Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fan Art Contest (Results)

  Many talented artists participated in a contest to draw a bondage scene with the characters from the blog. Click on the images to enlarge them!

Winner: "War Game" by Grive

Grive is an absolutely amazing and talented artist whose chosen to draw all of the After School characters in his charming and original style. "War Game" recreates the scene where Ray wins the tie-up bondage game with Mark and his friends out in the woods, showing the gang at his mercy.

What captures me most about this image is the colors and the expressions of the characters. Ray's cute smile and the bright pink sky gives a feeling for the story's warm and lighthearted atmosphere, while the boys' discomfort, awkward expressions and clumsy stances makes it easy to see how helpless the characters feel in their struggle.

A collaboration between Sara and an artist friend, this fantastic entry shows us an ending with Sylas Spellbinder as the winner. With all of Sylas' enemies captured in one spot, the weasel is gradually turning them into his erotic trading cards as permanent keepsakes.

My favorite part of this image is the idea of a massive bondage collection and Sara executes the idea well. The image has a story to tell; for each of the cards in his hand there was a character in the spotlight, and you can tell their number is diminishing by the minute. The composition also makes you feel like a fellow villain standing next to the evil looking magician.

"Bad Touch" by 0range 

An amazing artist with a well-detailed cartoony style, 0range's art really captures the characters in a scene between Galen and Egad. With the lion firmly captured in his dungeon, the fox is inspecting the goods much to Galen's discomfort.

There are any number of things I love about this illustration: The crisp and smooth line art, the great-looking anatomy with the unique and well-executed pose and the smallest noticeable details like the hole in the hood. Most of all, the expressions capture the character's feelings well, such as Galen's anger and discomfort of being tied up and Egad's fascination and obsession with his captive.

"Bondowolf Poster" by Fe5ter and Rubberskunktoo

You may recognize Fe5ter's and Rubberskunktoo's talented comic styles and unique characters from the previous "Damian's Tournament" contest, now they're back with a huge splash of art featuring a number of villains from the blog in addition to many of the champions from the event.

This poster is just amazing and a must-print for any true tournament fan, the artists have captured every character in such a lighthearted and humorous way---the massive Damian Ratsbane in his speedo in front of his hilariously presented henchmen, not to mention the deadly and inspirational look of Lust's attire. Fall in love with the details of this drawing.

 "Family Gathering" by FirestarterWolf

Not many people have given the Demonwolves love in this contest, but FirestarterWolf made sure Egad oversaw that little missing detail. Expanding on the concept of the bound sixty nine the brothers had to suffer in the Demon Dungeon, this illustration has brought a possible alternative ending to the story where Zarch doesn't manage to help them escape but instead joins them on the floor.

Creativity with different kinds of bondage has always been the core of the blog, and this picture shows the classic fun of just playing with the guys by tying them up in all sorts of new positions.

Entries by BlackBlueDawg

A collaboration between BlackBlueDawg and an artist friend, Black shows us a number of bondage situations with our strong heroes in peril. In the first illustrations, we have Galen being experimented on with a vibrator and then a sincere tickling session with Egad Nob. Then finally, we have the other side of Wade Hunter trapped in one of Sylas' cards.

Black's entries are simple and enjoyable, showing us the fun in drawings with big muscular men and bondage.

Ray and Mark by Faust11

You may recognize Faust11's art style from Damian's Tournament, a talented artist who draws plenty of bondage and has brought a hot erotic scene between Ray and Mark getting down and dirty after school. Faust really captures Ray's chubby and cute body, his slight insecurity and nervousness about trying sex, and Mark's boyish charm with his lean muscular body.  

"Finally My Big Prize" by Mamei799

When we went through After School, we could always tell there were sparks between Barry and Victor---or maybe just sparks from Barry. With his very smooth cartoony style, Mamei has really captured the moment where Barry takes Victor as his personal trophy in the War Game arc, showing us the ego contest brought out through domination in bondage.

Entry by Gragor

A newborn artist talent, Gragor shows us the Demonwolf brothers captured together in yet another dungeon. The scene's layout has a real classic dungeon feel to it like in an old role-playing video game, I can already imagine the dialogue and description. The details put into this image is really impressive, and the way the brothers have been strung up on this demonic-looking alter makes them look really helpless and suspended in a "real kind of bondage" way. 

Entry by RenKat

An entry unlike any other, RenKat has made an actual 3D model of Galen and rendered a dungeon scene with two of his own dominant characters. The bondage in this render looks amazing, it's rare to see 3D furry bondage but RenKat does not disappoint with both Japanese rope work, leather gear, a blindfold and a shiny red ball-gag.

Entry by Auticomics

Those of you who have been around on art sites like FurAffinity or Y-Gallery have probably already seen this artist's classic cartoony drawing style. Autiocomics is a true dedicated artist whose always happy to draw art and has illustrated the blog's main protagonist all wrapped up for delivery in like a cute puppy. There are many small details lovable details in this art, like the mail sticker on his chest and the classic fence in the background.  

"Cat And Mouse Play" by 0range

Our last entry is another entry by the talented 0range, who shows us another bondage scene from the "Galen and Egad" story where Galen is overseen by one of the fox's dungeon masters, a giant rat taking care of the bound lion. Needless to repeat, 0range's style is simply fantastic and the sexual tension in this image is amazing with the rat's tail coiling around Galen's shaft like a snake with the lion's unsatisfied look towards the giant approaching package.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!


  1. I have one question. Does the entry have to be only one image? Or can it be in, like, a comic page format? Just curious.

    1. Hello Sara,

      You can submit the art in any format you like, a comic is fine---just make the deadline!

  2. I have a question. Will you publish all the entries to public?

    1. If your entry wins, it's necessary to publish so people can see evidence of who won the contest. You can request the entry remains private if you don't win.

  3. Would a photo of the artwork work?
    My medium would be oil paint or pastels, and I don't have a scanner.

    1. A photo is fine if you provide a couple of shots for a proper view of the artwork.

  4. I'm interested and I hopefully have a good time frame to get it done too.

  5. I've been working on my entry for days now, can't wait to share it!

  6. Wonder how much interest you've gathered so far, I only recall seeing one other submission. Guess the not knowing part makes me want to hurry and add my own in! Can't wait to see the explosion of everyone's submissions.