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Character: Chaos Demonwolf

Chaos is a half-demon and the son of Zarch Demonwolf. He became a demon through a dark ritual against his will, and now has to live with the unnatural darkness inside himself.

Out of the Past

Born in the medieval ages, Chaos was ripped out of his time line by the avatar of time, Chronos, for the purpose of helping to defeat Damian Ratsbane and prevent the end of the world. Stranded in a new modern civilization, Chaos has to find his place in the world in order to fulfill his task.

A Demon Hunter

Chaos lost his left arm in a battle
with his brother.
In rebellion against the darkness inside himself, Chaos joined a demon hunter clan and swore to slay his evil brethren. He has been trained in combat by the clan and studied demonology to hunt and kill loose demons prying on people in the city.

Family Issues

Chaos doesn't get along with his family, as his brother Hatred Demonwolf is a full-fledged demon who takes pleasure in killing innocent people and he blames his father, Zarch Demonwolf, for abandoning him as a child and failing to protect him from the dark ritual that made him a half-demon.


Chaos lives in his own apartment in the big city where he rests between his hunts and studies demons through his books. He avoids contact with anyone to keep his living a secret from his enemies. Like a dark vigilante, he spends most of his time patrolling the streets at night to track and slay hostile demons that hide in the city.

"Shadow Arm"
When Chaos lost his left arm, he entered a pact with his demon that replaced his arm with a powerful shadowy arm.

When focusing visually on his arm, Chaos can change the shape of it and disguise it as a normal arm, but in combat he uses the full might of his dark arm.

"Chronos' Flame"
Chaos has inherited the unique ability from his mother to summon  Chronos' Flame, a fire that burns away time.

Using the flame on an object causes it to age backwards, granting him the ability to restore wounds as if the damage was never taken and causing recently created objects to dissolve back into their materials.

A trained swordsman, Chaos is sometimes found dual wielding a pair of blades in combat - usually when fighting in public where showing off his demonic powers would strike fear into civilians.

When using his swords, Chaos focuses more on his agility than his might, striking fast and precisely while dodging enemy blows.

The Demon Dungeon »
Chaos appears in the Demon Dungeon together with his brother Hatred Demonwolf, where he is captured after trying to defend a civilian from his evil brother.

The Tournament »
Chaos appears in the tournament where he is chosen as a champion and signs up for the event, only to discover first-hand what happens when the champions are defeated.

Sylas Spellbinder »
Chaos is out on patrol in the city for his demon hunting when he encounters not one, but two villains and ends up being a pawn between their twisted games.

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  1. Where is Chaos now? with Egad or with Sylas?

    1. In the current story line (31/3/13) Chaos is trapped in Sylas' card. The ending for the Tournament has not yet been written, but the heroes do get past it. :-)

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  3. Hey Chaos I have a question,
    Since you are now a demon hunter, you don't slay the demons who are good are you?
    'Cause I read somewhere on the internet saying that demons are both good and bad.

  4. Of the various times you've been captured, which do you hate the most? Being trapped in magical card bondage, or being held in a dungeon with your own brother?

  5. Hey Chaos, do you really enjoy giving in like Mark as well?