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Character: Damian Ratsbane

Damian Ratsbane is the self-proclaimed king of the underworld, infamously named 'The Big Boss'. As the leader of the most powerful criminal syndicate, Damian runs an underground for sexual slavery where he oversees the auctions and protects his organization.


Once Damian was nothing more than a small henchman, working for one of Blade City's syndicates smuggling illegal goods. As the police force began to close in on their organization, Damian thought it long overdue they took back the streets with a better method---force.

Under Damian's rule, criminality blossomed in the city again and became a serious threat. His presence was noticed by a malevolent being, who saw his true potential and bestowed him with a powerful artifact that allowed him to control the minds of others.

With his newfound power, Damian created an empire using his ring to make his subordinates completely loyal and make his enemies drop their weapons with no desire to fight.

The Demon Goddess, Lust
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The Demon Goddess Lust

Damian was contacted by Lust, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. In exchange for his loyalty, she granted him the Ring of Desire---a powerful ring that allowed him to control people around him by planting suggestions in their mind and control their will. 

She charged him with spreading her influence through the world and make people only act on sexual desire so that one day, she would grow strong enough to enter the world.

To accomplish this, Damian started dealing with sexual slavery and created an auction to sell off his captured enemies. By doing this, he makes the buyers commit a sinful act based on lust while the slaves lose their mind to their sexuality.

The Dominant Six

Realizing that not all people could be controlled through his ring, Damian handpicked a group of villains to protect himself and run his organization. Infamously named "The Dominant Six," this notorious group serve as Damian's puppets and helps collect slaves for his auctions.

Despite being under his control, the villains compete and try to get rid of each other when not under his roof, forcing him to replace lost members from time to time---but always keeping the number six.

A Captured Hero
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The Auction
Once every few months, Damian hosts an auction where captured heroes are sold off as slaves to the highest bidders. The events always take place in different locations, spreading all over the world. The slaves are collected by the Dominant Six and shipped to Damian, where his subordinates put them up for auction in front of the crowd.

To prevent anyone from infiltrating his auction, Damian oversees all participants so that he can use his ring to weed out any heroes that try and blend into the crowd.


Damian once thought to pass on his empire and ring should he not succeed in his lifetime and he raised a son to follow his footsteps, Daniel Ratsbane.

The boy grew up and became a powerful young man, but in spite of his father's intentions Daniel didn't want to take over his father's empire and went off to live his own criminal life as a bounty hunter. Knowing how his blood would always impact his son's life, Damian did his best to hide his son's tracks so that Daniel would never get tangled up in his father's world.
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"Ring of Desire"
The artifact granted by the demon goddess Lust allows Damian to plant suggestions in the minds of others.

He must be in visual range to plant a suggestion, the suggestion will always be the highest priority in the victim's mind and unaware that the suggestions is false.

Damian's Tournament »
Jealous of Egad's success, Damian steals the idea and decides to host his own version---only on a much grander scale. With no less than 124 champions, the big boss is ready to collect his own grand prize.

The Alliance »
Lust is not the only sin out for the world and Damian is alerted as one of the other sins, Wrath, decides to start messing with their schemes. Can Damian contain this threat before it ruins their plans?

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