Monday, October 7, 2013

Character: Victor Feralfang

Victor is a twenty-five-years-old male tiger who works as a fitness instructor with bodybuilding exercises, and a close friend to Mark Greypaw since they grew up together.


Because Victor's father worked in the military together with Mark's father, it often brought their families together and Victor considered Mark the closest thing to a little brother. The boys bonded and played warfare games together with toy guns.

When they started in school, their age difference put a distance between them as Victor was several grades ahead of his childhood friend, but despite being busy with his new classmates he still found time in his week to hang out with "his bro" and joined the gang for a couple of war games.

Since Victor was older, Mark's circle of friends always looked up to him like an idol because he got to stay out late, drink beer and had a girlfriend - things that only a grown boy got to do. He enjoyed the admiration so much that he continued participating in the war games for years to come.

 The rest of the article contains spoilers for the stories, if you have not read them yet be warned.


Victor was raised by his father to be a straight man and wants to start a family of his own, but he has a hard time coming to terms with his bisexuality. He thinks that once he's started a serious relationship, he won't be able to explore his sexuality and keeps avoiding relationships until he feels ready to settle down with the right girl.

Because of this, he hides his bisexuality and doesn't like being viewed as homosexual. When approached by guys, he feels the need to reassure them he prefers female to avoid seeming gay.


In the night before Mark had to leave for college, Victor joined the gang for one last game before seeing their friend off. Unaware that Mark was into guys and crushing on him, he played along in what turned out to be a game of strip poker and bondage.

Embarrassed that he was turned on by it, Victor revealed to Mark that he was indeed bisexual but didn't want to start a relationship with him. They ended the night on friendly terms.

War Game

Victor captured in a war game
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Having enjoyed the sexual experience with the gang, Victor joined his old friends once more during a visit to Mark's college in a war game.

The boys played a game of manhunt in the woods where they captured each other in bondage where Victor either dominated them or joined the captives depending on the player's choices.


A year after his visit to Mark's school, Victor can be found by the player in a bar where he's hanging out and looking for some company. With the right choice of words, the player can persuade him into a one-night stand and even some bondage play.

After School »
Victor visits his old friend together with the rest of the gang during a weekend and participates in a game of tag and bondage.

After Hours »
The player encounters Victor sitting in a bar lonely and looking for some company for the night.

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  1. Wow his Bisexuality kind of sounds like my situation.

  2. Victor looks so great in higher resolution! Could you render this picture of him and Mark struggling in high res too? And I'd like to see more of the After School series revisited, I loved it! Thanks!