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Character: Galen Dhaelos

Galen Dhaelos is the Captain of the Watch in the great city of Mel´Andrea. As captain, it is his responsibility to oversee the security of the city and command the guard to keep the peace. He lives in a more medieval city in harmony with nature, surrounded by great forests and mountains.

Warrior at Heart

It's a secret to no one that Galen enjoys a good brawl, fighting hand to hand with a worthy opponent to test his strength in combat. As a child Galen was a loner until he met his best friend, a tiger named Zhal, who taught him not only how to control his strength but also to use it for a better purpose--justice.

He's since then been trained in the arts of war by his mentor, and has become a fierce and respected warrior. In combat, Galen has made a name for himself from his sheer power, preferring to face his opponents head-on and settle the fight with his fists.

Though Galen comes off very strong, he cares a lot about doing the right thing and being a good leader for the sake of his people.

Captain of the Watch

Galen with the Captain's Chain
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Before Galen became the Captain of the Watch he worked under Zutan, the previous captain. Zutan always thought Galen lacked in disciplined from his unwillingness to follow the "dress code" and his crude character, but after seeing how Galen protected him from an ambush he recommended the lion for the position and Galen was rewarded with the Captain's Chain as proof of his new position.

As Captain of the Watch, Galen feels a large responsibility to protect his city and never allow himself to show weakness, in case his failure would endanger his city. Though this responsibility is a heavy burden, his friends, mentor and the former captain continues to help guide him.

A Warrior Admired

Words of Galen's accomplishments and incredible physique often travel outside the city's borders, drawing challengers and admirers alike to meet the mighty lion. Though the lion loves a good challenge, it can also sometimes be a bother as it disrupts his work---especially when the challenger is a villain.

"Herculean Strength"
Being enormously strong and trained in the arts of war, Galen can physically overpower any opponent in combat.

His strength also allows him to break down walls, lift huge boulders, break chains, bend metal and any other feat of strength not normally possible with regular strength.

"Iron Will"
Having trained his body purposely by taking punishment, Galen has strengthened his muscles against blows and increased his endurance against damage.

His tenacity allows him to keep standing as long as it takes, but is less effective against weapons.

The Tournament »
After receiving an invitation to a fighting tournament, Galen joins the roster of champions to test his strength in battle. However, he may have signed up for more than he realized.

Galen and Egad »
A fugitive has come to Mel´Andrea to seek his protection from the scheming Egad Nob and Galen is determined to put a stop to the villain once and for all, but can he figure out the villain's plan before it's too late?

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