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Character: Hatred Demonwolf

A wolf with very little care, Hatred is the older brother to Chaos Demonwolf and a former villain. Once a powerful and arrogant demon, he underwent a transformation and was exorcised of his demonic blood. Turned good, he now stands by his brother's side---however cocky and lazy he remains.


Hatred fighting Chaos
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As a full-fledged demon, Hatred bore a grudge against his brother for stealing his father's love and had declared his little brother his arch-nemesis. They fought in battle many times, always the victor and nearly fatally injured his brother.

Before the birth of his brother, Hatred was the rightful heir to his father's throne and followed in his father's footsteps with pride. When his father, Zarch Demonwolf, was then exorcised and cleansed of his demonic self, he blamed it all on his new brother as the only thing keeping his father from returning to his old ways.

Powerful and furious, Hatred was a foe to be feared.


Out of his own time, Hatred felt lost in the modern world with no armies to command and no family left but his own father and little brother. He continued his rivalry with Chaos until his father convinced him the only way for them to become a family was for him to undergo the same exorcism as Zarch once did.

Feeling lonely, Hatred allowed himself to undergo the transformation and was purified of his demonic blood. Still left with his demonic horns as a reminder of his former self, he then sought out his brother to join him and become a hero as well.

Spare-time Job

Unable to find his brother, Hatred realized it would take time for Chaos to return home and decided to handle his brother's apartment until they could reunite. Strapped for cash to deal with the rent, he sought a job and in his failure, ended up drinking the night away.

Hatred in a Bondage Scene
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Naked, bound and gagged, Hatred woke up in a dungeon and realized he had walked drunk into a porn studio for a shoot as one of the 'models'. While unhappy about being tied up, he realized it was probably his only opportunity to make his own money and decided to work at the studio while waiting for his brother.

Being a trained warrior, Hatred wields a large claymore that he uses for fighting.

When using his sword, Hatred is always all-out offensive and cares very little for defensive fighting styles, cleaving his way through foes aggressively and fast.

The Demon Dungeon »
Hatred appears in the demon dungeon as his former evil self, where a fox tries to strip him while he is asleep. Enraged, he chases the fox until he bumps into his brother and gets captured after being knocked out.

To Bond Hatred »
Awakening in a dungeon naked, bound and gagged on what looks to be a ritualistic altar, Hatred has to recall everything that happened to find out what brought him into his situation.

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