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Galen and Egad Part 2

A number of events have been set in motion, follow the story as a refugee seeks help from a noble and stoic protector to confront the shadows of the bondage-crazed villain, Egad Nob.


Galen Dhaelos
A stoic warrior from the city of Mel´Andrea, Galen served as captain of the Guard where he was led into a devious trap setup by the mastermind, Egad Nob. Now Galen must face new trials as he has been captured and brought into the villain's dungeon...

Egad Nob
A bondage-obsessed fox, Egad went into disguise as a traveler named Lyan to capture the captain of the guard and succeeded. Intend on making the heroic captain a permanent addition to his dungeon, the fox is putting everything into breaking the hero's will...

Chapter 4: Memories and Dreams

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Everything was bright and warm like a summer's day. He remembered this... it was a memory from the day he became the Captain of the Guard.

He was on his way home when two children passed him while playing tag. The boy hid behind him and the girl ran around him in their silly game.

"Hey," he said as the children giggled around him.

"Passing the captain... tan..tan..tan..," the boy hummed as the children moved on.

At first this memory didn't seem important, but it was what he realized in this moment that changed him. Since he had been a child, he always had problems fitting in because he didn't know to use his strength... and now, people looked up to him.

He had grown so much since then, he had become disciplined and sworn to protect the city with his strength. When people spoke of him, they would speak of his valor and vigilance. He had become than just a captain, he had become a hero and a role model for the younger generation.

All of his accomplishments, all of his deeds, everything he had done had led him this path. People now trusted in his strength and he bore the weight of responsibility for keeping them safe. It was in this moment he realized the depth of it, his duty to keep the children safe, to never falter and always be the strongest.


But should he fail, he wouldn't be able to keep them safe. This gripping feeling crept into him like a darkness spreading through his body, filling him with shame and guilt. It was like his strength was fading and he was losing his power.

He tried waking up and fought to regain consciousness, but the darkness had engulfed him and he couldn't see anything. His head felt so heavy and he was constantly falling back to sleep.   
From what he could make out in his few wake moments, he was curled together inside something... it was wrapped him... and he couldn't move.

... He felt bumps and vibration... was he driving? No... he was trapped inside a narrow space... like a small box... no... a car trunk...

What was he doing here? ...What happened? ...He couldn't remember. Everything was so unclear and he kept forgetting and falling back into sleep.... then everything became black again.

Chapter 5: Awakening

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"Hm-MMMPH!" Galen grunted as he finally woke up. Everything was still pitch-black and he couldn't see anything, but he knew he was wide awake as he could feel the cold morning breeze against his naked body.

He couldn't move and he couldn't see---he started to panic by flailing around in his helpless state. He had never woken up like this and he wanted to get free. Nothing worked and he couldn't do anything.

After a few minutes of struggle, he finally began to calm. Everything that had happened came back to him in an instant---his city, the marauders, and Lyan... Lyan was Egad. He had been tricked, led into a trap where he had been captured and now... he had been kidnapped.

Him, the brave, strong, heroic captain---taken prisoner, tied up like some bondage slave. The thought of it pissed him off so much he began struggling wildly while roaring into his gag. "MMM- OMMM- MMMMMMMMMPH!"

His hands were joined behind his back by what he guessed was several thick layers of rope, he could feel the bonds pressing against his wrists tightly together and when he tried pulling in them he only pulled in his own arms. His ankles were joined together in a similar manner, forcing his legs together and making hard to even sit up.

He had a big round ball pressed inside his maw that tasted like plastic, he couldn't push it out and he could feel the strings along his cheek going behind his neck, and a soft cloth tightly wrapped around his eyes---it was a ball-gag and a blindfold to prevent him from calling out or looking where he was.

"Omm---MMMPH....MMMPH!" He grunted again in his struggle, it was such a mockery of his strength to be tied up like this. Worst of all, whoever had tied him up had not only stripped him barenaked, but had worked on his big hard cock as well... as he felt so horny with his big erection resting on his belly.

 Galen tells...
Fuck... How the hell did I get trapped like this? Damn that fox... he always puts this in my mouth, and now even something in front of my eyes. Why he gotta do this? If Zutan saw me like this, all chained up... no, I can't let this happen again---nngh... ARGH!

After struggling for several minutes he finally calmed down again---"Alright, you're captured... Think!" He thought to himself. He had been trained for a scenario like this, he had to analyze the situation and make the best of it.

As far as he could tell, he was in a room with an open window as he could feel the breeze against his naked body. He was lying in something very soft, a bed or a couch. Listening quietly, he could hear the birds singing---but not the regular sound of the ocean from his home city.

Sooo... he was presumably taken into a bedroom, somewhere near a forest---likely far away from his home. From what he could remember during his kidnapping, he had been driven out here inside a car trunk and dragged up into the bed where he had been tied up...

"MM-MMMMMPH!" He roared again! If he ever got his hands on that scheming little devil he would snap his neck like a twig. Why did the fox take such pleasure in tying him up like this? Was it to be the fox's sex toy? Some trophy? ... What went on in that fox's sick twisted mind?

But there was no use in letting his rage get the better of him, he was a prisoner now and he had to find a way to freedom as soon as possible. He had to get back to his city as soon as possible... already his absence must have been noticed.

Suddenly a couple of hands grabbed him and lifted him, he struggled to resist but it was of no use. It was several strong hands that carried him and one of the men said, "The master is expecting you in the shower." The master, was that the fox?

Chapter 6: The Battle Begins

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He had been brought down to the showers and tied up again. His hands had been joined with his thighs by several thick layers of rope, his upper arms had been locked to his torso with rope looped around his chest, and his ankles were also joined by rope like shackles. The bit-gag in his mouth was just the cherry on top.

His limited movement was only worsened by the slippery floor, even attempting one step could result in a fall. And he did not want to fall down in this company, as he watched the fox wash away all the white fur paint that served as the disguise that tricked him.

Egad put no effort into hiding his boner as he had his newest "slave" washed at the same time as himself. That fox was so puny Galen didn't understand how Egad even had managed to tie him up in the first place.

"Soap?" The fox snickered as he approached the naked lion with a towel wrapped around the waist. The mockery made Galen tighten his fist and try to reach for the fox, but the rope held his hand tight.

Egad walked around him and inspected him from head to toe like a prized bounty. He could stand for being gawked at so helplessly, but this was more than humiliation---this was the beginning of a contest, now it was about who was the first to yield. If he slipped and fell, the fox would mock his submission further. He had to stand strong and show it mattered nothing to him, that he still had his dignity even in this naked captured form.

"I gotta say, that trophy glass didn't do you justice..." The fox sneered at him him and smacked his ass, he growled as the fox began to feel him up. If only the fox got close enough to his hands... he could grab the devil and end it right here, right now.

Alas, Egad knew his limits and stood out of range. The fox weaseled into his front and began running a hand down his pecs and ripped abs, following the surface of his naked body all the way down to his big juicy cock where the fox stopped and grabbed his length, stroking him teasingly.

 "Grrr---mmmggrh...." He growled as he tried reaching for the leech clinging to his body. If only he could reach out a few more inches...

Galen tells...
Ohblon shakes... This is so humiliating... all tied up and I can't even poke him. He's treating me like some pet... I'm no fucking pet. When I get my hands on him---I'll squeeze until the eyes pop out. Fuck, how does he always get me so hard...?

"I wonder... what your people would think, if they knew their big strong heroic captain was all chained up like this? I bet that old man that came knocking on the door would be shunt," Egad ridiculed him while playing with his cock, teasing enough just to keep him hard as stone.

Zutan would probably throw a fit over his absence and had the men looking for him already... soon they would notice he was gone. Maybe they would think he had left on a trip---but Zutan would probably think he was still escorting "Lyan" out of town and covered for him for at least a little while. But still, he was supposed to be there, it was his duty, and he now he was here, naked and bound in the villain's shower.

If only he had used his guardsmen, if only he hadn't tried to be the hero. The fox had played him, Egad had known exactly how he was going to react and set the trap out of sight where no one noticed his kidnapping---given the equipment of the location and the fact that he knocked out every of the fox's henchmen capable of carrying him, Egad had probably used the wagon to wheel him out the city in plain sight... inside a sack like a load of goods.

"Mmm-MMMPH!" Galen grunted in anger as he looked down at the fox touching his naked body. He would have to endure it, to find the strength to get through this humiliation. The fox had won the battle, but the war was still on.

Chapter 7: The Struggle

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Every day Egad would find some new way to tie him up, it was obvious he had a passion for this... 'bondage'. The fox took such great pleasure in tying him up it was like he was in four places at once, enjoying Galen's struggle and attempts at breaking free.

For Galen, every time he was tied up in a new way it was an opportunity to be explored--if the fox slipped up just once, he could break free and crush his enemy. But unfortunately, the fox seemed to know everything about rope and he could never get free.

It was strange, normally he had no problems snapping ropes or even chains---He was Galen, the tower of strength. Yet something had changed in him since he had been captured, he could no longer summon his true strength and push his limits. He felt helpless and captured, and the fox took every advantage to render him even more helpless as it was.

What was going on? Why couldn't he summon his strength anymore? Why was he so powerless against the fox's ropes---Egad had to be using some kind of magic... or special rope? Or was it him, that feeling inside of him... was it hampering his strength? Had it poisoned him in some way and weakened him?

"First some here... Then to rope your big dick... Let's not forget the gag! And then to finish with your ankles... What do you think?" Egad commented as he ran around the lion like playing swingball with himself.

 Galen tells...
Argh... how is this making me so hard? I should be bashing this guy's head... but he keeps binding me and it makes me so fucking horny. I can't be like this... I'm the captain, not some... 'bondage slave'---I have to break free and get back to the city.

"Mh Mm-MMMPH!" Galen grunted as he began struggling helplessly and Egad smirked with such content with the bulge his 'cloth' rising. 

He would fight because he wanted to see if this was the ropes he could escape, but his will to struggle diminished every time. He knew he wasn't going to escape now---nothing had changed and the only thing he was doing was giving the fox the satisfaction of watching him.

But he couldn't give up just yet, even if he had been captured for days now---he was still the Captain of the Guard, he held a responsibility to return home, to protect his city, he was Galen Dhaelos---and with those thoughts, he renewed the will to struggle.

No matter what it took, he would not give up, he would not lose the war and become one of the fox's slaves---he would find a way to overcome the darkness and break free again, even if he had to endure weeks of this slavery. He was, after all, Galen.

Chapter 8: The Dungeon

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Over the following weeks, Galen learned a lot of of his location through the times the fox would drag him through various rooms in the dungeon.

Calling it "the dungeon" was an understatement. In the one time he had been tied in the forest for some outside play, he had a proper look at his prison. What Egad held him in was nothing short of a castle, hidden away in the middle of nowhere. He could not recognize the land or its surroundings.

The dungeon was a fortress and the fox's home. The upper levels of the castle had a couple of normal rooms for the fox's living, but any number of the special rooms was meant for sex with all sorts of special equipment. He had spent a fair amount of time in the soft beds, on the bondage crosses, and more things he did not care for to mention.

But that was the least of it. The largest installment was the dungeon itself, a basement reaching dozens of floors deep into the ground with numerous cells all filled with prisoners like himself. If he was to wager, he would say the dungeon probably held at least two hundred men---most of them were muscular guys like himself.

 Galen tells...
How in Ohblon's name does such a little guy catch me and run this castle on his own? It shouldn't be possible, c'mon... I don't lose to guys like this. Still... I guess the fox has some skill... but I'm still better than this.

It was unbelievable a place like this could exist without notice, a castle purely for bondage and slavery, it was a villain's lair hidden in the open world. No one ventured there, no one but those inside knew it existed, and those who might happen to cross would probably think of it as some unknown castle with no knowledge of the captives inside.

Though he hated the fox, he had to give credit where credit was due---despite how despicable it was, Egad's dungeon was impressive and nothing like he had ever seen. How did the fox build such a fortress without anyone's knowledge? How was the fox keeping this place operational with so many slaves only by himself?

He wished to escape this dungeon soon, he did not intend on calling this place his home...

Chapter 9: The Dungeon Keepers

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As the weeks turned into months, he finally descended further down the dungeon and joined the other men in the cells. The dungeon was showing its true nature: A prison for bondage slaves.

And no different from any other prison, captives in these numbers required service---feeding, as well as the other 'needs'. Galen had been labeled "not to be touched" and was seated on a chair most of the day... in the sense of being roped to a stool entirely naked.

The people who held responsibility for him now was the dungeon keepers---not actual masters, as they were also slaves that had been in the dungeon for so many years they had lost their free will and now served as the fox's servants. They would come at regular, just to tease his cock and keeping him hard in his every waking minute.

 Galen tells...
Ohblon Shakes! Why does this fox...ngh... need to keep me so hard all the fucking time...? This is unbearable... I wanna fuck so bad, and all I can do is sit here in his dungeon WAITING. And what's with these dungeon guys? They don't even talk, they just come and make me hard and leave again...

In the beginning he tried talking them into helping him escape, but they would never listen and always say, "The master says you're not supposed to talk" as if Egad spoke for them and they had no mind of their own, then shoved a ball-gag into his mouth instead of feeding him. He kept trying until his hunger got the better of him, but there was one exception.

It was large rat that once had been a fierce warrior from the scars and the blinded eye on the rat's overly muscular body. "...Why?" Galen asked as he looked up on the rat holding the bread to his mouth, "Why would you spend all day here when you have known battle?" 

"You are a fellow warrior, I can tell. It has no meaning here," the rat answered as he looked into Galen's eyes.

"Just release me---we can escape together, fight together--- OM-MMMPH!" Galen started talking, but the rat instinctively shoved the ball-gag into his mouth.

"You don't think I've been asked that a hundred times? What makes you different from any of the other slaves?" The rat concluded as he finished tying the gag's strings behind Galen's neck.

"MMM-Mmmph...." Galen grunted in defiance, it was hard to have a conversation like this, but the rat continued talking...

"I could walk out of here, escape as I am now. It would not matter. The fox would find me again, capture me again and I would have lost my rank," the rat explained and the words echoed through Galen's mind.

It was the same fear that had crept inside his heart, even if he got loose and escaped---unless he could put an end to the fox, he couldn't ensure he'd never fall for another of the fox's tricks. What was the point of escaping if he was just going to get captured again? It was the fear that made him feel weak and helpless.

"Yes, I was once a warrior, a well-paid mercenary and a respected warrior--but just as I slew my opponents and took their life, I recognized the fox took my body when he captured me. He is my master now, he owns me and I take pride in being one of his favorite possessions..." The rat concluded before bending down to jack Galen's big cock just enough to keep him on edge again.

"Mmm--mmmph..." He grunted as the keeper finished working on his dick and left him drooling with precum once again. It was a torture to stay hard for so long and never be allowed to come. His mind was beginning to drift and he had no doubt the rat's words had held some truth--his status as a warrior no longer meant anything in the dungeon... but his status as captain did.

 Galen tells...
Damn it... He's right... What if I returned to the city and this happens again? If I can't beat the fox... then this is my punishment. Can't do anything but stay hard all the time... motherfu- NO... I can't give up. I'm still the captain, I'll beat the fox no matter what.

He still held a responsibility to return to his home, he still had his village to protect, it was his last thread and he could not give in to the lust, no matter how much he urged for release.

Chapter 10: Egad's Game

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"Pardon me for asking, Foxmoore... but why are you monitoring this specimen? Is he not a slave in your own dungeon?" The mouse asked the fox sitting in front of the large screen, displaying Galen struggling in his dungeon cell.

"He's stopped struggling in my presence---he doesn't want to give me the satisfaction of watching him," the fox added with a smirk while he looked at the monitor.

"However, aren't those restraints rather light? In my studies of anatomy, musculature of that size---and I emphasize, that is by far one of the most muscular specimens I have seen from your samples---that lion male should be able to break those bonds with sufficient adrenaline..." The mouse added as he looked at the monitor with a finger to his lip, buried in thought.

"It's all up here--" The fox explained as he pointed to his head and the mouse asked, "You're using mind-altering drugs, wouldn't a form of muscle relaxant be more efficient?"

"It's a mind game, Mize... You still have so much to learn." The fox snickered and the mouse raised an eyebrow, "Explain this phenomena to me then, Foxmoore. I am puzzled by your risky methods."

"This lion has a name... He is Galen Dhaelos, 'Captain of the Guard'. I kidnapped him not once, but twice. His guilt from his responsibility is keeping him chained up... deep down he doesn't believe he's meant to break free---at least not until he's learned how to overcome his doubts and resist me," The fox explained as he joined his hands like an evil mastermind.

"...So this mind game technique, is keeping his mind from sending out adrenaline by a subconscious belief?" The mouse pondered as he looked at the lion struggling on the monitor.

"He's trying to beat me at my own game, make me grow tired of him so that I slip up and gives him an actual opportunity to well, strangle me or something." The fox concluded as he watched the lion on the screen with a devilish smirk.

"Pardon my layman observation, but... given that you are now sitting in a dark room watching the subject on a monitor, does that not mean the lion's method is working?" The mouse asked and looked over at the fox.

The fox shook his head as he licked his lips while he pointed a finger on the image of the bound lion on the screen, "On the contrary, look at him---there was not been a keeper for hours, and he's still rock hard. His big dick is begging for release and his lust is my dominance over him by keeping him on edge every single minute. When he calls me master, when he begs for release... that will be the day he becomes one of my slaves."

Chapter 11: Tickle Torture

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Galen found himself bound on the bed, his still rock hard cock pressing against the sheet. He wanted to hump the bed so bad, just to urge that final release that was filling his mind with lust. But he wouldn't do it in the fox's presence---he would not submit to the fox for pleasure.

Egad had started a new form of torture, every day the fox would see him, begin the session by asking him to call the fox his master in exchange for release. He would insult the fox, "Piss off" "Never" "You fucking litt- MMMPH!"

It always ended the same, the fox would gag him and then spend the following hours playing with his senses and making him urge his release so much it was almost painful to bear. Even when he was hogtied and lying down on the bed, the fox found a way to tease him and make his bondage even harder to bear.

This time the fox had brought a feather. Since he had refused to struggle and wouldn't let the fox near his cock, the fox started tickling his big feet... his big, vulnerable bare feet with the softest tickly feather.

"Hm-hm-hm-hm-hm-HMM-HMM-HMM!" He tried holding out, but he couldn't resist the feeling and jerked around to stop the teasing and at last the fox had him struggling again. 

"You know you are sight to behold---all bound up like this, great captain..." Egad mocked him again while feeling up his naked body. He could think of hundred of better things to do than spend the night hogtied in the fox's bed, but it was no secret Egad treasured him like a favorite pet.

The fox managed to roll him around so his big cock was in reach again. "Still hard? It must kill you... how long has it been now, nine weeks I believe?" The fox mocked him again. To be honest, he had lost his sense of time a long time ago, the overwhelming lust was starting to fill his head every waking moment and all he could think about was that sweet moment of release.

Even now he could only think of making the fox bend over and fuck his ass silly, to blow out his large load once and for all. But all he could do was struggle, wiggle around as the fox kept teasing his cock endlessly, killing his every attempting at an orgasm and forever at edge.

Now the fox put his tongue to work and it felt like heaven... why in Ohblon's name did he have to play this game? Could he not just cum for once? Just... once? God, he wanted to fuck so much, he couldn't stay tied up like this forever. It was unbearable---no man should have to hold back this long.

But he had to... he had to...

Chapter 12: End Game

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The fox had been at it for hours. He had made a large web out of rope on the dungeon wall and strung Galen on the middle of it like a fly trapped in a spider's web. There he had left the lion waiting with a black hood over the head, unable to see anything or move. His large powerful arms had been spread out and tied to the web, while his ankles had been joined together standing on the floor.

Galen had tried the ropes a bit, just to confirm the ropes were thick enough to hold him. He didn't feel like struggling while unable to see, as he didn't want to give the fox any pleasure from watching him squirm anymore.

At long last the hood was pulled off his head, as the fox had climbed the web to pull it off. Egad was wearing the same dungeon master attire as before, and Galen just stared at him angrily. If he wasn't tied up like this, he would clobber that little sicko. He was tired of playing the fox's games, and he wouldn't give him the satisfaction of toying with him anymore.

Egad smiled smug as he started to work on Galen's massive meat. The fox started with small gentle licks on his head while fondling with his balls, letting the wet and warm tongue run up and down his growing length as the fingers caressed the bottom of his sack. It was irresistible and the fox had him hard in no time.

"Urgh... fuck..." Galen grunted as he pulled a bit in the rope around his wrists. There was nothing he could do about the fox playing with his dick and it took no time before he was erect again. He looked down at his captor with disgust as he felt the unbearable lust fill him again, pulsing through his hard naked body.

The fox kept teasing him, rubbing his dick until it began throbbing and then stopped the rhythm, constantly keeping him on edge. "You know what you have to say if you want to come," the fox gloated as he kept up the unbearable handjobs. It wasn't 'please' the fox was asking for him to say, no... the fox wanted him to acknowledge his position, to admit he was helpless, to say the word that would cross the line.

"Damn... you..." The lion said as he gasped in pleasure as the fox picked up the phase, stroking his long meat rapidly until it began pulsing again, and just as he was about to reach his climax... just as he was about to finally release all of it... the fox pressed a thumb against his urethra and squeezed, killing the orgasm instantaneously.

After a short break, the fox resumed again. It was unbelievable how relentless the fox was in edging him, it was almost torture and the only thing he could think of now was the bittersweet feeling of release. He urged for it, every inch of his body carved just letting all the energy built up blow out, his heart was beating rapidly and he began to pant from sweat as the session went on for hours to come.

"Just... let... me... come..." Galen growled, as he shot his eyes and started pelvic thrusting into the air, just in an attempt to make his drooling cock unleash its load. "Say it," the fox smirked as he dug his claws into the lion's balls, pinching the skin to stimulate him further. "Argh...." the lion moaned as he pulled repeatedly in the ropes around his wrists.

Just one word, one word and he would be free. Free from the overwhelming horniness, free from the days spent wishing for release, free from the tiring mind games and just... the sweet, sweet release.

"Uh... oh..." Galen moaned, he had suffered this for months, he couldn't take it anymore. The fox had started stroking his length again and all he wanted was just to let go. What difference would it make? He was captured anyway, he couldn't get free... it was just one word. It would make no difference, he was still himself... he just wanted it so badly...

"Let me come..." Galen pleaded and paused as the fox squeezed his meat again, then finally he spoke the word, "... master."

"Say it again," Egad taunted with a satisfied devilish grin as he began stroking the lion's big meat again and didn't stop. "MASTER," Galen roared and the fox finally let him reach his climax, his heart was beating like a drum as the energy surged out of him and his throbbing cock shot out stream after stream of his warm sticky semen, splattering over the fox's chest.

"Oh... ah..." The lion panted as he gasped with relief, it was finally over and he felt ease. It was only moments after that he realized what he had done. "No, I didn't mean it-- I didn't--" But the fox had climbed up the web and pulled the hood back over his head and darkened his sight again. He began struggling, pulling in the ropes with all his strength while he hear the fox's mad laughter leaving the room.

[Click to Enlarge]
The fox left him there, robbed of his identity with his throbbing cock dripping with semen. He had lost the war... He was no longer Galen, but another slave in the fox's dungeon.

To be continued in "The Auction" »


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    You are enclosed in complete darkness within a large floor to ceiling stone box. It is just wide and broad enough that standing in the center you are unable to reach any of the four walls by leaning, and you are forced to stay in the center of the box by a deviously constructed girdle around your waist. Four belts tightly bind the girdle to vertical metal bars in each of the box's four corners preventing you from pulling more than an inch or two in any one direction. The girdle does allow you to adjust the height your waist since the straps can slide up and down the vertical bars, but this gives you little comfort due to one final feature of the box: between your legs is a bar with several cleverly positioned demonically animated dildos which force their way inside you any time you are not standing on your tip toes.

    The door is locked and barred.
    Your arms are bound behind your back.
    A large penis gag is securely locked and fastened to your head and stuffed down your throat.

    You've sank down as far as you can go and your compact, muscular backside now rests on the bar. Over 20 inches of dildo are buried in your anus. You are awkwardly collapsed with most of your weight supported by the enormous dildo embedded in the depths of your rectum. To your great distress, your intruder is far enough from the floor that despite being close to a kneeling position no matter how you shift your body around you can never quite get your knees to support you. The exertion of supporting yourself is turning your legs into useless quivering pieces of flesh, and your mind is swimming with the desire pouring from your loins.