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To Bond Hatred

After escaping the Demon Dungeon, Hatred Demonwolf awakes in a similar predicament once again---only this time, he holds no memory of his capture. With no choice but to reminiscence his actions, he has to retrace every step that brought him to his current situation.


Hatred Demonwolf
The older brother to Chaos Demonwolf, Hatred has always been an arrogant bastard who's lived life as a rogue demon, terrorizing the city for his own amusement---until recent events. Helplessly captured, he now has to recall all the changes in his life leading up to his current situation...

Chapter 1: Rebound

  "Aar--Mmmph... Hmph?!" The red wolf grunted as he finally woke up, squirming around on the altar as he tried stretching out, only to realize something was wrong as he couldn't move his arms or his legs.

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It was one of those "What the fuck happened last night?" moments, everything was pretty much a blur and his senses were slowly coming back to him. He definitely recalled drinking - a lot - but he had no memory of how he gotten here or what was going on.

Everything was just fucked up. He was sick to his stomach and at the same time, he felt horny as fuck. It didn't take him long to realize he was naked---though it was hardly his first time waking up some place strange unclothed... the altar was new.

His first guess was some kind of demon ritual thingamajig... maybe to sacrifice him or some weird shit? He started getting nervous and struggled as he looked down his naked body...

But... the way he had been bound made him realize it more kink than ritual. He was far too nauseous to have morning wood, which meant whoever had trussed him up like this had also stripped him and played with his cock---recently. This... was bondage.

'FUCK THIS SHIT' he cursed, but it only came out as muffled grunts, "MMMRH--MMMMPH!" His captor had shoved a ball-gag so far into his maw, he couldn't pronounce a single word. So now he was left here on this altar... naked, bound and gagged. What was going on, had he been kidnapped again?!

"Mm--Mmm-MMMMPH!" He roared again as he began to struggle wildly, flailing around with his naked body like a fish on land, but it was no use. No matter how much or how long he struggled against his bindings, he couldn't get free. Whoever had captured him had done a proper job---his ankles were shackled and his wrists tied behind his back, with a rope connection his limps in a hogtie. It was truly humiliating, for a powerful guy like him to be rendered this helpless with his muscular body exposed to the naked eye.

"Mmm--mmmhhhh..." Someone else grunted... and it sounded far more like pleasure than defiance. He managed to roll over and realized he wasn't alone in this room. There were two other guys chained to the wall, naked and hard like himself. He didn't recognize either of them... had they also been kidnapped?

No... they hadn't been abducted. He could tell from the way they longed for pleasure---they were just ordinary people and if they had been kidnapped, they'd have been mortified and scared---not sick with arousal.

How did he get here, how did this happen? He would have to start at the beginning...

Chapter 2: Reformed

Hatred's Former Self
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   From what he remembered, it all started a couple of days ago---when he was still a demon. He was still the mighty and powerful Hatred Demonwolf, who did everything he wanted, took anything he wanted and killed anyone who got in his way.

It had been on that night, that silent night, the one when he missed his family the most. He longed for his deliciously evil sisters and most of all, the pride from his once powerful father. Zarch Demonwolf had been the demon king, until he met that wrench of a mortal priestess who had cleansed his demonic soul and made him human again.

He had always worked so hard to follow in his father's footsteps and yet in the end, his father abandoned his demon heritage and left them. So when his father returned to him on that night, he was filled with a joy he had not felt for so many years.

He wished for nothing more than to join hands with his father and rain terror over the city, but Zarch instead tried to convince him it was no longer an era for demons to thrive in, that the only way they could become a family again was if he allowed the priesthood to purify him as the priestess once did to him.

At first he was repulsed and torn, he remembered the burning rage over his father's rejection, but as the days passed he started feeling a void inside his chest, a void he thought... maybe, becoming human would fill.

His kingdom was gone, he had nothing left to rule over and all he had become was a rogue demon terrorizing the city for fun. Was that to be his legacy? In his heart, he knew things could never be the way it was back then and for the first time in his life, he considered that he could be wrong. Even as the greatest evil, he felt the loneliness and cherished the few memories of his childhood spent with his father.

It was then he finally agreed and his father took him to the church for the purification. He remembered the priestesses in white cloaked dresses, surrounding him while chanting with their sweet soothing voices, the warmth of their spell filling his chest.

At first it burned like fire, he thought they were killing him and he was about to burst out in rage, but then it went away---all of it. All the hatred, all the anger, all the wrath. It was like a dark cloud had been lifted from his mind and he started feeling remorse... and regret.

He remembered everything he had done, all the people he had hurt, and it all came out through tears in his eyes. He remembered his father hugging him, congratulating him, telling him everything would be alright.

That was how he became like he was now, a half-demon. He still had his horns and traces of his former strength, but his demon eyes and great wings were forever gone.

That was how he became as he was now... but that still didn't explain how the hell he'd ended up in some dungeon like a bondage slave?!

No.... it was what happened after he had been 'cleansed'. He had a world before him and no idea what to do in it, and so his father told him to search for his brother---Chaos Demonwolf. They had once been mortal enemies, but now that he was no longer a demon, his father was certain they should join together and become a family again.

Personally he didn't care much for his brother, but if his father thought it was the best path for him then he would at least see it out. He had gone to his brother's apartment and waited for him to return home... and waited... and waited... but Chaos never returned.

After a day of waiting, a stranger finally came up to the door and unlocked it. Hatred had rushed up to the stranger and asked him what was going on, but the stranger turned out to be the landlord and had received specific instructions from his brother that if the lease hadn't been paid for several weeks, the landlord should assume him dead.

Chaos went missing in
"Sylas Spellbinder"

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Dead? ...Dead? No, Chaos wasn't dead. He was a demon hunter and if some demon had slain him more than a month ago, he would have known. No demon would have kept quiet about such an accomplishment---but his brother had gone missing.

"So who are you anyway?" The landlord had asked him and Hatred revealed himself as the older brother. The landlord shrugged and apologized for the loss, and offered for him to go through the apartment for any personal effects.

It had felt really weird, suddenly standing with his brother's apartment and being offered a keepsake. Even though they weren't close, it felt wrong to just let his brother's home disappear. And so he impulsively offered the landlord to take over the leash and pay off the debt.

That he remembered... he had just become mortal, and now had gotten an apartment and a huge debt with no money to pay it off. Why had he agreed to that? He had gotten so weak and softhearted, screwing himself over with petty emotions already.

Chapter 3: Repayment

   Still... how had that lead to this predicament?

He remembered that the debt had something to do with it. Even though he was 'reformed', the crimes he had done as a demon were still on his head. He couldn't exactly start working in Walmart, let alone show his horned face in public. The landlord had known some things about his brother to so freely pass on an apartment to a character looking like him, but who else would trust him?

 He had only one way of dealing with this kind of frustration, and that was hitting the pub. He knew this little dark corner at the edge of the city where even the most grim were allowed to order and so he had taken off to drink his sorrows away.

The bar had several broken windows and some of the lights flickered, the guests looked like they'd jump and stab you in the back, and the bartender was a weasel you'd trust to slip some poison in your drink. He loved the place.

He had gotten through three drinks when a character that didn't belong in this type of bar approached him. It was a fox white as snow, dressed in a businessman's suit. For some reason the fox took the seat next to him and tried to start a conversation.

"Greetings," he remembered the way the fox spoke with calm and a slight hint of mischief, he remembered the tone from somewhere but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"What do you want, fuckface?" He had snapped at the little guy, he was in a sour mood and it was annoying him he was the only one in the bar that apparently didn't scare the crap out of the fox. He had really lost it, hadn't he?

"It's just... you look like the type who could handle certain types of... business," the fox eyed his demon horns. At first he was still pissed, but as he thought about his debt he took a sudden interest in the conversation.

"What it's to you?" He asked with a raised eyebrow and the snow broke into a somewhat familiar sly smile. What was it about this guy? If only he hadn't been so drunk at the time, he could have remembered it more clearly.

"People who come here are usually desperate for an opportunity... any opportunity. I have a job offer, and I think you would be the best suited for... the role," the fox explained and winked suggestively as he moved in closer to Hatred.

Of course he was the best suited for the task. All these guys in the bar? They were nothing but creeps and bugs, but him? He had seen glorious battle, he had been the prince of darkness, a full-fledged and all powerful demon. 

"So what kind of job is it? Or whatever..." He asked without trying to sound too interested. The fox beamed with joy from his interest and handed him a business card with an address on it, it had a name on it called "The Bear's Cave."

"Let's just say if you don't mind.... performing nude under recording, this job will be ideal for you. No questions asked, all you have to do is show up and participate for a few hours, then you'll be walking away with a paycheck in your hands-" the fox explained to him.
"You mean it's porn," Hatred interrupted him. He was new to this world and didn't know much about it, much less about being an ordinary person---but he knew what pornography was, there was no need to sugarcoat the concept.

Still, he looked at the business card in his palm. In that department he was still proud--sex was one of the things where he still thought himself a god. He was hot and wild in bed, despite not being an evil demon anymore.

"If all I gotta do is bang a few chicks, then that's easy money..." Hatred smirked as he pulled out a cigarette. The fox handed him a light and looked at him with a raised eyebrow and a sly grin.

"...It's not chicks, is it?" He looked at the fox with a frown. Did the fox assume he was gay? While it wasn't far off the truth---as he was by their definition 'bi'---he was still insulted to be assumed a faggot. Did the fox just think he was some kind of loser who would bang dudes for the sake of money?

The fox shook his head and apologized, "No, but you just seemed like the kind of guy who could take on anything..."

"Hmpfh, that's right... now beat it," he grunted and sent the fox away with a snarl. The fox looked surprised and left the table, leaving him to ponder on his own again. He inhaled his smoke and blew out a long trail as he looked at the business card in his hand, thinking about the conversation.

He was so pissed off. Why did the fox think he was a faggot? Had he lost so much reputation that people thought of him as some kind of hooker?

...He was better than this, when he had sex he was the god damn alpha male, he was the king of the world and his partners were but slaves to his godly body. That was the way he used to think...

"Bartender! Another one..." He ordered and started on another bottle. Still, he put the card in his pocket.

Chapter 4: Recording

   ... Now he remembered it all. He looked around the room he was tied up in. It was an old-fashioned dungeon, with concrete walls lit by torches. But it wasn't a real dungeon, it was just a basement fashioned to fit the fantasy, inside the building named 'The Bear's Cave'.

He had seen cameras on his way in here, but he had been so drunk that he hadn't listened to anyone and just taken his clothes off in front of a bunch of strangers, demanding to be paid while cursing at them.

How could he have been so stupid? His thoughts were interrupted as he heard footsteps approaching. A large black masculine bear entered the room, wearing nothing but some leather gear. He had no doubt this was the man who had tied him up and he snared as the male approached him.

He felt a shiver down his spine, he knew what was going to happen next. He used to have a dungeon himself back when he was still a demon prince, he had raped so many prisoners in a room like this. But now he was one of the slaves, reduced to nothing but an object of desire---a sex toy to be used. He, who was always the alpha male, the most dominant of men.

"Hey Charles, get in here---looks like our sleeping beauty has woken up," the bear called out and a skimpy otter followed into the room, heading straight for the camera. Great, the filming was about to begin---he knew what that meant.

"I didn't even get your name last night, the way you came in here screaming---but looks like that's fixed now..." The bear taunted him by tapping the plastic ball firmly attached inside his mouth with a grin.

"Mm-MMMPH!" Hatred protested and began struggling, but to no avail. His bindings were as firm as they had been earlier---he wasn't going anywhere. It was so humiliating to be enslaved like this, but he wasn't going to show the bear any weakness.

"Don't worry, demon boy... you'll get your money once I have my satisfaction," the bear dropped his leather pants and revealed his big black juicy cock, pressing it up against his muzzle for him to smell the odor.

"You ready to begin, Charles?" The bear asked as he looked back at the camera guy, who nodded and began setting up the camera so they could begin the shot. He had signed up for a gay bondage movie and now he was in for it.
...The worst part of it? He was starting to enjoy it. Maybe it was because he had changed, maybe he had always enjoyed it and the demon in him had simply suppressed it---but now he had found his job.


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