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Character: Wade Hunter

Wade Hunter is a former cop who retired his badge after losing his mate in a mission against one of the villains in the crime syndicate, the Dominant Six. After his loss, Wade joined a secret organization tracking the syndicate's movements and searching for a way to put an end to Damian's empire.

Once In Love
Wade and Nico
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Back in his high school days, Wade met a boy named Nico White in a school soccer match and they quickly became a couple. Since then, they went to the police academy together where they officially announced their relationship.

Together they fought many battles, where Wade was the thinker and Nico was the doer. As a person, Wade was often skeptical and broody where as Nico was often optimistic and straightforward. Together they balanced each other out, as Yin to Yang.

Death of Nico White

In a mission against Zeraxies, a monstrous naga and a member of the Dominant Six, Wade and Nico was part of the unit leading the charge against the beast.
Wade watches Nico get swallowed
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Zeraxies proved to have abilities beyond their capabilities and captured most of their men. As Wade was about to get captured, Nico intervened and injured the beast to protect his mate. Enraged, Zeraxies swallowed the white wolf whole while Wade had to watch in captivity.

Saved in the last moment by help from outside, Wade was struck by grief and turned in his badge to seek revenge for his loss.

Revenge against the Dominant Six

Torn by the death of his loved one, Wade couldn't look the other way and joined a secret agency to find a way to bring the ones who were responsible for his loss to justice. Now he is researching and tracking down members of the Dominant Six to find out more about their organization and their infamous leader, Damian Ratsbane.

Hunter's Journal »
Wade writes down the dramatic events in his life that led to his current situation, and his short encounter with the dangerous naga known as Zeraxies.

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