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The Tournament (Part 2)

 A plan has now been set in motion. Follow the brave heroes destined to become champions, and make their way through the tournament.


Chaos Demonwolf
A dark avenger, Chaos has made it his mission to hunt down and kill demons roaming the city night. However, he's just about had enough and has starting considering a break to try something else for a change...

Professor Mize
An aspiring inventor that has just gone public with his newest creation: A new type of teleporter. A fighting tournament is being hosted to sponsor his creation, and Mize seems to be personally handling his device in the event...

Galen Dhaelos
A foreign warrior from the distant lands of Vhaldaria, Galen has a reputation for his incredible fighting skills and word of a fighting tournament has traveled fast, this great lion is sure to make an appearance in the arena...

Egad Nob
A mastermind and a schemer, this fox is plotting behind the scenes and pulling invisible strings to make everything come together as planned...

Chapter 2: The Invitation

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The shadowy figure jumped from rooftop to rooftop and only paused to sniff, as if he was following a scent. Finally he found something, a small trail of slime leading down the edge into the alley below.

"Hello...?" A female voice called out, as a woman in a black coat threaded cautiously into the alley, drawn like a moth to the flame.

He looked at her from the top of the building and analyzed for a few seconds, then backed off and hid from sight as he let nature take its course.

"Whose there? ...Are you hurt? ...Please answer me," she asked as she walked further into the dark alley, following the sound of a faint whimper. She could swear something was moving in the shadows as the trash cans rattled, but after a deep breath she continued on bravely.

Suddenly, she spotted a faint glowing orb in the dark like the light from an angerfish. It was a hypnotizing sight and drew her in closer without any second thought. Just as she reached out to touch it, a tenacious monster jumped out from the shadows and came right at her.

Her scream was his cue. He jumped the ledge and glided down the drain pipe, then sprinted straight towards the creature as he drew his swords. For however many eyes the abomination had, it looked just as surprised by the swift approaching warrior. It was like it knew it was being hunted.

Gnarls and roars echoed through the alley until finally, the commotion ended with a high-pitched yelp. A few minutes later, the woman walked out of the alley shaken and speechless by what she had witness. The warrior followed shortly, drenched in green slime with a sour face as he tried shaking it off his arms.

"Wa-was that...?" The woman stuttered as she cast a look at him, her face looked like she had seen a ghost. He raised an eyebrow and looked skeptical, as if all the goo he was covered in him wasn't evidence enough.

She started walking back and forth like a broken record as she processed it. He shrugged and started trying to wipe off the slime as he waited for her to calm down. She raised a finger as she started talking to herself, "But a real monster, not like in the movies..."

"A demon," he corrected her. She stopped and looked at him like he was from another world, "You... knew what it was." He nodded and she poked her forehead as she put the pieces together, then pointed at him as she finally realized, "You were hunting it."

He was about to nod when she suddenly raised her voice, "AND YOU USED ME AS BAIT!" He looked surprised and a bit scared as she marched towards him. She threw her tiny fists at his chests and started hammering away, "You... used me... as bait...." Her voice started cracking as she sobbed.

He gently grabbed her wrists and she stopped hitting him as the tears flowed down her cheeks. He took her in close and hugged her as he whispered, "You're okay now... It's over." They stood there for a while as she calmed herself then finally pushed away, "You saved me."

"Go home. Forget this ever happened..." He told her and she nodded, looking to her left and right to find her way, as if she had forgotten the world there for a moment. "Will... there be more monsters?" She asked as she looked into his bold eyes. He closed his eyes and shook his head reassuring, "No... I'll hunt them all down."

"Demon hunter, huh..." She said with a slight smile and raised eyebrows and he nodded. They stood there in silence for a while before she finally snapped, "If you don't mind, I'm going to run away now." He grinned and raised his hand to wave goodbye before she turned tail and ran along the street clinging to her purse.

He sighed as he looked the other way to his own home. "Man... this stuff is going to take forever to get out."


The warm water gushed down his naked body in the morning after. He lifted his head into the stream of water sizzling out from the shower head. "Mm-mmh..." He mumbled to himself, it had been too long since he had just taken time to relax. He let his right hand glide down his form, following the surface of his abs down to his abdomen until he reached his crotch.

All the nights of stalking and savage combat had left him so tense, and he had yet had an opportunity to release some of the pressure. Though he wasn't much of an animal, he now felt the urge for climax as he began to grope his growing length. He took a handle on his shaft and began to grind away in the hot steams, losing himself to the moment.

Nothing else mattered now, it was just him and his body. He could feel the blood rushing to his groin, urging to release all the energy built up inside of him. "Nn-gh..." He moaned as he could feel his climax closing in as his heart raced to keep up with his rhythm. Almost... there...


His heart jumped at the sound of the doorbell, interrupting his orgasm. Nobody knew he lived here and it was ten o'clock on a Sunday morning. Who could possibly be at the door at this hour?

He looked down at his hard throbbing dick in his hand, still pulsing from being so close. Could he for once ignore the world around him and just focus on himself?

"I'm coming!" He turned off the water and grabbed a towel, quickly drying his wet fur before slapping the towel around his waist in an attempt to cover his erection.

Still dripping wet, he made his way through the piles of dirty laundry on the floor to reach the door. It was most likely kids playing a prank or maybe one of his neighbors, but what if it was important? His sense of duty came first.

With anticipation, he opened the door and peaked outside... no one was there. "Hello?" He asked and took a step out to look around the entrance hall, but there was nobody even walking the stairs, it was just a quiet Sunday morning.

He shut the door behind him, so vexed that he dropped his towel on the floor. As he leaned down to pick it up, he noticed an envelope had been slipped under the door. It looked very formal with a detailed border and had his name finely written, his actual name and not the cover identity he was currently using. He had never once received mail addressed to his real name, and curiosity would have gotten the better of him had his stomach not growled.

With a bowl of oatmeal and the television running in the background, he finally started opening his mail comfortably seated in his couch, still only wearing a towel around his waist. He pulled a letter out of the envelope...
Chaos Demonwolf,

You are hereby invited to my fight tournament, where you will have a chance to compete with other skilled fighters like yourself and take part of a magnificent grand prize.

Simply provide this letter at the registration center and you will be granted entry into the tournament.
The letter was signed, "an old friend" and included a brochure. A fighting tournament for the sake of winning money? ... He could think of  better ways to spend his much needed break.

Suspicion filled his mind. Who was this old friend and why wouldn't the person sign a name on the letter? What kind of tournament was it, where was it held? What kind of place was this registration center and could he even trust the event was real? It seemed more like an attempt to lure him into a trap.

Chaos sighed and muttered to himself as he turned on the television. He couldn't stop thinking about the idea of fighting in a tournament, even though his gut told him it was a trap. It would have been an opportunity to put his skills to the test and a great break from the relentless nights of hunting.

He first noticed now that some mouse was talking about the very same tournament on the television with the bottom line reading, "Tournament Announced to Promote Science Advancement".

Interviewer: "Hello, we are here today with Professor Mize to talk about his new invention and promote an exciting fighting tournament! First, can you tell me more about this tournament, professor?"
Professor Mize: "Of course. The tournament is a series of elimination matches in sponsorship of my new invention, which will be used by the champions."

Interviewer: "You mentioned champions, so who will be fighting in this tournament?"
Professor Mize: "Registration is free and only requires overcoming an obstacle course as a test of physique, out of which twelve applicants will be handpicked by the host to compete."

Interviewer: "Handpicked by the host, I assume you mean your sponsor?"
Professor Mize: "The one and the same, who would prefer to remain anonymous at this time. At the end of the tournament, the host will reveal himself to the contesters along with the grand prize."

Interviewer: "That sounds exciting, what is this grand prize that await the tournament winner?"
Professor Mize: " The grand prize is said to be a collection of rare trophies, and just by being chosen you are guaranteed part of the grand prize."

Interviewer: "Incredible. Now all this fame and glory is in honor of your new invention, could you tell us more about it?"
Mize: "Yes, it is a revolutionary new teleporter which will be used to get in and out of the arena battlegrounds."

Interviewer: "Interesting! So how does this teleporter work in comparison to a normal teleporter?"
Professor Mize: "As you may well know, a regular teleporter operates by transferring your body through space on a molecular level at near-light speed, reassembling your body at the target destination. Because of this method, two teleporters are required for safe teleportation like two ends of one link."

Interviewer: "But your method only requires one teleporter?"
Professor Mize: "Yes, by taking advantage of magnetism it's possible to replace the need for a starting point. Instead of sending the subject through space, the teleporter pulls the subject to the platform."

Interviewer: "Amazing, so what you're saying is that this teleporter can summon people to its location from anywhere in the world?"
Professor Mize: "There are of course technical limitations like range and magnetic recognition. In order to ensure the right person is teleported in a whole form, the process requires an attunement prior to teleportation."

Interviewer: "And this attunement will be part of the tournament registration?"
Professor Mize: "Yes, if the contesters prove capable of entering the tournament they will be attuned as the final part of their registration."

Interviewer: "Well this will be all for today, thank you for your time Professor Mize. And don't miss your opportunity to enter the tournament, folks!"

Chaos had forgotten all about his breakfast as the broadcast ended. The tournament was a public event? Maybe his suspicions were wrong, after all how could it be a trap with hundreds of people joining?

For once he smiled, he felt excited as he reconsidered going. Still he would have to be careful as something about that professor just seemed off... but the idea being teleported to his matches made it possible for him to continue demon hunting while being in the tournament at the same time. He wasn't against the idea anymore after watching the broadcast.

He pulled out the brochure from the envelope and read about how to join. All he needed was to bring a "shirtless fighting outfit" and go to the registration center for an attunement to the teleporter. He pondered a bit about the shirtless requirement and shrugged - if it was a public event, they probably had to earn the viewers.

Chapter 3: Chaos versus Galen

The Registration Center
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Chaos arrived at the registration center Monday morning, after spending the better part of yesterday exercising to prepare himself for the event. Although he didn't know when his own match would begin, he waned to keep himself in perfect shape for the day.

It surprised him just how many people had come to register. Obviously most of them were males, mostly powerful guys with the guts to enter a fight. He wondered if he would end up fighting any of these people, it was a strange thought.

Of course he had an invitation, but he still wore ordinary clothes and joined the long line up to the counter. He felt a bit petty compared to the crowd of large muscular men and the smug wolf in front of him looked back with a grin, "Hey wabbit, you sure you can handle the obstacle course?"

Chaos ignored him, he didn't care much for boasting. Everyone probably had their own reasons for joining, some just wanted to show off their strength, some were only in it for the prize and he himself was looking for to meet fighters who could put his skills to the test.

After half an hour he finally arrived at the counter and the receptionist was a kind and sweet white cat. "Would you like to register for the tournament?" She asked him but Chaos reached down into his backpack and pulled out the invitation, "Oh..." She said as she read the invitation then smiled at him, "You've been expected, Mr. Demonwolf." The wolf from before dropped his jaw at the scene and Chaos smirked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"I'll just need the outfit you wish to compete with, and then follow me to the attunement lab," she asked and he handed her his backpack, then followed her through the hall. They passed a gym where he could see loads of people sweating their way through an obstacle course.

"So, do you know anything about... the host of this event?" Chaos asked her curiously but she shrugged, "The host prefers to remain anonymously, I have only received written instructions about your invitation." Her reply left him pondering, his only clue to the host's identity so far had been someone claiming to be an old friend.

"Right this way sir, you'll need to undress before entering the lab." She instructed him as she pointed him to the men's locker room. "Wait- why do I need to be naked?" Everything had seemed fine until now and then he suddenly had to strip in public. He didn't like being naked in front of other people.

"Sorry sir, it's at professor Mize's request for the attunement procedure. You'll have to ask the professor for the details." She nodded kindly and left him by the door as she returned back to the front desk. He looked at the door, if everyone was doing it then why was he being so paranoid? It's not like some sinister plot was going on.

He finally summoned the courage to enter and happily found the locker room to be empty. There had recently been people through from the still wet shower floors and loose clothes. He found himself an empty locker to deposit his clothes before he continued on in his nudity.

He stepped into the next room, a waiting lobby with benches where two other guys were waiting, all naked as well. An athletic fox and a hunk of a bull both sat at the bench waiting their turn in the lab, and Chaos instinctively covered his crotch with his hands as he snuck over on the bench besides them before they finally took notice of him.

The Waiting Lobby
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"OH LOOK, another skinny guy made it through the obstacle course!" The bull taunted him, while the fox raised an eyebrow at his arrivel, "Hey, we didn't see you at the showers?" The fox asked him suspiciously.

"No, I didn't have to the obstacle course." Chaos replied and didn't know what else to say, but the bull was quick to take offense and glared him down. "Trying to cheat, are you boy?" He seemed both hotheaded and arrogant, it probably wouldn't take much to get into a fight with him.
"Pipe down, you big muscle cake," the fox snapped at him, at least one of them knew how to keep a cool head, "This bull is convinced he's better than everyone else." The large male grunted at the remark as if anything else could be true.

"I got an invitation and was led straight here," Chaos explained and now both of the guys took an unusual interest in him, which only made him less at ease with the attention to his naked form.

"You got... an invitation? You can get invited?" The bull asked dumb. Chaos shrugged, he wasn't sure how many people actually received an invitation like himself. "Why would a little guy like you get an invitation over me?" The bull flared up again.

"I'm stronger than I look," Chaos replied with a serious look, "Besides... size isn't everything in a fight." The fox nodded in agreement, "That's what I was talking about!" Chaos looked confused and the fox explained. "I was just saying there's a variety of arenas, so the fights won't all be the same."

"What do you mean?" The bull asked curiously. The fox began to explain, "I have done some research as rumor has it there are 5 different arenas. First, a boxing ring has been reserved for a twelfth-day period. Second, some construction has begun in the nearby mountains. Third, some reconstruction has suddenly begun in the old dilapidated sewers. Possibly more."

"And you think each location will have its own difficulties?" Chaos suggested and the fox nodded, "I think the mountains will require balance, the old sewers are like a maze and the boxing ring is all about close combat."

"Hmph," the bull grunted, "Then I'll just fight in the boxing ring." But the fox raised a finger, "I think this is where the teleporter comes in. Since you won't know where you will end up, it will be random. That would truly demonstrate the new teleporters."

"Impressive deduction", another voice said. It was a white mouse in a lab coat. "... Professor Mize!" The fox called out and Chaos turned around, it was indeed the mouse from the television interview he had watched earlier.

"I've been informed that Chaos Demonwolf has arrived?" The professor asked, and Chaos got up. "Please come with me." The fox gave him thumbs up, "Good luck kiddo!" 

Chaos followed the professor into the laboratory and there was something about the professor he still couldn't figure out, and suspicion was starting to fill his mind. "Please step up on the attunement platform so we can begin the process," the mouse requested.

"I have just one question, Professor... Mice?" Chaos asked as he hesitated to follow the professor's instructions, "It's Mize, pronounced zee." Mize replied and ignored him as he walked over to a big computer where he began typing on a keyboard, causing various devices in the room to react. 

"... Why do I have to be naked?" The professor finally looked over at him, "You're wondering if you'll end up naked after being teleported, yes? I have had this question a lot today." Chaos lifted an eyebrow, it wasn't the thought that had crossed his mind but he imagined the professor had gone through a lot of questions today.

Mize began to explain as he typed on, "The attunement leaves a slight unique magnetic residue in your body to identify it as an object for teleportation. If I were to attune you with clothes, then you would only be recognized with those clothes and couldn't be teleported without it."

Chaos nodded and the professor explained on, "Instead, your submitted fighting outfit will be attuned separately, and the teleporter will pull several objects together at the same time molecularly reassembling you together with your submitted clothes."

Mize apparently pressed something as a large platform in the middle of the lab began glowing white and several robotic arms with satellite dish-looking device attached began moving. "If you would please step on to the platform, we can begin the attunement."

"Wait, so you're saying that this teleporter also can dress me?" Mize nodded in answer to his question, "Like bringing together pieces of a puzzle, the science being doing it right. Now please, step on the platform so we can begin the process."

"... But could the teleporter also assemble me with an outfit I wouldn't want to wear?" Chaos said hesitating. If the machine had the ability to outfit him, what would stop his clothes from being replaced with something like restraints? The teleporter had the potential for abuse and all it would take to hand complete control over his body to the machine was a short attunement.

"If you're worried about your outfit getting mixed up with someone else's, do not worry." The professor answered with a rather weary look, and Chaos could tell his concerns were starting to bother the professor...

Maybe it was time to put his doubts to rest? He was being rather paranoid and there didn't have to an evil plot in everything. After all, hundreds of people went through the same procedure, wouldn't it have been noticed if people went missing suddenly?

He was standing naked in front of the teleporter, it was time to go through with it. "No, I mean something like rope... but never mind, it's silly." The professor lifted an eyebrow, "Well then, let's get on with the attunement."

The Attunement Laboratory
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A few weeks had passed since Chaos had been registered to the event, and the bracket been drafted with eleven other contesters for the event. His first match was scheduled today, and his opponent would be a lion named Galen Dhaelos. They had never met, but Chaos could tell from the profile he had seen that the lion was a warrior at heart.

Although he was supposed to take a break, Chaos had resumed his demon hunting relentlessly while exercising in his time at home. Having the tournament coming up had taken his mind completely off his problems, he looked forward to the thrill of battling another "champion".

Some guys below the rooftop ledge he was standing out had stepped out on the street. "Let's have a quick smoke before the first match starts," one said to another as they pulled out their cigarettes. "It first starts in like... 10 minutes."

Chaos felt his heart racing with excitement, weeks of anticipation and the moment was finally here. He wasn't sure what to do or expect for when the time came, he should be teleported automatically to the arena.

"I think that bunny is totally gonna get pummeled by Galen," Chaos' eye twitched a bit as he listened in on their conversation from above, "I think he's like a rogue or something? He looks like a speedster."

"Dude, Galen is like the captain of an entire guard, everyone knows how strong he is." The guys continued debating below. "Captain of the guard, eh?" Chaos thought to himself, so his opponent would be a protector like himself... 'Galen' was sure not to disappoint.

"It starts now, let's get inside." The guys went back into the bar to watch the match on the television. Chaos stood still and expected something to happen, but he remained unchanged. Was he out of range? Had he lost the magnetic signature battling some demon? Had-

A bright light surrounded him and before he knew it, it felt like he was being pulled through the air at incredible speed before stopping like someone pulling the emergency brake on a rampaging train.

"Urgh..." He felt like he was about to vomit as the light slowly took off, and a couple of guys grabbed him as he tripped in dizziness from the platform he had arrived at. "Easy there champ, it'll wear off in a few seconds."

As his senses returned to him, Chaos found himself in front of a large boxing ring in a stadium filled with hundreds of people. The stadium was dark, save for the large bright light cast in the center ring. "When you're ready, step into the ring."

He finally noticed that his outfit had been automatically changed to the combat outfit he had handed in long ago, and with all his senses back he climbed over the reeling and into the ring. The large lion that he quickly recognized as Galen came in from the opposite side and looked down at him...

Galen was almost twice as big, almost a giant massively pumped with muscle and at least three heads taller than his opponent with biceps as thick as Chaos' waist. He was wearing a pair of dark blue shorts with a gray and red pattern twisting at the side, and a pair of matching gloves with metal plating on his knuckles.

Even know Chaos could tell, Galen was a warrior at heart and one heck of a powerhouse. Already now he had began to strategize a plan against Galen, the only way he stood a chance at winning would be with his speed, but this arena did not leave him much space to dodge anything... it would a tough match.

A voice above the ring began to speak, "Welcome to the Tournament! Today's match is Chaos Demonwolf versus Galen Dhaelos. The first champion to knock out his opponent wins, and you must stay within the ring! ... Let the fight begin!" And the bell rang.

The fight started and the two champions nodded as they began to move towards each other. Chaos pulled out his blades and Galen raised an eyebrow, his swords would be Chaos' only edge against the lion. As long as he held them, the lion wouldn't be able to just charge at him.

With his speed and his swords, Chaos thought he'd be able to take the upper-hand and charged at his opponent, Galen's best defense was to sidestep the attack and follow it up with a charged punch, but managed to half his motion as Chaos had lifted his blades up in defense, threatening to impale his fist.

The lion growled and changed tactic, stomping the platform below them with such power that it knocked Chaos over, dropping one of his blades in the process. Galen tried to react quick, rather fast for someone of his size, but Chaos was faster and rolled over to pick up the blade again.

Unfortunately, that was what Galen had anticipated as he had charged another fist right at the spot and landed it straight into Chaos' abdomen. "AARGH," Chaos yelped in pain as the knuckles thrusted into his stomach and the intense pain started shooting through his body.

"M-my blade!" Chaos hadn't secured hold of his blade yet and it had been swung at the audience as he took the hit, "NO!" Galen reached for it but it was too late and people gasped as the sword flew over the railing towards the bystanders.

In a flash the sword disappeared, teleported out the way they had come into the ring. "Ladies and gentlemen - the true power of Professor Mize's teleporter, keeping you safe even as I speak."

Both Chaos and Galen sighed in relief. Admittedly, Chaos had his initial doubts about the teleporter back when he was attuned by the professor, but this cleared any doubts. This was a genuine tournament and they were in good hands.

After getting back on his feet, Chaos nodded to Galen to resume the fight. Now the real match began, the first blows had been exchanged and both knew they didn't have to hold back. Chaos had already lost one of his swords, but he wouldn't let Galen knock the other one out of the arena as well.

This time the lion charged and the narrow space of the arena made sidestepping the only option, which Galen tried to follow up on with another stomp, however Chaos was a quick learner and sliced at the leg. "AAARR," the lion roared as the blade cut his skin and he started to bleed. It had been a loose cut and didn't leave more than a flesh wound, but Galen wouldn't be able to stomp again with that foot without increasing his injury.

"Clever," the lion remarked and went in full front to try and land a punch instead. With only one sword, it wasn't easy for Chaos to guard against with one side constantly open and Galen finished the combo with a kick attack that sent the rabbit flying into the railing again. A flash behind him told him his second sword had been lost.

"Damn it," Chaos grunted from the pain. From now on it would be a downhill battle, there was nothing to keep distance between them anymore and he was trapped in a small ring against a much physically stronger foe.

Galen was well aware of this and took full advantage with another frontal charge, and Chaos only chance now was to find a weak spot. He only managed to land several hits on the lion with seemingly no effect until he hit Galen's abdomen with full force and the lion grunted and halted his motion.

Was the abdomen his weak spot? Galen smiled smug as he joined his fists and hammered Chaos to the floor. "Too weak," the lion taunted him as he stepped on his foe with the crowds cheering him on, feeling assured of his victory.

The pain in Chaos body was overwhelming, and that last blow had sent a rippling wave down his spine with almost no strength left to fight. "WEAK... FRAGILE... VULNERABLE..." A dark hollow voice inside him sounded as his consciousness began to fade, and suddenly he felt a burst of energy through his body.

"No... not like... this!" Chaos felt the rage fill his entire body, the pain overwritten by the burning anger, and Galen stepped away from his opponent as wings and horns bursted out of his body like a shadow taking form.

The audience gasped as Chaos arose again, restored by his demonic metamorphosis. Galen's expression had changed, he no longer saw the Chaos as an opponent but a monster to be put down, "Menance..." he remarked.

Chaos smiled with his sharp teeth, "I'll show you... strength." The two champions clashed again and this time, Galen's punch was evenly matched as their fists collided. But Chaos was far more agile, and followed up with a punch straight into the lion's abdomen and this time, the lion felt it.

Galen stepped away as he coughed from the blow, growling at his adversary. The two champions clashed again in fierce battle, but despite his transformation, Chaos was still out stamina and losing fast. The lion landed a punch straight into the demon's abdomen and sent him flying towards the railing again, but Chaos spread his newly gained wings and took air.

A wrong move, as it enabled Galen to grab his feet and force him down on the ground, following up with a large body slam. The demon cried out in pain as the lion kept pressing him down on the floor until his consciousness began to fade again.

"No more," Chaos whispered to himself. He was tired, his body entire was weary and in pain, the demon's rage was only consuming his last bits of strength and his vision was blurry. The wings and horns faded as his transformation ended.

The last thing he heard before being enveloped in light again was the lion's victory roar.

Chapter 4: The Trophy Chamber

Following his defeat, Chaos thought he would have been out for hours to come, but as the warm light surrounded him he felt himself pulled through the air again until he stopped.

It took him a brief moment to regain all of his senses, but even with his eyes closed he could tell something was wrong.

He could feel his clothes were gone as the chilling air brushed against his skin, kneeling down with his big hard and juicy cock suddenly erect and pressing against a cold smooth surface.

Several thick layers of rope was wrapped around his wrists and torso, making it impossible for him to move his arms, with a large round plastic-tasting ball stuffed tightly into his maw...

Opening his eyes at last, Chaos found himself inside a large cylinder shaped glass dome, trapped and helplessly bound. In the bottom of the glass was a brightly glowing platform that he recognized as the same kind of teleporter he had arrived on earlier before his match.

He hadn't even been out for a second, no one had stripped his clothes or tied him up, his bindings had just... appeared, in the same way as he had been dressed with his fighting outfit.

"mMm-Mmph!" Chaos grunted as he began to struggle wildly against his bindings, wiggling his arms as much as he while getting up on his feet.

He tried bumping against the glass to tip it over, but it was immovable and fastened to the teleporter below. He tried scratching the glass with his claws, but couldn't even leave a mark on the solid surface. He tried clawing the rope around his wrists, but couldn't reach it with neither his hands or his feet. Lastly, he tried chewing down on the strings keeping the ball-gag inside his mouth, but couldn't even close his jaws.

Finally he paused, sinking down on his knees again panting. The worst part of it was his insane and inexplainable arousal, he hadn't even been this turned on before and his tall shaft was starting to smear precum over the glass begging for release. "Mmm-mmmh...!!" It was an unbearable feeling and he just wanted to grab his dick and jack off, but his hands were solid tied behind his back and he could do nothing to help himself.

It was no use, he had been helplessly captured. "Om-Mmmph!" He damned himself and quieted down to think... he had really trusted Mize's invention in the end with how the teleporter had safeguarded the audience, yet here he was trapped like a rat in the professor's test tube. Had it been a part of the professor's plan all along, was he now a subject for experiments?

No, not everything added up. The professor didn't know him and couldn't have sent out the invitation... whoever was behind this had planned every step of the way, just to make him end up in container, naked, bound and gagged. "Mm--MMMPH! OOOMPH!" He tried calling out for his captor as he suspected the villain's identity.

Egad Confronts Chaos
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 A swoosh behind sounded behind him as a door opened and filled the dark chamber around him with light as the shadow of a lean fox cast over the floor.

A fox dressed in a business suit entered the room, wielding a briefcase and a large pile of money. He was smirking with a devilish grin and put down his briefcase upon the sight of his captive, groping the bulge on his black pants.

"Egh-amph Nomh!" Chaos called out the villain's name with his muffled speech, wiggling his arms to his best ability in defiance. The fox knocked on the glass, taunting him as he began to gloat over his victory, "Hello, old friend. I'm glad you took my invitation."

"Scemph YHOMH!" Chaos was infuriated and tried cursing at the fox, but he knew what enormous pleasure the villain took in watching him squirm, and instead remained still with an annoyed look.

"As you almost guessed, the teleporter can also 'dress' you with rope." Egad spared no expense inspecting the champion's bound form from head to toe, enjoying every moment of the sight. 

"Yhomh theaph bhastahm! Leth mph ouhm omph HMEMPH!" Chaos snapped and roared as he resumed his struggle, "No can do... you're MINE now!" Egad replied with his smug expression, as if he understood what Chaos had tried to say.

Much to his surprise, Egad picked up his briefcase and began to walk out of the room, "But don't worry... you'll have company soon." Chaos was left inside the dark chamber as the doors closed again.

... Was that it? Wasn't the fox going to humiliate and use his body as before? Was he just to remain here, captured on display? What company did the fox refer to?

It was when the lights in the room was turned on that Chaos realized the full extend of the plot. Around him stood eleven other glasses like his own, empty and aligned in a circle like a gallery display...

The Trophy Chamber
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The plot had all started with the news broadcast, like an enormous fishing net reeling through the water. The champions would fight like characters in a video game, and then the fox collected them like action figures on display. Only nude, and in bondage. Chaos was but the first in the collection, the first trophy... this was the beginning of the real 'Grand Prize'.

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  1. Hey Bogrim. Hope you update part 3 soon. I like to read next chapter.

    This one questions me. What did they do to the fighters clothes after the tournament or the Dominant six finish capturing their victims. I'm really curious.


    a) kept it as trophy
    b) Give a sniff on it of their scent
    c) free clothes for henchmen
    d) donates it to charity for extra money
    e) ooohhh rare equipment. Keep it.
    f) Don't worry these clothes are making us comfy and warm. *they're throwing the clothes in the furnace to heat up the building*