chance to escape and continue on.

So I knew I had to steel myself. I knew he'd find new ways to humiliate me, but none of that mattered. In the end, I can never give up. Never stop fighting. Never give in to despair. That's what makes us heroes.