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The Tournament (Part 3)

The second round of the tournament has begun and the remaining six champions must face off against each other to make it to the semi-finals. Only for every champion eliminated, the trophy chamber gains yet another addition.


Galen Dhaelos
Normally serving as Captain of the Guard, Galen has entered the tournament to test his strength and made a name for himself when he defeated Chaos Demonwolf in the first match. Now Galen must face another contestant as his second match approaches, will the great lion remain undefeated?

If not busy saving a damsel in distress, Shred enjoys a friendly brawl at the bar any day. Having secured victory against Infernous in the second match, Shred has proved himself a veteran fighter, capable of adapting to any opponent. Will the cunning wolf finally meet his match in the second round?

Egad Nob
The evil mastermind behind the tournament, Egad teleports the defeated champions into a secret chamber where he keeps them as bondage slaves on display. Regardless of who wins or loses, the fox is sure to obtain himself another prized trophy at the end of the match.

Chapter 5: Before The Storm

Galen versus Chaos
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He still remembered the battle as if it was yesterday. His first match in the tournament had been against Chaos Demonwolf. At first he thought his opponent nothing special until the guy suddenly transformed into a demon and came at him with both horns and wings. It was in that moment the real match started and the crowd loved every moment of it.

Despite his power boost, Chaos was still worn down from all the damage he had taken earlier and his new recklessness only gave Galen even more openings to land his attacks. It was that final blow which settled the match, the lion drove his massive fist straight into the demon's abdomen and sent him flying to the edge of the arena where the boy at last collapsed.

After a moment of pause his fallen opponent simply disappeared in a bright light. It seemed wrong for a moment, he had just beaten the guy and now he vanished without a trace?

His doubts only lasted for a few seconds before the crowd's massive applause overtook him. "Galen is the winner!" The announcer's voice echoed over the stadium and the people loved him as they cheered him on while chanting his name, "Galen, Galen, Galen!" He let loose a victory roar that echoed across the hall before the bright light surrounded him as well and returned him home.


"Do you think Galen thinks about you?" The fox asked as he looked at Chaos. The once great demon hunter and former tournament champion had been captured after his defeat, instantaneously teleported into bondage.

It was as he had originally suspected when he had to strip naked to become attuned to the teleporter for the tournament---in the same logic that the teleporter could assemble him with his fighting outfit, it could also outfit him with rope instead. From the moment he had been teleported out of his match against Galen, he had found himself inside a glass naked, bound and gagged.

Everything had been a setup and the whole tournament was a fraud. Every time someone was defeated they were brought in here, trapped inside a glass in their naked form as another helpless 'trophy'. Chaos had only been the first and since the first round had long since concluded, there were now seven champions in the chamber. Seven muscular and naked guys entirely bound and trapped, barely able to move or talk for every moment of their captivity.

"Mmm-Mmmph," Chaos grunted in reply as he looked his captor in the eyes. He had no doubt Galen was just as unaware of the deceit as the rest of them. Still, the lion had been enormously strong and had trashed his metamorphosis at ease---if anyone could make a change, maybe Galen could.

He let his eyes travel among the current ranks of defeated champion, stopping at the second trophy to his right. It was a large and powerful black dragon named Deacon, who had fought his match in a sewers and despite being such a power house, he had lost because of the environmental disadvantage he was at in such a passageway.  

"Ah yes, if a guy as big and strong as this monster of a dragon could be trapped in here, what faith could you really hope for your precious Galen?" The fox said as he walked further down the row to Deacon's glass.

The dragon was by every means massive, bulging with muscle and more than twice as tall as the fox. He barely fit into the glass and most of his body was squeezed against the glass with both his legs and neck bent just to be able to stand, not to mention his massive throbbing cock lined against the surface of the glass.

It was an odd sight to see such a massive guy held captive by such a little fox, even though the fox hadn't actually lifted a finger. From his expression alone, Chaos could see the fox took great delight in relishing their captivity in this way. Still, he felt provoked and held hope that at least one champion would make the difference.

"Galen will figure it out!" Chaos cried out, but it unfortunately only came out as "Ga-Ammph mmph omm--omph!" The fox looked over at him with a wicked grin, "I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that, would you mind repeating it for me?"

Chaos grunted in annoyance as Egad walked back to his glass and taunted him, "But don't worry---his next match is today, so I guess we'll see if your 'hero' makes it here after all." The fox said as he tapped the glass implicative before leaving the chamber again with a wicked smile.

Chaos was left with the other champions in the chamber again, pondering about what Egad had said. Why did he feel so optimistic about Galen out of a sudden? He had already seen six other strong champions make it into the chamber without fail, why would the lion be any different?

Perhaps it was because Galen had beaten him, he felt he still had a fighting chance through his opponent. A hope that the lion would be strong enough to prevail through all the rounds and figure out the scheme before it was too late. Chaos looked through the chamber again, only five glasses still stood empty...


It had been a week since his first match and he longed for to return to the arena and its glory. The second round had already begun and he knew it was only a matter of time now before he would face his next opponent. He had no idea who it would be or where it would be---that was how the tournament worked, they were simply teleported to the site when it was their time to fight. That way he had no idea what to expect---just as he preferred it.

Despite how easy he thought his first win had been, it had still made him realize just how serious the tournament was. His opponents were real fighters, and he would have to be at his best if he hoped to win the grand prize. Everyone in his city were hoping for him to bring back the prize and honor the city's reputation. He fought for honor and he fought for glory, but mostly he fought because he enjoyed it.

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The sun was rising over the mountains as he returned the city's gates from his laps around the walls. The guards opened the large doors before him as they showed him their respects, "Welcome back, Captain."

He looked up at them with a sly smile and shook his head, he knew they were all secretly planning to watch his match despite his specific instructions to keep working and 'not to focus on unimportant stuff'.

Truthfully, the only reason he could participate in the tournament and keep working at the same time was because of the teleporter. He didn't understand much of it, only that it brought him to his matches when he needed to fight and returned him after. That way, he could stay in the city and keep to his duties while fighting at the same time.

His stomach growled from the morning exercise and he decided to take a break from his training and headed for his favorite inn, 'The Delicacy of Uniko'. Inside the inn was a large male unicorn tinkering with a small old box of a television. He kept hitting the box to try and make the image appear as he adjusted the antennas at random.

"No no, that's not how you do it, Uni..." A beautiful lioness said who was sitting at the counter. She had always been the voice of reason in his circle of friends, and his beloved sister.

Nimara and Uniko
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"Fine then, you try Nimara!" Uniko said as he frowned and handed her the box. He was the owner of the inn and a friendly guy, but had his fair share of shortcomings. A few moments later and the television was running again.

"Hah... leave it to a woman's touch!" An equally buff tiger said sitting besides the lioness. Galen had known the tiger since they were both kids, it was his best friend Zhal. He was usually always good spirited and today was no exception.

"Uni... Nim... Zhal... What are you all doing here?" Galen asked surprised as he stepped inside the inn and greeted them. He hadn't expected all of his friends to be up this early, had they been waiting for him?

"What do you think? ...It's certainly not to see Uni's repair skills," Zhal replied with a smirk and the unicorn grunted as he admitted defeat to the lady.

"It's so exciting... we can follow your next match on this television!" Nimara said as she tuned through the channels to find the right one. They all had to sit together with their heads joined to even see the tiny image---televisions weren't exactly widespread in Mel´Andrea.

"Come on guys... it's not that important," Galen protested as he took seat besides them. He was starting to feel embarrassed, he didn't want his close friends turning into his fans as well.

"Let's see... it's either today or tomorrow... and it's against the wolf, the crocodile or the imp..." Uniko counted on his fingers. Those were the opponents Galen could be facing in his next match, if his match was today.

"Ahem," Galen cleared his thread and asked, "The usual?" He had still come here for breakfast and he was starving. The unicorn nodded and went behind the desk to prepare his meal as the others continued talking to him.

"Come on buddy, don't be shy... you kicked the daylight out of that wolf-bunny!" Zhal commented with a heartedly laugh and Galen placed his hand on the back of his head in embarrassment, "Yeah... I hope to get a stronger opponent this time..."  

"There it is!" Nimara suddenly bursted out and interrupted his thoughts as she had finally found the television channel for the tournament. 

Fenris versus Strype
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The three of them watched as the television was replaying scenes from yesterday's match, the first fight in the second round. It was some wolf named Fenris against a large tiger named Strype. Both champions seemed agile and strong, but the arena they had to fight in made it challenging just to stay in the game. 

Nimara turned up the sound to better hear the newscast, "... In the previous match, after a long and breathtaking battle, Strype finally suffered defeat at Fenris' ferocious claws!"

Galen had been so occupied with watching the television he hadn't even noticed the plate with food in front of him until the bartender poked his forehead to get his attention, "An extra large portion on the house today to keep up your strength for the match!"

"Uni, you shouldn't-" But the unicorn interrupted him and shook his head, "You'll need it buddy, so stop complaining and eat." The others smiled at him and he finally gave up with a sigh and started digging in.

"So buddy, who would you like to meet in your first match?" Zhal asked as he looked, "Well, someone really strong..." Galen shrugged, he hadn't paid all that much attention to who the other champions were in the roster. He just got teleported in, fought and won.

"How is it like being teleported?" Nimara asked and Galen made a disturbed face, "It makes you dizzy." He had been teleported only once against the wolf bunny in that boxing ring, and after he had won he was returned to the center at which he originally signed up for the tournament.

"So how did you get into the tournament?" Uniko asked and Galen stopped for a moment to think, "Hm... I got challenged by a guy who wanted to enter... Then I beat him and he suggested I should come with him and try out for the event... So I went to this place where a professor mouse asked me to stand naked on his platform and zap... I got in."

Nimara giggled, "You had to be naked? Did the professor mouse perform experiments on you, dear brother?" The lion blushed. "Everyone else had to do it," he said in his defense. It hadn't been anything sexual, there had been hundreds of other guys who went through the same thing. He didn't understand why he had to strip for the machine to work but he didn't really care much, as long as it worked.
Zhal looked at him and and placed a hand on his shoulder with a sly smile, "You wanna spar a bit before your possible match?" For Galen that was like being invited to a birthday party and he got accepted right away. "Thank you for the meal, Uni..."

"You're welcome mate... and good luck with the match!" The friends bid each other farewell as the two buddies went out on the open green fields to practice. The sun was standing tall on the sky now and it was both tranquil and peaceful.

Galen and Zhal
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The lion and the tiger took a stance against each other and bowed before they started to brawl. The two buddies went on for at least half an hour before Zhal finally called a pause, panting. "You've gotten stronger," Zhal acknowledged as they sat down in the shadow of a tree and enjoyed the chilling breeze.

"That's why I joined this thing... so I can get stronger and better protect the village," Galen explained and Zhal laughed a bit, "You've gotten so noble..." Galen raised his eyebrows as Zhal stood up and climbed up the tree, picking them a couple of apples to share. He handed the lion one and they laughed together before taking a bite.

Time passed and Galen looked up at the sun's position, "Looks like my match won't be today." Zhal shrugged, "Ah well, maybe tomorrow then?" Galen nodded as he got up, "Better get back to my duty or those slackers will get lazy again."

Zhal bid him farewell as he headed off to the town, but just as he walked down the hill a bright light surrounded him. Zhal smiled as he watched Galen disappeared in the flash, "Good luck, my friend."

Chapter 6: Galen versus Shred

Words could not describe this arena. He could hear the missiles and explosions before he even regained his sight. It was a city under siege, a war zone. The area around him was in ruins with fire burning everywhere, he was on top of a large damaged highway bridge with a very long way down.

He stepped off the teleport platform he arrived on and looked ahead on the bridge. Another champion had arrived on the other end, just as surprised by the environment as himself. Were they really meant to fight amongst this chaos? He wasn't scared, but it would be difficult to avoid getting damaged by the crossfire, so this arena would also sincerely test their endurance.

His opponent was a gray wolf wielding a large red wrench like a mace, he knew the champion's name---it was Shred. He had heard about him from his reputation as a fighter, whether it was a friendly brawl in a bar or a fighting tournament, Shred had a reputation as a ferocious opponent who could adapt to any enemy.

"Welcome champions!" A voice sounded nearby from a speaker, "This is a military experimental zone for warfare, which we've requested a full-scale test during your battle. Beware of the constant damage around you, and as usual the first champion to knock out his opponent will win. Let the match begin!"

"I'm glad," Galen said with a sigh of relief and Shred looked over at him, "Hmm...?"

"I was hoping for a real challenge," the lion said with a smirk as he took a fighting stance and the wolf broke into a grin. He was right, this was going to be a good fight.

Shred made the first move and surprisingly fast. He flung the wrench at the lion and Galen could only block the attack by crossing his arms as a shield. Before he realized, Shred had followed the throw with a dash that he turned into a kick right in his now exposed abdomen, sending the large lion flying backwards already.

Galen was impressed. Not only had Shred deduced he wasn't fast enough to dodge the throw, but also predicted how he would react and took advantage of the opening. Shred had fought large opponents before, he would have to keep his guard constantly up.

Getting back on his feet, Shred was already making a second charge with his wrench back in his hand but this time he was prepared. He sidestepped the weapon swing and countered with a swing of his own fist, this time knocking the wolf back.

"Not bad..." Shred grunted as he got back on his feet. He had hit the wolf quite hard, but Shred had a lot more endurance than his previous opponent. Galen smirked and made a doggie call gesture to taunt the wolf, and Shred came at him again.

But suddenly, a missile landed at the spot they were both charging at and the impact threw them both backwards. The highway started to shake as rubble fell down from the newly created hole. Galen tumbled over the edge and managed to just grab on to the broken fence, barely hanging on. He looked down and it was a long way down to the road below with only rubble and fire to break his fall... if he lost his grip he would lose the match.

The lion roared as he pulled himself up, the fence starting to loosen from the weight and he dug his claw into the solid stone to pull himself up the rest of the way. He was panting as he looked around for his opponent, had Shred been blown off the bridge as well?

He wasn't that lucky, as the wolf had come charging at him again. This battle just got real. From his fur Galen could tell Shred had also taken some damage, but it wasn't holding him back at all. He was swinging and kicking at the lion ferociously, forcing Galen back until he was at the edge again. Then came the dropkick and Galen had but moments to act before he would be sent flying off the bridge again.

The lion took a defensive stance, spread his legs and blocked the massive kick with his arms, allowing only his torso to bend from the attack and barely managing to get back up. His heart raced as the wolf tumbled over and he quickly follow the block with a stomp that Shred only just managed to dodge by rolling to the side, and the sheer force caused the bridge to collapse again.

Galen and Shred and no choice but to leg it as the bridge started to crumble in a large ripple and first stopped when half the area they had been fighting on was gone. The champions stood panting for a moment to catch their breath, "Tough battle, eh?" Shred commented and Galen chuckled a bit. For a moment he felt a bond in duking it out with another guy in this arena, two guys fighting at their best.

They resumed in a close fist fight. He would prefer to settle this with martial arts than from the environmental damage, and now it just came down to strength and agility. Galen was clearly the stronger fighter despite Shred's attempts to rival his strength, but Shred had a constant speed advantage allowing him to dodge more and land faster hits.

Another nuke hit near them and the rubble blasted into them, Galen shielded his face with his arms while Shred used his wrench. Not only did the metal weapon prove better for blocking the rubble, but it also hurt like hell when Shred's faster speed allowed him to once again take advantage of Galen's raised arms to land another strike in his abdomen.

The lion grunted in pain and couldn't really believe what was happening: The wolf was wearing him out. His reflexes were starting to fail and the pain was going to his head. "Not like this, not with all the guys rooting for me..." Galen thought to himself as he roared in anger and the adrenaline rush started to kick in. Shred's eyes widened as the lion's punches picked up speed and he managed to land a kick on the wolf, sending the wolf flying backwards.

Shred got back up with a similar look in his eyes... this was it, the final to their battle. The two champions clashed again with their sweaty muscles and hard fast breathing. They could feel the bridge shake as another big nuke had landed near them. Galen managed to land a hit on Shred's face and gave him a swallowed eye, a favor Shred returned with a swing of his wrench. It was that final blow which settled the match, everything was becoming blurry and the noise from the battlefield was starting to vanish.

Shred fastened the grip around his wrench for the next attack when Galen collapsed. Every muscle in his body was sore, the pain was overwhelming and the darkness was beginning to cloud his vision. He could hear the wolf's victory howl as he felt the bright warm light from the teleporter surround his body again.

Chapter 7: Revelations

Galen had never given much thought to the teleporter or what would happen if he lost. It had just been a means to an end, the teleporter brought him to his matches and that was all he had needed to know.

He was so powerful, so strong, he had never thought he could be taken captive like this. Instead of the welcoming party he arrived at last time he was teleported out, he now found himself naked, bound and gagged inside a large glass dome.

"Mm-mmph..." He grunted as his sight slowly returned to him, his large body was almost squeezed inside the narrow glass with his large cock pressed up against the surface.

He looked down his captured form in a moment of silence, trying to understand what just happened. He had never been trapped like this before and didn't know what to make of it.

What he could recognize was the teleporter below him. He had stood on such a platform before, back when he was first attuned for the tournament.

"Where am... Fuck!" Galen said in realization, but it only came out as, "Hmm mmh, OMPH!" He had some sort of stick shoved into his mouth that was strapped on his muzzle so he couldn't talk either. It was a gag, he hated gags...

"... How the hell I´ve been trapped like this..." He thought to himself, he hadn't been unconscious for more than a few seconds. Had something gone wrong? No, this was intentional. Someone had brought him here. He thought about the guys back home waiting for his return, what if they could see him now? It was a humiliation condition, stripped and put on display like some... trophy.

Galen spots Chaos
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It was then the realization hit him that he was not alone. Looking around the room he could see dozen of other glasses with other captured dudes like himself, only four stood empty. As his eyes traveled through the captured figures, he stopped as he spotted his former opponent.

"Oh look, the little wolf-bunny there..." He paused, these weren't just any people.... these were the champions of the tournament. The room was being filled systematically, his opponent had been captured as well upon defeat.

Who had done this? They hadn't just been captured, they had been stripped and tied up with their cocks constantly hard.  Galen felt the chains around his wrists, thick steel was keeping him bound. "Oh c'mon... whose the sucker that do this?..." He grumbled as he tried to free his hands in vain.

Egad inspects Galen
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Naturally it didn't take long for the mastermind to show himself. But Galen couldn't quite believe his eyes when a slender little fox approached his glass with an evil smirk.

"Welcome to my collection, Galen Dhaelos. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Egad Nob." The fox gloated as he looked up and down Galen's naked figure with satisfaction.

This was the master villain who had captured so many champions including him? Was he kidding? He couldn't have been captured by this little fox. That was just an insult to injury.

"You seem confused," Egad added with a devilish smirk, "How could such a little fox capture me? It's simple, you were already mine the moment you became part of the tournament. I am the host."

Galen Struggles
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"Grrr---Mmmph!!" Galen growled inside his encasing as he began to struggle. He understood now, there never was a tournament. It had all been for this... evil.

And now he had been captured as another trophy in the fox's collection. From the looks of it, it wouldn't take long now before the tournament over. What would happen to them, to him, once it was over?

He wouldn't stay to find out. He'd find a way out of here, no matter what. He may have been defeated, but he wouldn't let the fox be the true winner of the tournament.

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