Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Auction (Part 1)

With Chaos Demonwolf captured by Sylas Spellbinder, events have been set in motion as Wade Hunter begins on his mission to bring down the Dominant Six.


Wade Hunter
A former police officer sworn to avenge the death of his partner, Wade Hunter has gotten a lead about a new member about to join the Dominant Six and has set out to apprehend this character before he can join the group.

Sylas Spellbinder
A maniac dressed like a magician, Sylas' magic is not be underestimated despite his taste in fashion. Recently invited to join the Dominant Six, the weasel is preparing for his first auction.

Chaos Demonwolf
Once a great hero, Chaos Demonwolf was betrayed by Egad Nob and was trapped inside a card by Sylas. Will this hero ever get a break or will he remain a collectible in Sylas' albums?

Prelude: Mission

Wade tells...

Since the death of my partner, I have been relentlessly chasing down leads to bring the crime boss behind it all, Damian Ratsbane, to justice. Information has been scarce and hard to come by, but I have learned much about the group of villains called "The Dominant Six."

The Dominant Six serves as Damian's henchmen, carrying out his orders and protecting his empire. As long as they remain by his side, Damian is untouchable. Taking them out one by one is my best shot of bringing down the big boss.

However, the identity and location of these criminals have been concealed well. I suspect that someone with wealth and influence is intentionally covering their tracks. Information of a new member has recently surfaced, though I suspect it has been leaked to me intentionally by the very same person. Perhaps to set me up, or perhaps to get rid of this recruit before he has a chance to meet the boss.

Regardless, these villains are responsible for hundreds of kidnappings, including four officers from my old unit. The Dominant Six collect captives and bring them back to Damian's slave auction, where they are subjugated and sold off to the highest bidder. It angers me to think that my comrades are somewhere out there, caged in a lowlife's basement and broken of will. 

It has changed me. I cannot bear to lose anymore comrades and I must undertake this mission alone. The mission has become my purpose in life, and the thought of avenging my loved one is the only way I can breathe knowing what unseen evil is allowed to roam free.

Chapter 1: Infiltration

The information I uncovered was a set of coordinates for the villain's hideout. My mission: To disarm and disable the target for interrogation.


The location was far outside the city in the middle of a large forest with no civilization in sight, a perfect place to hide. I began the mission after nightfall, equipped with special task force gear and night vision goggles. I would use the element of surprise to my advantage.

The forest was quiet and the only sound was the wind blowing through the branches above. I moved forward carefully, there was no telling what traps could have been laid out to prevent intruders.

Besides the coordinates, my intel had revealed nothing about the target's identity. I didn't know what to expect, only that whoever - or whatever - was out here, had petitioned to join the Dominant Six and the last member I encountered of the crime syndicate had been a nine feet tall monster. I had to remain fearless, but I kept looking behind every tree expecting an enemy to jump me as my heart drummed while moving further into the forest.

As I closed in on the coordinates, there was still no indication of any hideout - no cave or structure. If there truly was a member of the Dominant Six in this forest, I assumed there would be some form of storage for his victims, but so far there was no indication of such.

I encountered an abnormality unlike anything I had ever seen before in the forest: A field of thorns, covering the area of the exact coordinates. It was too well placed to be a coincidence and I wasn't ready yet to forfeit my mission just yet.

Kneeling down before the thorns, I unsheathed my combat knife to try and cut the plant for further study, but I couldn't grab hold of the branch and my knife passed right through it like cutting air without touching the plant. I tried again and the plant continued to defy logic.

It then occurred to me that the thorns weren't real. I would have thought it was some kind of hologram, but there were no projectors to cast them. Waving my hand through the thorns didn't even cause any glitch - it was like the perfect illusion and I could think of no scientific explanation. I took a deep breath and went straight through the field unsure of what would happen.

Suddenly I passed through some invisible barrier and entered a clearing with a large old house in the middle. I couldn't believe what I had just experienced, but I was beginning to understand the point. The illusion of thorns had been there to deter anyone from passing through by random and hid the large building from plain sight.

The house looked like something taken out of a ghost story, I would have thought it abandoned hadn't there been a light inside. I thought back at the fairy tale of the witch's house, only instead of Hansel and Gretel it was a stealth agent about to enter. I drew my gun and found an open window at the side.
I expected hostages inside, but what I entered was just an ordinary living room with a couple of large book shelves and a single table with an open binder. There was a loose card that had slipped out of the binder that looked like a trading card. Everything so far had been so strange and unexpected - first an illusion, then a spooky house and now trading cards. This mission was getting absurd.

I could hear footsteps somewhere further inside and I proceeded into the long entrance hall. Moving silent down the hall, I paused at a corner and listened quietly. I could hear a voice in the room at the end, "Stupid fox, stupid fox---once I join zee little group, then we will zee who has last laugh ."

[Click to Enlarge]

What fox was he referring to? Nevertheless, I summoned my courage and readied myself. Light on my feet, I sprinted down the hall and jumped into the room with my gun pointed at the figure while roaring, "HANDS UP!"

Sylas Spellbinder
[Click to Enlarge]
The figure was a weasel dressed in a magician's outfit, holding a cliché magic wand. It was really hard to imagine this guy was a criminal, let alone some mass kidnapper from his unserious look---but I had to remain vigilant and not let my guard down. After all, nothing had been what it appeared to be so far.

"Qui ĂȘtes-vous? How dare ze barge into my home?! I will show ze-" The weasel reacted hysterically with a French accent as he raised the wand up in the air, but before he could finish his sentence I fired a shot at his stick and the bullet broke the wand in half. "SACREBLEU!" He yelped as he jumped in shock.

"Hands over your head and kneel down," I commanded and the weasel sneered as he knelled down and looked me in the eyes with anger. I moved over to arrest him with a pair of handcuffs from my belt, but without warning he suddenly rolled over and hid behind his couch to take cover before I could fire another shot.

"Surrender now and I won't shoot," I warned him. I really wanted to take him alive and slowly strafed around the couch, but in the second I got in his line of sight he had found a spare wand from under the cushion and pointed it at me as I took aim at him.

"Avardo no clothia!" He yelled at me as I pulled the trigger. I was expecting the sound of a gunshot, but then I realized my gun was gone. It was as if it had just disappeared from my hands and I looked briefly at my open palms in confusion.

The sudden cold breeze against my bared skin made my eyes traveled down my arms and suddenly naked body. With one simple phrase, he had stripped me of all my equipment and I was unarmed and nude in front of a dangerous opponent.

Even taking my eyes off him for even a second had proven another fatal mistake, as ropes shot out of his wand and entangled me like living snakes. I roared as I fought and struggled to try and get them off, but they crept down my arms and wrapped themselves around my wrists before leashing and joining behind my back, pulling my wrists together behind my back and cuffing me.

"Kneel," he commanded as more ropes shot out of his wand and entangled my torso while the others crept down my legs and pulled my ankles together, causing me to fall over on my knees. My heart was pounding in fear as I looked the villain in the eyes. In less than a minute, this weasel had stripped me entirely naked and tied me up on the spot---how was that even humanly possible?!

"What is this...?!" I growled as I struggled against the tight bindings as the villain looked at me with a content smirk. My situation was dire as the magician walked over to me, grabbed my chin with his gloved hands and moved my head from left to right to inspect me.

"Zee fox sent you, no?" He snarled at me with a glance in his eye, and I was starting to think that this fox he was talking about was also my source. It seemed like a feud between them, and I was now stuck in the middle of it.

Sylas Capturing Wade[Click to Enlarge]
"More like... zee gift now," the weasel mocked me as he moved his hand down my throat and followed the surface of my chest further down my abs until he reached my crotch. With just one finger, he made my dick shoot straight up in a raging hard erection like a magic touch. At the same time, he conjured a shiny red ball-gag that shoved itself into my maw and the strings floated behind my neck and joined together by themselves.

This was my only chance to fight back while he was playing with my body. I hadn't come unprepared, going up against the Dominant Six I had expected to land in a situation like this and had spent months practicing the arts of escape.

With a poker face to hide my plan, I started used my fingers to navigate the knots around my wrists. Despite his magical means, the bindings on my wrists were not quite as incredible and it didn't take me long to loosen them enough to free myself.

He kept stroking my length like he had me right where he wanted me, but his magic touch felt like an orgasm and it was hard to concentrate with such a pleasurable feeling surging into my cock. Finally he let up and pulled out a card from his jacket, "And now, zee shall join mine collection..."

For some reason, the weasel raised a card in front of me and gave me an opportunity to jump forward and tackle him. I rammed straight into his abdomen with my head and we both tumbled over the floor. He gasped and coughed trying to breathe as he wailed in pain.

Quick to recover, I pulled my hands out of the wrist bindings and loosened the ropes off my chest before I bent down to undo the ropes around my ankles. Despite his pain, the magician got on his feet again and I rolled over to avoid the new ropes that started shooting out of his wand.

Even though he missed, the ropes landed on the floor and began crawling after me like snakes. I had but a split second to make my next decision. Should I attack him and try to bring him down or retreat? It was like time slowed down as I looked around to analyze the situation.

With his wand still pointed at me, I couldn't see any way to take him down and decided to retreat to avoid a second capture. Storming down the hall with the weasel chasing me, I barred myself against the door from the room I had entered the house and looked to the open window. It seemed so far away now.

The weasel pulled in the door handle and tried pushing the door open, but obviously he wasn't strong enough to push the door open against me. I prayed that he didn't have some magical means to make the door disappear like he had done away with my clothes, and after a while he finally let off the door knot.

"I know zee is hiding in there, but zee will not get out." He roared from the other side of the door, and my heart jumped as the window suddenly shut with the locks sealing on their own. I was trapped.

It seemed he had stopped trying to open the door and had given me a brief moment of pause. I was finally able to pull the red ball-gag out of my mouth and take a deep breath to calm myself. Now, my best bet was to try and ambush him when he entered.... but something on the table caught my eye.

I had seen the trading card on the table when I first entered, but now that I was standing here and quietly observing I noticed something strange about it... The picture it was moving on its own.

Pausing for a moment, I stepped away from the door and looked back to see if the magician tried coming inside again, but the door handle remained still. Silently, I stepped forward and looked down at the card on the table.

I was dumbstruck as I realized the full extend of the situation. It was a picture of a picture of a naked guy with a dick as hard as my own and a red ball-gag like the one in my hand. The image on the card wasn't just moving - it was someone trapped inside.

Chaos trapped in a card
[Click to Enlarge]

His name was written at the bottom of the card, he had literally been turned into a trading card. Everything made sense now - the card that the magician had raised before, he had tried to trap me lie he had trapped this dude. Then the realization hit me as I looked over at the bookshelf.

The shelf was stacked with binders, each binder presumably filled with cards like this one. Each binder had their own labels, "Heroes," "Officers," "Criminals," "Firemen," and the list went on. Everything had been categorized into what kind of people they contained.... The weasel hadn't been kidding when he said he wanted to add me to his 'collection'.

I looked down at the card in front me again. I wanted to release the guy, but how?  Would breaking the card release him or kill him?

It was then my heart sank as I heard the door knot click and the door shot open. The weasel charged in with a card raised and yelled another incantation before I could react, "Encardo mafisicio!"

A bright light emerged from the card and blinded me. It felt like I was being lifted into the air and everything around me spun faster and faster. I dropped the ball I held in my hand as I got dizzier and dizzier until finally, everything stopped turning.

Wade trapped inside a card
[Click to Enlarge]
I was pressed inside what felt like a narrow box with purple walls with a window to the outside world, which had suddenly gotten ten times bigger.

There was no space to move and my magically enhanced erection was hard pressed against the window like the guy I had just seen. The box was so narrow I couldn't even turn around or kneel down to hide my naked body - it was like being trapped in a display case.

Outside, a giant gloved thumb was covering the surface of the window while the giant smirk from the weasel looked down at me in my little window. I could only imagine that I had become a card as well.

Was there really no way out of this prison? I hammered my hands in rage against the glass in an attempt to break it, but it was as solid as metal and I already knew with so binders filled already, it was unlikely my strength would be any different.

I could hear him talk as he held my card up, "I didn't even get zee name... I shall just call you... special ops guy". He was writing a label below my window with a gigantic pen, presumably to categorize me for his collection.

My heart pounded as I watched him bring me over to the shelf and pull out the "Officers" binder. I could do nothing to stop him now and I watched with panic as he paged through the binder until he reached a page with an empty spot and stuffed me inside. As he closed the folder, my window was enveloped in darkness and I couldn't see anymore.

The prison seemed timeless, as I never got tired or hungry. The worst part was the raging erection, as I couldn't even get off no matter how much I jacked it. It was torture to be put on display in this constant state of horniness.

Over the following days the weasel would open the binder, browse through the pages as if he was trying to decide until he finally took my card out of the folder. What was going on?

To be continued >>


  1. Oof! Hunter's first solo mission didn't go too well for him. Though he came as well prepared as he could, he couldn't have foreseen Sylas being able to take all his weapons and equipment away with a literal wave of his wand. I thought when he found Chaos's card that he might free him and then they'd take the magician down together. Now that he's trapped in a card himself though, I don't see how the heroes can get out of this mess without becoming some villain's personal plaything.

  2. Geez this guy is too good. Although I guess he came closer than any other guy so far.

  3. OMG I love this story! love the idea of the hero being trapped in a card and become a plaything.

    Please continue! -w-