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Character: Zarch Demonwolf

Zarch Demonwolf is the father to Chaos Demonwolf and Hatred Demonwolf. Once a great and powerful demon, he was exorcised by a priestess that he fell in love with and now seeks redemption for his past mistakes by trying to protect his family.


As the leader of his tribe, Zarch once fought in a war that cost his people dearly. When he returned home, he found the other tribes of the forest had razed his home and in anger, he turned to dark rituals that turned him into a demon and granted him the strength to revenge their families.

Young Zarch as the Demon King
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With his newfound power, his enemies didn't stand a chance and the conflict started turning into a massacre. Disgusted by his cruelty, the priestess at which he had fought side by side with before confronted him and pleaded him to surrender. Unable to find the heart to fight the woman he loved, he laid down arms and accepted banishment from the forest.

Exiled and betrayed, his tribe traveled north to the cold mountains where they allied with other of the outcast races and formed a Dark Kingdom. As the king, he raised four children as commanders for his armies---Fright, Hatred, Greed and Liar Demonwolf .

Heartbroken over their separation, the priestess disguised herself as a slave and approached Zarch where she used her cleansing power to remove his demonic corruption and together they fled the kingdom. Not wanting to raise a hand against his own children, Zarch took the priestess into hiding where they had his fifth son, Chaos Demonwolf.

Returning home one day, Zarch realized his eldest daughter had found their hideout and slaughtered the priestess while his infant son was missing. Fright offered him to return home as the rightful king, but Zarch was struck with grief and disappeared to search for his missing son and protect him.


Brought to the modern world together with his two sons, Hatred and Chaos Demonwolf, Zarch looks over them from the shadows and tries to keep them safe. Despite his good intentions, Chaos blames him for the loss of his mother as well as his evil siblings. Zarch hopes that one day his son will forgive him so that they can become a family again.

In trying to reconnect them as a family, Zarch approached Hatred and convinced him to become exorcised like himself and sent him to join his brother's quest. He still seeks a way to redeem himself of his past evils and forgiveness.

The Demon Dungeon »
Realizing his sons have gone missing, Zarch sets out to search for them. Only when he finally finds them, it is as another bondage slave in their captor's dungeon.

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