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The Alliance

When two deities of evil join forces to achieve a common goal, the people of Blade City must find a way to stop the invasion before it heralds the end of the world.


One of the Seven Sins, Wrath is a demon god with the power to control anger. He previously tried ending the mortal world and suffered great damage has a consequence of his actions, but now he's come up with a new plan for unleashing his burning rage on the world.

Another of the Seven Sins, Lust is a demon goddess who plays her hand in the mortal world in a much more subtle manner, gifting mortals with power in exchange for serving her goals. Unfortunately, her schemes are about to be interrupted by her noisy brother...

Master Yin
Founder of the Demon Hunter clan, Yin has recently received a summoning to a meeting and is making his way to his destination when he finds himself in the middle of a crisis that could very well threaten the entire world. However, Yin may find a way where no one else will...

Damian Ratsbane
An infamous crime boss, Damian was gifted with the Ring of Desire---a powerful artifact that allows him to control people's will by influencing them with desires---in exchange for serving the demon goddess, Lust. Damian's hand in this matter may cause a shift in the balance of power...

Chapter 1: The Balance

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"Dearest sister..." The demon played his words as he approached the throne in the desolate and burning realm known as "Inferno".

"Wrath," the demoness addressed him as he stood before her seat in the pool of lava, "Why are you pestering me?"

Her voice hinted her irritation with his presence, but he ignored it and began talking...

"Here you sit, for century after century, playing chess with the angels while meddling in the mortal world." Wrath boasted as he lifted his arm and pointed at her.

"Have you only come here to impersonate Pride or do you have a real reason for mocking my methods?" She snapped at him with the annoyance in her voice causing ripples in the lava around her.

"It is beneath you, sister! We are gods, we shouldn't have to bend to the angels' petty laws. We are the darkness in their hearts, the RAGE and the FLAME that burns their souls. You should take direction action and crush them beneath you," Wrath ranted as his fiery hair blazes like an inferno in his excitement.

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"The angels uphold the balance between good and evil, for every move we make they make a move of equal magnitude. Need I remind you of how you lost half your horn and your right---" She paused in her explanation as she realized his intend, "....Ah, you want me to send you to the mortal world because you can't cross over without your other wing."

"Why use mortals to do your will when we are gods, sister? Ally yourself with me and I will bring the mortal world to its knees, and together we will conquer it. Wrath and Lust!" He proposed and she raised a finger to her lip as she thought about his suggestion.

"... The angels would send an army, unless.." She mentioned as she wagered her options and Wrath roared at her impatiently, "No number of angels will stop me this time! I will tear their wings off!"

"Or we could make a compromise and deny the angels' move,"  Lust interrupted his outburst with a raised finger and he looked puzzled at her, "How?!"

"The balance is not a game of chess, but the preservation of equality. If you forfeit some of your power, you could enter the mortal world for some time before the angels would intervene," She suggested as she looked at him, hoping he would buy into it.

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"Pay the angels a 'tax', you mean? Why should I forfeit my power when I can kill them?" He asked her with turmoil, his temper beginning to build up.

"If you use your power to spread rage in the hearts of men, you could raise your own army by the time the angels arrive and win the war once and for all," she concluded with an evil smirk.

"Lust... that is BRILLIANT! I will throw the world into war and the saviors will be slaughtered by their own people... But what power would suffice for the plan?" He asked her as he accepted her plan.

"You will retain your strength, your invulnerability and your natural power over rage... Give up your magic immunity and it should buy twenty-four hours on the mortal plane. At the end of the spell you will be returned here, and if you succeeded we will descend together," she offered and he nodded.

"My magic immunity? That's all? Mortal magic is feeble and useless! I will have the world boiling in rage before half a day... Send me, Lust. SEND ME NOW!" He roared as he bursted into a sinister laugh. The demoness smirked with satisfaction and joined her hands in a spell that enveloped him in shadows, robbing him off his magic resistance before sending him to the mortal world.

Chapter 2: Invasion

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The traveler had journeyed far to reach the great metropolis, Blade City. Upon arriving at the city's borders, he witness a scene unlike any other he had ever seen.

A manifestation of dark power was amassing in the sky, tearing a hole in the very fabric of reality as if something immensely powerful was ripping its way through. The hole appeared like a vortex in the sky, a gap into another dimension of pure darkness.

The moonlight was dimmed out like an eclipse and the city was bathed in a red light as a lightning struck through the sky. The bolt lasted for several seconds, as if it was channeling something on to the ground somewhere far into the city's center.

The traveler had seen magic of all kinds---destructive fire magic invoking a cone of flames, immense summoning magic creating deadly creatures out of thin air, but never before had he seen magic of this magnitude. There had been no sign of incantations, no preparation or reagents used to perform the spell---it was on the level of a god.

He had been summoned to the city for a meeting but he had been told nothing about this, which meant this was happening right here and now with no warning. What had the lightning bolt brought to this city?

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"Citizens of of Blade City, we interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you these urgent news as authorized by the military. As witness half an hour ago in Claytown Square, a lightning of unknown origin brought what many reports have described as 'a seven feet tall devil'.

We urge all citizens to stay indoor and remain calm. Military attempts to bring the creature down so far has failed from sudden internal conflicts while a civil war has erupted in the area. Know that reinforcements are being brought in and we ask you not to panic as the government is preparing for an immediate evacuation of the city.

What many of ask is, 'Who is this demon and what has he come for?'  Though the creature doesn't even seem to be attacking anyone, experts already describe the demon has 'a supernatural being whose mere presence invokes mindless rage in the minds of any creature nearby, people and animal alike'.

An expert in mythology describes the creature as 'a possible incarnation of the sin Wrath, one of the seven deadly sins as described in early Christianity. While there is no evidence to backup this claim, the creature's supernatural influence on people fit the mythological texts.

People of Blade City---we may we facing our darkest hour, but know that our heroes are doing their best to ensure your safety."

Chapter 3: The Wanderer

"You mortals are so feeble and pathetic, you only bury all your hate and anger and it only takes so little to make you turn on each other. All those things unsaid, all that frustration hidden away in a world of only momentary peace, just one little push away from the brink of war," Wrath gloated as he walked down the city street in chaos. To left and right people were turning on each other, breaking into arguments then turning into violence. Even people hiding in their homes bursted out of their doors to fight with their neighbors, driven mad by rage.

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It was a uncontrollable scene, but amongst all the chaos stood but one figure untouched, one simple traveler facing towards the demon.

"...What's this? I sense so much ferocity in your heart, so many battles, so much conflicted experience... and yet..." Wrath looked at the stranger before him with wonder and disgust.

"Calm as the river, letting hatred flow together with respect and understanding, in a harmony between positive and negative emotions," the traveler replied without fear or pause.

The stranger appeared dressed a monk, wielding only a staff with a straw hat and light armor. The scars on the leopard's body revealed him nothing short of an experienced warrior, while his stance showed his honed discipline and concentration in the face of danger.

"The world has sent its defender... a monk? Hahaha, you amuse me little man, do you think you are to stand before me?" Wrath mocked the traveler as he bursted into a maniac laugh.

"I am Yin, Master of the Demon Hunter clan. I find your presence foul, you corrupt the hearts of those around you and overpower their senses with mindless rage. I will put a swift end to you, demon," the demon hunter said as he raised his staff against his nearly twice as large opponent.

"A demon hunter? You think I'm just a demon? I'm the demon GOD---you stand before Wrath of the Seven Sins. You are nothing compared to me," Wrath roared as his fiery hair began to blaze like an inferno. For any person to look down on him, him---the master of rage, the dark god of anger---was an insult he would make the hunter pay for with blood.

Yin paused from the demon's words. He had suspected a greater power was behind this event, but... a god? He had slain hundreds of demons and he had never heard a mention of any gods by any of those vile creatures. What was a demon god? Where did he come from? Was there six others like him somewhere above just waiting to strike?

Nevertheless, whether this creature was an actual god or just another unholy creature, the circumstances were unchanged. "We shall see, demon." Yin warned as he leaped forward and sprinted towards his target.

"...Fast!" Wrath gasped as the demon hunter swirled around him like a whirlwind and landed a sequence of attacks with his staff. Though mere wood, each blow was hard enough to crush stone. He first hit the demon on his thigh, then the back of his neck before finishing with a straight blow to the abdomen.

... Nothing. The demon had not even moved during his attack. Inspecting the scene around the demon revealed just as many bullets that had hit his skin like solid steel and simple fell to the ground. The demon was nothing short of invulnerable.

Wrath countered the attack by hammering the demon hunter in his stomach. The blow was so hard it was like being hit by a canon ball. The leopard was blown back by the sheer force of impact and rolled over the street before he collected his strength and crawled back up on his feet, staggering from the damage taken.

"... Was that all you could muster, 'demon hunter'? Face the wrath of a god." Wrath gloated as he spread his arms, in the same movement every single person around them ceased to fight and paused until they turned their attention to Yin as Wrath pointed his finger at the demon hunter.

"You! You're the reason we're fighting!" "You outlaw, you scum!" "Are you supposed to be a hero? All you do is anger the god!" Civilians around him began to shout as they charged forward. Wrath was controlling them in their mindless rage, simply turning their anger from one person to another.

 Yin lifted his staff in response, propelling it around above his head and in turn invoking a powerful gust that swirled around him until it turned into a growing tornado that kept growing until it surrounded the mass like a barrier.

The hordes of angry people stopped for a moment in fear before they realized nothing was happening to them and resumed their charge, only to drop on the ground as they fainted one by one. As the last civilian fell, Yin stopped rotating his staff and faced it towards the demon again.

"You... used the rapid pressure drop inside a tornado to make them faint? Was that... air magic---" Wrath paused for a moment actually impressed with the demon hunter's skills, before realizing the one weakness he had agreed to in coming to the mortal world,

“You may be a god, but I will NOT let you continue to wreck such destruction and if I have to buy time to figure out how to defeat you, so be it.” Yin said as he swung his staff forward, creating a huge burst of air headed right for the demon.

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"--Oh crap." Wrath yelped as the wind blast took him by full force, blowing him high into the sky and falling all the way down into an old dilapidated building, crashing through every floor.

Yin looked at the demon fly with widened eyes. He had planned to follow up with another sequence of attacks, he had NOT expected the demon to be affected by his wind blast. "I lost him?!" He cursed as he sprinted towards the far distance the demon had been blown away.

Chapter 4: Betrayal

Even though he was invulnerable and took no damage from the fall, being blown away to the edge of town was still a huge setback. He had to throw the world into chaos in less than a day, and the demon hunter had blown him to the outskirts of town. That only put him further away from his goal.

"RAAAAAAAARRRR!!" Wrath roared as he blasted away the debris and rocks that buried him. Where had he landed? The street seemed deserted and there was nobody around. He needed to find his way back but he didn't recognize the area at all. Something felt wrong.

A large figure stepped out of the shadows from the nearby ally and Wrath looked over. "Hello Wrath, I didn't expect it to be this easy to corner you..." A deep masculine voice said.

Damian Ratsbane stepped out of the shadow and Wrath looked puzzled and amused at the same time, "Lust's lap dog? What are YOU doing here?"
"I believe you know what kind of business I deal in," Damian concluded with an evil smirk and Wrath looked absolutely disgusted by the implication.

"....You think to control me with Lust's petty bauble? I am WRATH, DEMON GOD, little rat. It may protect you from my influence, but I can still crush you like a bug." Wrath bursted out as his flames blazed like an inferno in his building rage.

“Who said anything about controlling you? As the boss, I simply give the order and... step back to watch the show.” Damian threatened as he lifted his finger, causing his ring to glow with a bright red color.

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The large rat stepped back into the shadows and another figure appeared from the alley. It was a weasel dressed like a magician, lifting a wand towards the demon god.

"A magician? HAHAHAHA--- What's he gonna do, pull a rabbit out of his hat-" Wrath began mocking and laughing until his sentence cut off as he realized exactly what was going on.

"Avardo no clothia," the weasel chanted as he pointed his wand at Wrath and in the same instant what little armor the demon had been wearing vanished into thin air and left him naked in the street.

Magic that stripped him naked? What what going on? He wasn't gonna let the weasel chant another spell and charged forward---one hit was all it would take. But the weasel did not need any incantations to shoot magic ropes out of the wand, coiling around his body like live snakes.

Before he knew it, he was lying on the street struggling against the ropes binding his body. Despite his best effort, the ropes managed to ensnare him and pull his arms behind his back, tying him helplessly up. Normally he had the strength of a hundred men and would snap any restraints, but because it was 'magic' he had no power over it.

"YOU! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME, I'M A GO--- OOMPH! MMMPH!" Wrath began cursing at the weasel, but the spell caster had conjured a gag pad that he showed into the demon god's mouth that strapped itself around his neck.

In less than a minute, this weasel had not only overpowered him but taken him captive, humiliated him and stripped him naked. It was a trap, Lust had never intended to ally herself with him---she had set him up for this very moment, but for what purpose? Even captured, he would still be returned to his own dimension after a day.

"OM--MMMMMPH!! GRR--MMMMPH!" Wrath began to violently struggle against his magic bindings as the weasel placed his gloved hand on the demon's massive dick and the mere touch made him unbelievably hard. What was going on, why was he being turned on? He wasn't even submissive---he was fury incarnate---was this a magic that made him hard?

Just as he thought his humiliation couldn't possibly be any worse of an insult, he was proved wrong as the weasel took off his hat and tapped it with his wand. A vacuum began pulling his bare feet into the hat, sucking his hard naked body inside a seemingly invisible space.

This could not be happening, he was a demon GOD. And yet---he looked down his abdomen and saw his hard cock disappearing into the hat along with his stomach as it reached his abdomen. He was here to conquer the world, not be captured by some magic little rodent!

"Adieu monsieur," the weasel said to him with a wicked smile as the magician picked up the hat with only his head outside. "MM-MMPH!" He grunted with his muffled speech before his head was pulled completely inside into the darkness and he lost consciousness.


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"Look at you, Wrath. All that power and rage, contained within such a tiny fragile seal--yet impossible to break from the inside," Lust mocked as she looked down at the card her spell had returned with Wrath trapped inside, his muscular body exposed with his magically enhanced boner pressed against the surface as he was hammering his hands against.

 "Oh don't look so furious, Wrath. It's not like you're the demon god of loyalty either. You don't think I knew you were going to turn on me the moment you didn't need my help anymore?" She said as she shook her head with a sly smile.

"I've got plans for the world and I can't have you interfering with them... You'll be spending the rest of eternity in there," said as she slowly broke into a vicious laughter that echoed across the desolate realm with Wrath furiously hammering his hands helplessly against his prison.


  1. GREAT update! And so the sins are properly introduced to the story for the first time. However, as soon as one makes his entrance, he is eliminated from the running just as quickly. A shame about Wrath, but his arrogance proved his undoing as he easily fell for his sister's manipulations. We'll miss him.

    Though really . . . his capture underlines a central idea to these stories: that in battles of bondage, raw power means far less than simple cunning. If a freaking GOD can get captured so easily, there really is no limit to who can end up in ropes. x3

  2. How come the captured person is not in bondage position when they are in the card?