Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Demon Hunted

In trying to teach his newly reformed older brother how to be a demon hunter, Chaos is awaiting his sibling's untimely arrival in their hidden meeting place. However, Hatred's misguided approach to the profession will soon teach the brothers new lessons.


Chaos Demonwolf
Normally a calm and collected guy, Chaos has dedicated his life to the eradication of unnatural evils prying upon the innocent. As a demon hunter, he locates and kills demons before they can hurt anymore people. Since his brother's turnover to the good side, he's been reluctantly teaching his brother the arts.

Hatred Demonwolf
Convinced by his father to forsake his demonic heritage, Hatred has been 'exorcised' of his demonic blood---though his horns and cocky attitude remain. Before his brother's return and much to his disaste, Hatred found a job at a shady porn studio to make ends meet.

A full-fledged oni demon, Slake was exiled on the mortal world by his demonic father and now he wanders the world in his own quest---wherever his explorations take him, the demon is bound to end up between the two brothers.

Chapter 1: Between Two Brothers

Chaos Demonwolf
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In the middle of the forest stood a lone figure, tapping his foot impatiently while he waited. He was wearing a myrtle green hooded jacket shadowing over his bold eyes with a slight sneer on his mouth.

He was an unusual figure with a grizzly blue fur, a pair of floppy rabbit ears down his back and a thick wolf tail behind his tight olive jeans. A hybrid, a mix between species---a wolf rabbit.

It was easy to see the shape of his lean chest on his orange tank top, his physique was excellent and young of age. He was trained, fast and agile. He was relentless and vigilant, a warrior with the keen eye of a hunter.

Yet he seemed impatient, his mood spoiled by something. His eyes kept shifting from left to right, looking into the distance as he waited. For every passing minute he grew more annoyed, much against his character.

After some time, a silhouette finally appeared in the distance. The figure was moving slowly, hunched over carrying something large over his back. As the person came closer, he sharpened his eyes to see the details.

It was a red wolf, barely dressed save for a metallic skull belt with a loincloth attached covering his crotch. Over the wolf's back was an enormous sack, actively wiggling as if somebody or something was inside of it.

As his brother approached him, he rolled his eyes over Hatred's lacking attire. Compared to him, Hatred packed much more muscle with a six-pack that the wolf had no shame in baring. However, it was no outfit for demon hunting---they needed to blend in, not stand out like magazine models. His arrogance always make him lose focus, Chaos thought to himself.

Unsatisfied with his brother's late arrival, Chaos crossed his arms as he looked at the wolf with a raised eyebrow. "You're late---and what's this?" He hinted to the strange wiggling sack on his brother's back.

"Hey, you said to go demon hunting and I aaalready fooound ooone," Hatred boasted as he dumped the wiggling sack down on the ground in front of them. The sack responded with curses and other vulgar language as it tried punching around.

"So... you captured it?" Chaos criticized with a very trying tone as he looked down at the sack unimpressed with the bounty. What low level demon had his brother captured that couldn't just claw its way out of a simple cloth sack?

"There wasn't exactly any weapons around at the studio-" The red wolf begin to explain with raised arms but the wolf rabbit snapped at him, "The STUDIO? ...As in your 'porn' studio? ...Are you sure it's even a demon?!"

The red wolf frowned at his brother's somewhat hysterical tone and bent down to open the wiggling sack, "Look for yourself... he got horns and everything!" He reached down into the sack and pulled up a massive shape---it was indeed a demon. A male demon, entirely naked.

The demon was larger and stronger than both of them, his skin was a light blue color and he had black hair combed over with a pair of pointy yellow horns just above his thick masculine eyebrows. His body was muscular to a point of perfection with a massively pumped chest, a ripped and smooth six pack, large and bulging biceps, strong and powerful legs with a big meaty cock standing tall over his flat stomach as the cherry on top. 

The red wolf had really done a job on the demon with a single thick rope wrapped around his torso, a pair of clumsy knots just barely keeping the demon's hands behind his back and a few more ropes looped around the demon's knees just to keep him from running away. Exposed and helpless as he was, the demon was both embarrassed by his big erection and angry with his arrogant captor showing him off like some kind of trophy.

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"See? Horns!" The red wolf pointed at the demon's head while he took the opportunity to hold the demon straight up for Chaos to see, but the wolf rabbit only glanced down the demon's naked body once before he had seen enough and covered his face with his palm.

"It's an oni demon alright..." Chaos as he tried avoiding anymore of the full naked pride in front of him. The demon sneered with gritted teeth as he struggled with his arms between the two, caught between a rock and a hard place. Who were these people and why had they captured him?

"I told you before---I'm not evil," the demon tried protesting but the red wolf just smirked and held a hand over his mouth, squeezing his cheeks so that the only thing the demon could utter was muffled grunts, "Mmm.. Mm-mmph...!"

As the demon began to struggle, Hatred started groping his captive's firm ass and from the growing bulge on the wolf's loincloth, it was obvious the wolf enjoyed every moment of it. He was acting both arrogant and smug, actually taking sexual pleasure in controlling a larger male as some kind of alpha male ritual of dominance.

"STOP! ...I can't watch this... it's DISGUSTING!" The wolf rabbit bursted out and the red wolf let go of the demon with a large frown on his face, "...Just what is your problem?!"

"...You! You're not supposed to capture the demon, you're supposed to slay it!" The wolf rabbit had lost his patience and the red wolf snarled back at him, "So I have to do everything your way, brother--is that it?!"

"You're- No- It's different! You're using him as a plaything! It's repulsing!" Chaos argued almost lost for words and Hatred only got angrier, "So I'm not allowed to have any fun? Not everybody is BROODING and MOODY like you!"

The brothers broke into a large argument and they bickered at each other, the demon shuffled away to his best ability with his tied legs. As he got out of their short-ranged sight, he looked over his back to try and undo the ropes around his wrists. While the ropes was tight, the knots were downright terrible and he had no problem loosening them just enough to slip out his hands and remove the rest of his bondage.

He looked over at the two supposed 'demon hunters' still caught up in their heated argument and with a glance down on his hard dick, his face broke into a large smirk. Quietly sneaking up on them, he raised his hands quickly behind each of their heads and before they could react, banged them together and knocked them out cold in an instant.

"Now... I just came to the studio to have some fun... and since you guys ruined it for me, you'll just have to do," he said with satisfaction as he bent down to the two unconscious males.

Chapter 2: Tables Turned

"Urgh... what happened? My head hurts like fuck..." Hatred groaned as he shook his groggy head. Taking a hit like that didn't use to hurt as much when he was a demon, but now that he was a mere mortal he no longer had his fast recovery.

The first thing he noticed upon his eyes was... his brother, naked. Chaos was sitting opposite him, stripped off all clothes with his strong chest, smooth abs, lean biceps and agile legs in his full naked glory. The wolf rabbit was angry and looking over his back with gritted teeth as the demon from before was standing behind him, restraining his arms with the very same rope as the demon had been tied with himself.

Looking down his own body it was no surprise that his little clothing had been removed and a few pulls in his arms revealed his arms had already been firmly secured behind his back.  They had only taken their eyes off the prize for a moment, but that was all the demon had needed to turn the tables on them and now they were at his mercy.

It was silly, for two demon hunters to be caught by one single demon that supposedly wasn't even evil, but the blue male had taken his easy victory and hummed with satisfaction as he added the finishing knots to his new captive.

"What do YOU think happened?! The horny demon YOU brought just turned on us," Chaos roared at his brother as the demon tugged in the rope around his wrists to test the binding. Hatred looked over his own back to confirm that he was just as helpless---the demon had done a much better job and there was no easy escape from this one.

"All this 'demon this and demon that' stuff is getting real tiring---It's Slake," the demon mocked them as he rose up and dusted his hands off with a sly smile to celebrate a job well done. Both of them struggled with their arms trying to get free and he only smiled at their useless attempts.

It didn't take long for Hatred to lose his patience, "Oh this is just great, now I'm captured with you--AGAIN!" They had once been captured together like this before, only this time they were actually on the same side. That didn't stop them from having another argument as Chaos also lost his patience, "This time it's your own god damn fault!"

Slake sighed with a palm to his face. Those two were unbelievable---had they learned nothing from before? He shook his head and turned over to rummage through the pile of cloth behind them for a 'solution' to this problem.

"My fault? I had him perfectly under control until you started bitching about it!" Hatred barked back with gritted teeth as well. "If you didn't turn everything into sex then this wouldn---mmph!" Chaos started saying, but was interrupted as Slake stuffed a handmade gag into his mouth, created from loose pieces of his own cloth.

"Don't you fucking da---ammmph," the red wolf protested as the demon proceeded to gag him as well, but was cut short of words as Slake stuffed the gag deep into his maw and tied the cloth behind his neck.

Finally, the brothers remained silent---gagged and tied up as they were. Slake breathed with relief as he enjoyed the moment of quiet as the two just kept exchanging angry looks before he finally had their undivided attention.

Now he had not one, but two naked demon hunters tied up for his own pleasure. Just a moment ago he was being hurled away in a large sack and now he had not only his former captor, but the guy's brother as well. He didn't intend to hurt them.... but these guys really had ticked him off and payback was due. What better way to enjoy such revenge than to take them back into the dungeon?

He sat down between them and pulled them together with an arm around each of their necks, holding their wiggling and struggling naked bodies next to his side. "Now now guys, I'm gonna teach you how to get along..."

He first began with the red wolf---the arrogant bastard that had originally captured him. The male hadn't listened to a word he said and had abducted him with a cheap shot, then straight into a sack. Needless to say, it was... very satisfying to hold the hothead and grab his sheath, squeezing the male's balls tight to establish his dominance over the wolf.

"Mmm-MMMPH-MMMMMMMPH!!" Hatred almost roared as the demon dominated him, struggling and flailing in his grasp. "Not so cocky now, are you?" Slake taunted him with a smug grin as he looked the wolf in the eyes to establish his victory. As the wolf didn't budge and continued to fight, Slake dragged him along the ground to shove him into the cloth sack from earlier.

Hatred fought every step of the way, but Slake was both larger and stronger and easily trumped the angry wolf. It had a certainly level of irony to stuff the guy into the same sack as he had used to carry Slake around. Hatred wasn't happy it and kicked around like a maniac, much to Slake's enjoyment. Then finally, he looked over at the last remaining captive.

"Mm-Mm-Mmmph!" Chaos tried protesting as Slake came towards him, but the demon just placed a hand on his lean chest and ran it down his stomach in the same manner as with his brother, "I think I've heard of you... a demon hunter and some wolf rabbit thing---you're this Chaos guy, aren't you? Fun that we should meet this way."

Chaos shook his head as Slake swung his naked body over his shoulder and dumped him down in the sack with his brother. He kept shaking the sack until the guys fell into place, piled against each other in a most inappropriate manner. The last thing the brothers saw before the darkness closed around them was Slake's cheeky smile as he closed the sack and swung it over his shoulder.

They continued to wiggle around inside the sack and struggle in their cramped confinement, but they both knew they were in for it now---they had no choice but to stay put as Slake carried them off. From inside the bag they could hear him whistling in merriment as he muttered to himself, "I should go demon-hunter-hunting more often...!"