Monday, September 30, 2013

The Beginning (Part 1)

In the distant future, our hero awakens in a post-apocalyptic world with no memory of his past. Armed with nothing but his sense of morality, he must to find an answer to avert the forces of evil.  


 Chaos Demonwolf
With all of his memories lost to amnesia, this young hero must brave out in what is left of the world and discover his missing identity before he falls victim to the madness that has overtaken the city.

Chapter 1: Journey

He woke up in an instant as he shot up in his bed, his heart was pounding and his body was covered in sweat. He was sitting in an old creaky bed with a stained old duvet over his legs, the windows were barricaded with wooden planks and the floor was littered with trash.

He felt completely empty like he didn't know what to think, what do in the day or even where he was. He had no memories of anything, not even his own name or what he was doing here. The place seemed familiar somehow, he felt comfort here. He still had basic knowledge and his instincts, but it was like his slate had been wiped clean.  He shook his head - he had no headaches, no pain, nothing.

Climbing out of bed, he found a pile of dirty clothes by his bedside. They fit him, they were dark with a big hood to cover his face, a perfect attire for hiding in the shadow. It made him feel like a refugee, or a thief.

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The apartment was a mess, he looked through it for clues to his missing identity and found only a pair of swords stashed by the door. There were bits of unappetizing half decayed leftovers in the kitchen with only a few drops of water left in the tap to sate his thirst. He wasn't certain why he felt comfort here, but he knew he couldn't stay here any longer.

The way he instinctively took hold of the swords as he picked them up was like he had always known how to handle a blade, he swung them through the air and it felt natural to him. He sheathed them in his belt, he had a feeling he would need them later.

Unlocking the door, he stepped outside the hallway. It was still as death and so quiet it was creepy. The walls were cracked and the floor had several holes down to the level below, he had to jump over a large gap to proceed. At least he learned that he had trained, as his body was agile and fit to scale the environment.

The other apartment doors on the floor were either barricaded or broken down with signs of struggle from the overturned furniture, you could even tell how long it had been abandoned from the layers of dust gathering on the surface like snow. It made him feel uneasy, worrying that someone would jump him at any minute and he held his hands close to his blades as he moved on.

He paused as he heard steps further down the hall. Silencing his breath, he treaded lightly to avoid any noises as he closed in on the source. The noise came from another apartment with a broken door, and he pulled his swords as he stepped inside.

It was a gray male wolf, his body was nothing but skin and bones and a dirty fur with red skin patches. The poor being was pillaging leftovers off the floor, he didn't even look like he had the kind of strength it took to smash a door. No, he was a scavenger and he looked up in panic before escaping to the nearest corner, crawling on all four like a sick animal.

"No wait, I didn't-" He wanted to apologize, feeling sympathy for the frightened wolf. The scavenger had hidden completely from his sight and he stopped to think about it. He wanted to help with all his heart and show kindness, but the wolf had looked scared out of his mind and was nearly starved to death, so the best thing he could do now was walk away and show the coast was clear.

He regretted being unable to help the wolf, but continued down the hallway nevertheless. He reached a stairway and started making his way down the steps. Thankfully the stairs were safe and solid enough to walk, and so he hurried as he urged to get out of this horrible building.

Reaching the exit, he couldn't believe his own eyes. The street was bathed in a bloody red light with a fiery dark sky glowing like coal. It was a big city street, but most of the buildings were deliberated and it looked apocalyptic. Yet in spite of all the ruin, there were actual people parading around on the street almost barenaked.

There were two kinds of people, the first type looked like some kind of bondage master who wore leather gear like a harness and a jockstrap. They walked like they owned the street, they were healthy and fit with a satisfied grin on their faces.

The second type looked like bondage slaves, they were naked and walked around with their arms bound and a gag shoved into their mouth to stop them from talking. They looked deprived of will and followed the masters around on a leash, sometimes in larger groups like a display of wealth.

He wanted to step out and ask them what the fuck was going on, but he wasn't sure these people were sane!

He took a step back to think it over. He couldn't go outside, he stood out with his clothes and he didn't have anything like the masters to wear. If he just stripped, they would probably think he was a loose slave and try to capture him up. But he didn't want to go back and wait either, his stomach was growling and he didn't feel better off in this building either.

Hiding behind the door, he looked out and waited for an opportunity to move out. There were only few people on the street, but he didn't want to get sighted by anyone as he had no idea of where to go.

Finally, the street cleared out and he stepped outside, running along the street looking for a good hiding spot. But before he could find one, a large black male dragon with leather gear stepped out of a building with a smaller slave on a leash. He froze at the spot and the dragon looked over at him, then back at the slave, then back at him.

He made a run for it and the dragon attached the slave's leash to the door knot like parking a dog before chasing after him. He was faster than the dragon on foot, but the dragon leaped into the air and spread the majestic wings, gliding towards him ready to swoop down. He ran into alley, looking back and hoping the dragon couldn't follow.

But the dragon flapped his wings and landed at the entrance, where he resumed on foot as he roared after him, "I'm gonna catch you, rebel!" His heart starting pounding as the dragon came after him like a truck. For some reason the dragon called him a 'rebel'.

He barely spotted the alley fence in time as the dragon was closing him on him, he quickly jumped up and climbed up the steel fence. The dragon was in arm's reach and tried to grab him, but a well-placed kick saved him and he leaped over the fence. The dragon seemed too massive to scale the fence, and began tearing his through it with raw strength. Fortunately, he was too long and escaped the dragon's sight around a corner.

Slowing down to catch his breath, he looked around with his hands on his knees and spotted another broken door in a basement down a small set of stairs and he went inside to hide in the shadows. He could hear the dragon pass by from the massive stomping sounds, he kept lying in wait until the sounds finally stopped and he took a deep breath to relax.

It wasn't much of a living place, more like a storage basement with a couple of big lockers and a mattress laid out to sleep on. He could see the same signs of a struggle as before, and he could tell it had happened recently from the lack of dust. He spotted an open crate with several half-eaten fast food meals still in their wrappers with near-empty bottled sodas, at least it didn't look decayed and he dug in to sate his hunger.

As he sat there eating his fill, he heard a whimper coming from somewhere in the basement. It was like someone was crying, but the sobbing was muffled as if trapped inside somewhere. He followed the sound to one of the lockers---was someone really trapped in there?!

He drew one of his swords and busted the lock open, the blade was solid and sharp enough to saw through the padlock. As he opened the locker, a young squirrel tumbled out on the floor, naked and bound like a slave. The boy looked up at him with his teary eyes as he trembled in fear at the sight of the raised sword.

"Hey hey... it's gonna be okay," he quickly put the sword away and tried comforting the squirrel as he bent down to look at the knots on his back. He could have used the sword to cut the ropes, but he wasn't sure it would help the boy if he started pointing the blade at him again.

"Mmm-mmm-mmmh...." The squirrel whimpered and he realized the big red ball-gag in the squirrel's mouth was preventing him from talking. "There, you can talk now," he said as he removed the ball-gag from the squirrel's mouth before starting to undo the ropes on his back.

"Ar-are you my new master? Are you, are you, are you...?!" The boy tried getting up and asked continuously, almost running out of breath and grasping for air in a state of panic. "Okay---sit still," he asked and the boy stilled his movement in an instant. He finally finished untying the ropes on the boy's wrists and the boy turned around to look at him pleadingly.

"Look... I'm not anybody's master, okay? I'm here to set you free," he tried reassuring as he moved down to the boy's legs to remove the ropes around his ankles, but that only made the squirrel sob and begin to gasp for air as his look shifted the room in panic.

"They took my master, he was sleeping right there and they took him, they took him and now I'm abandoned---I'm abandoned, I'm aban-" The squirrel started crying again and he leaned up and placed his hands on the boy's shoulders, "Relax---You're safe... You're not a slave anymore, you don't need a master."

As he finished untying the squirrel's ankles, the boy crawled together on the floor like a scared child. Nothing he said seemed to get through to the boy, it only made things worse. He started thinking about how to get through to the squirrel... the boy had probably taken months or even years of abuse, and actually had lived inside a locker.

Then he got an idea. "Stand up, now." He suddenly commanded and the boy's face changed, it was almost like receiving orders made the boy lighten up. "Tell me your name," he asked as he stood before the boy like a military recruit and the squirrel nodded, "Justin, mast- no, sorry, sorry- I mean... Justin, sir!"

"Justin... You are your own master now. You take charge. You make decisions. Do you understand?" He tried explaining using simple sentences like instructions on how to act. The boy looked utterly confused and starred at him, but eventually nodded with a strange look.

He looked around to see if there were any clothes. If they could disguise themselves, it would be easier getting out of this city and finding out what the hell was going on. There had to be something useful in all these crates-

Turning away from the squirrel for even a second had proved a grave error. Despite being smaller than him, the boy had leaped on to his neck with an iron grip and pressed the other hand over his nostrils and mouth. As he tried shaking the squirrel off, the boy locked his legs around his waist and made it impossible to get him off.

Struggling, he tried bumping the boy against the lockers but it was of no use. His breath was starting to run out, the squirrel was blocking his airway and if he didn't do something soon, he would faint. His heart was pounding and he had seconds to make a decision.

He instinctively reached for his swords----he could cut the boy's arms right off.

But he hesitated as he grabbed the hilts... The thought of spilling the boy's blood all over the floor was too much for him. He had already seen too much bad stuff to add the blood of the innocent to his day's experience.

He grunted and moaned in his final moments before he had to give up. Things became dark and the last thing he felt was his body hitting the floor.


His senses were slowly returning to him... he could his arms being pull up and behind his back...  then the cold hard surface against his entire naked body.

"Urgh..." He groaned in pain, his head was pounding like it was about to explode and he felt groggy as hell. As the headache started to wear off, his vision became less blurry and he could start to see again.

The first shapes he could make out was his discarded clothes in front of his face on the floor. He tried looking over his back and could only just see Justin's legs, who was probably sitting on top of him and tying his arms together while mumbling a merry melody.

"... Justin- what... are you doing?!" He complained as the boy finished the last knots around his wrists and tugged the rope to check how solid it was. He guessed it was the very same rope he had loosened from the boy that was now being used to tie him up.

The squirrel turned him around so that he was lying on his back, and the boy looked down his naked body with excitement. The kid had even found some leather gear and equipped it, but it was way too big for him and hang loosely on his slim body.

From the bulge on the leather jockstrap, he could tell the boy was happy about 'making decisions' and 'taking charge'---in retrospective, it was probably the worst words he could have used.

"At first I was really confused! But then...! Then you turned your back and said I was the master!" The boy explained like he was expecting to be praised and reached for the ball-gag next to him on the floor.

"Justin... this isn't ri--rrghmph, MM-MMH-MMMMPH!" He tried to intervene, but the boy stuffed the red plastic ball deep into his maw. He tried shaking his head to stop the squirrel from tying the strings behind his neck, but the boy was so quick to tie the knot the kid probably had all the scout badges.

The squirrel touched down on his chest and ran the hands down his naked body, following the surface of his abs all the way down to his crotch. The boy squeezed his balls and he raised his unbound legs in alarm to kick the kid away, but again he hesitated. He look into the boy's eyes, it was like a kid in front of a candy store. And even if he kicked the boy away, how far would he get with his arms tied and a ball-gag in his mouth? Anyone like the dragon would just pick him right off the street.

So he lowered his legs and let the boy play with his cock. The squirrel leaned down and licked like a puppy with the sensitive little tongue stroking along the surface of his cock-head, until his length had grown enough for the boy to take hold and jack with his hand.

After a while, he was hard enough for the squirrel to take a leather band from one of the crates and strap it around his shaft and ballsack. The boy then attached a leash and started pulling in his dick like a dog's collar. "Get up, slave." The kid commanded, his attitude and expression had changed completely.

The kid wasn't going to fool anyone with that oversized gear and a slave bigger than himself, but the boy kept pulling in his hard cock until he felt so humiliated that he just started walking. He imagined this was what made the other slaves follow, the indignity of being treated like an object that it dismissed their will.

... He would have preferred to keep the boy safe with his swords and not naked as a slave him, but now that they were both out on the street after a short turn out the alley, any sign of struggle could give them away. He had to put an act and make the boy look like a master, as ridiculous as the squirrel already appeared.

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"Mm-Mmmph," he grunted in annoyance as the squirrel tugged in the leash again, just to taunt him like a submissive pup following its master.

To be continued »


  1. I can't help but laugh at the predicament. Great story.

  2. Really sad to hear the news about you quitting your current stuff, I recall coming back to this story because I always liked it so much. After two years I suppose it's time to say that~!