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The Tournament (Part 4)

With Galen out of the tournament, only three champions remain to fight for the finals and two more matches until the big reveal.


Chicks, fights and paychecks are Fenris' three favorite words, which all have come together in one single tournament. Having defeated Venorax and Strype already, this cocky and headstrong young wolf has made it into the semi-finals of the tournament and enjoys every minute of his fame.

A renowned hero, Shred has made it his very job to save damsels in distress. When he isn't rescuing princesses, the wolf can be found at the bar in a brawl, which is what drew the natural fighter to put his skills to the test. Having bested even the mighty Galen, is there any stopping this street fighter legend?

The third and final of the remaining champions, this alligator beat his opponents at such ease he was given a pass straight to the final round. One monster of an opponent, Aquin awaits whichever wolf that survives the semi-final round at the end of the tournament.

Egad Nob
The secret host of the tournament, this fox has been pulling the strings and collecting all the losers inside his specially made 'trophy chamber'. With nine champion already bound and gagged, Egad look forward to concluding his event once and for all.

Chapter 8: The Semi-Finals

It was a Friday evening and the streets should have been full of people going to parties, but instead the streets were empty and everyone was at home watching television. It was the semi-final match of the tournament and nobody wanted to miss the match.

There was however a gathering of people further down the street, at the local pub where the crowds were gathering like a concert. The barkeeper had put up a large flat screen television on the far end of the bar, people had come to drink and watch the match with their friends.

Two boys were sitting at a table and arguing non-stop. Normally this kind of thing would have annoyed people, but the adults couldn't help but listen in on their conversation. "Shred is a hero, he's beaten hundreds of villains already and he has experience like no one else," said the first kid.

"Fenris don't care about heroes, he's a motherfaking werewolf dude. He just becomes big and strong and rips his enemies apart," the second kid argued back. They continued in this manner and their audience nodded each time they made an argument as if it was points to consider.

Finally, a fox dressed in a business suit came down to their table to shush them, "Now now boys, it's not important who wins or loses." The kids looked at him as if he had just insulted their nation. "What do you mean it's not important? Dude, nothing else matters!" The crowd was inclined to agree with them.

The fox grinned and sat down at their table as he huddled them in so no one else could listen in. "What if I told you boys there was secretly a real villain behind this, who was capturing all the losers?" At first the boys looked weirded out, but then deeply in thought as they considered his suggestion.

"You mean like in that episode of Teen Titans where the villain makes all the heroes fight each other in a tournament and then traps them in his gemstone pendant one by one for all of their powers?" The first kid rambled without pause and the fox nodded with a raised eyebrow, "Yeeess... Something like that."

"But then the winner would have to fight the villain and save the day," the second kid argued but the first kid shook his head, "Why would he do that? I mean if it is a REAL villain and not some cartoon villain, why would he risk everything to fight the winner if he already has the power to capture Shred?"

"Dude, Fenris is going to be the winner of the tournament!" The second kid argued again and then they were back at it. The fox shook his head with a devilish smirk as he left their table.

Somewhere in the background a guy in a red shirt said, "But I think Aquin is going to win the tournament" and for once both the kids agreed as they shouted at him, "NO!"

The chatter finally died down as an image appeared on the television screen. It was a news reporter, a black sheep dressed in a dark green suit. "Welcome back tournament fans, to the semi-final match between the two champions, Fenris and Shred!" The sheep announced and the crowd broke into a cheer.

"In today's match we have the idyllic wonder tree lake, a magical environment preserved by nature through centuries. It is truly a privilege to experience the majesty of this land, yet our champions will make their stand on the shore!" The news reporter said as the camera panned over the enchanting scenery.

It was a large lake with a colossal tree in the middle, bigger than even a skyscraper. The tree trunk was purple with blue crystals growing out of the bark and a majestic crown with coral red leaves. Water flowed into the lake from a waterfall from a large cliff surrounding the valley in a crescent shape with the forest covering every inch of the horizon. The crowd gasped at the view.

Then finally, the camera zoomed in on the beach as two bright lights flashed on the shore. The champions appeared out of the lights and the crowd in the bar cheered.

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The first champion was a brawny and husky grey wolf with black and red shorts, a pair of fighter's gloves, black bandages on his feet and the trademark patch on top of his muzzle. He wielded his signature weapon, a large red wrench he used as a mace.

The second champion was a black wolf with the body of an athlete, he wore a tight pair of red sport shorts with two sweatbands on his wrists. His most notable feature was the large scars on the left side of his chest and face, they made him look fierce and combat-ready.

Despite how tough they both seemed, they looked dazzled by the teleportation and took a moment to regain their senses. It had already been explained how being teleported made you dizzy, some stuff about molecules and other crap nobody actually remembered.

As the champions seemed ready, the news reporter announced the start, "Today's match is Shred versus Fenris. The first champion to knock out his opponent wins, let the fight begin!"

There was no need for words. Both the wolves nodded at each other with a smirk before they engaged. They were both fighters at heart, this is what they lived for. Whoever won this match would proceed to the finals and have a shot at winning the tournament.

The fight began as Shred clogged his opponent with the wrench, sending Fenris flying backwards and splashing into the shallow lake water. He coughed as he rose up again with a distinct look in his eyes, "Let's get this show on the road then."

The crowd went wild as they watched his transformation rise from the water on screen, as the black wolf grew in size and became a massive feral beast. Shred fastened the grip on his mace as the massive opponent charged at him, blocking the creature's bite with the wrench and trying to hold the werewolf off, only to be knocked aside by a swing from the clawed hand.

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The two of them continued fighting until both of them were panting from exhaustion. Shred's grib on his wrench was trembling and Fenris couldn't hold his transformation any longer. "Like men," Shred suggested as he dropped his wrench on the sand below and Fenris nodded, shrinking down to his normal size.

Again the crowd went wild as they clashed once more, but with fists instead of their powers, duking it out with their last bit of energy in spite of all their bruises and cuts. This would be their last brawl, none of them were willing to back down and they were straining every last muscle in their body to win the match.

Finally, after so many painful blows, Fenris backed off and panted heavily as he watched his opponent drop before him and fall unconscious on the ground. Shred had matched him evenly, but in the end he pulled through and the ferocious gray wolf disappeared in a flash of bright light leaving behind no trace but the print in the sand.

With his heart racing from the victory rush, Fenris let loose a howl over the solitude lake before he too disappeared in a flash of bright light. Everyone in the bar roared and applauded to commence Fenris' victory and the party started.

"Told you he'd win," the second kid from earlier gloated to his buddy. The first kid looked so disappointed, like he had missed his own birthday party. "So... if what that fox said was true, where do you think Shred is right now?"

"I don't know, why do you care? He was just some creepy old man trying to spook us out," the second kid answered with a concerned look on his face. "I don't know, I would just like to see Shred again," the first kid said as they looked around for the fellow. They couldn't spot him anywhere, "He must have left a while ago."

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Somewhere far away underground, Shred started to regain the feeling in his body after he had been teleported out of the match. His vision was still dark and he couldn't see anything. As he began to feel the cold breeze against his naked body, he realized something was horribly wrong.

When he tried to move, he bumped against a cold hard surface that felt like glass. The clanking sound and the pull in his arms and upper legs told him he had been shackled with some kind of restraints. Something big and round that tasted like plastic had been shoved deep into his maw and he couldn't utter a sensible word, only make grunting noises. Someone had even lodged a cold hard ring around his shaft and balls, and made sure he had a raging hard erection while at it.

He wasn't an idiot, he knew exactly what had been done to him. This had only happened to him a few times before, but consensual with the ladies. This time someone had snatched him and tied him up before stuffing him inside this tight container. But how had it happened? Had someone snatched him after he had been knocked out cold? And who had the nerve to turn him, a strong and renowned hero, into some bondage slave?

Something wasn't adding up. Somewhere behind him he heard a voice that said, "The time is almost here, my trophies." He didn't recognize the voice as anyone he knew, yet it sounded like an adult male, someone small with a bit of an accent. How could that be? Who was this person, was this related to the tournament somehow?

It was when he heard grunts from other angry males in the room that the grim realization sank in. By 'trophies,' the person actually referred to champions from the tournament. After being defeated, he had been locked in here on display as some kind of prize. If only he could see through this damn blindfold, he would know who to beat up once he escaped this predicament. For now, all he could do was struggle and try to break free. After all, what kind of hero would let the bad guy win like this?


Back at the party, the crowd held their breath as Fenris stepped in through the door, then broke into a huge applause. "Thank you thank you, you're making me blush, but yes I am awesome," he addressed them with a wide grin.

As he stepped inside, a young boy came over and kicked his knee. "Ouch, what was that for?" He looked down at the kid and the boy blushed and ran off into the crowd while mumbling, "Shred foreeever..." Fenris couldn't help but smirk with a raised eyebrow as he turned his attention back to the party inviting him to join.

The party raged on for hours and drinks went all over the place. It seemed like an everlasting happy hour until a large brown wolf stepped into the bar. He had a sad and worried face and he was drenched from the rain outside. He approached the party's main attraction and people who looked at him stepped aside like he was a bearer of bad news.

When he reached Fenris, he found the black wolf on a crescent red leather couch with two ladies. His shirt had already come off and the way the barely dressed girls were feeling him up, looked like all he had to do was wink in the right direction and they would follow him off to the bedroom.

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"Hey Jacob my man, you look like crap. Why don't you come join us for a good time?" Fenris said as he looked up at the approaching brown wolf. "You know I'm seeing someone," Jacob replied as he looked down at the so called 'champion'.

"So what brings you here then?" The black wolf said as he signaled for the girls to pause with their hands, who sighed in disappointment with a whimper. "I was hoping to talk with you under four eyes," he suggested a serious look on his face.

"Not now man, can't you see I'm busy?" Fenris apologized as he smirked to his lady friends and Jacob stared him down. "Ok look, if it's short just tell me now," he offered and Jacob sighed, the guy was obviously drunk and about to get laid.

"It's about my husband, you know, the other foolish one who joined that stupid tournament?" Jacob urged and Fenris looked up with a raised eyebrow, "Oh yeah, he entered too."

"It's too bad about his loss, but if it makes you feel any better I beat the guy who beat him," Fenris said as he nodded with a confident smirk and the ladies looked like they were turned on by it from their gestures. Jacob had to take a moment to burrow his face in his palm.

"I haven't heard back from him since then," Jacob explained and Fenris looked a bit more serious. "I'm sure he's doing fine, did you try asking the tournament guys?" He suggested and Jacob shook his head, "I went to the center and all they fed me was some crap about the non-disclosure agreement that he signed when you guys entered."

Fenris shrugged and tried to comfort the guy, "Well, can't do more than that. I'll look out for him at my victory party and tell him you were worried, ok?" He smiled at the ladies again, who had lost interest in him as they were looking sympathetically at the brown wolf.

"Look, I think someone took him. There is something terribly wrong with this tournament," Jacob said in frustration. Fenris shook his head, "Look man, tomorrow I'll win and then I'll bring the guy back to you personally. That's a promise, okay?"

Jacob paused for a moment and the girls turned their attention back to their hero with a smile. He then took a deep breath and sighed, "Okay.... Thanks. But be careful man." He left Fenris to enjoy his party as he looked back at the black wolf one last time.

"Okay girls, where were we?" Fenris asked and one of the girls slipped her hand down to his crotch, "Oooh yeah, now that's the spot..."

Chapter 9: The Grand Prize

It was an arctic environment with a raging blizzard and the land was covered in ice and snow, you could even see an old half-sunken ship that had  been frozen in ice before it could sink. The mountains were white and covered in snow and the snowstorm made it hard to see more than ten feet ahead. This was the environment that greeted the champions that was teleported in for the final match of the tournament.

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You could imagine how cold it was, but not how it felt to stand there in nothing but shorts. Fenris crossed his arms and rubbed himself with his hands to try and stay a little bit warm, as his entire body was shaking from the cold.

He looked over at his opponent, who was an alligator even less dressed who stood there in just loincloth. The beast wasn't even shivering. "Aren't you supposed to be cold-blooded or something?" Fenris cursed at him and the alligator smirked, "I trained my body for the cold by swimming in arctic waters, this is nothing."

"Nothing," Fenris mumbled and repeated his word as they waited for the announcement. Then finally, they could hear the newsreporter's voice broadcasted over the frozen waste. "Welcome champions, to the final match of the tournament. The last champion standing in this blistering cold will win the tournament, let the match begin!"

With those words, Fenris took a combat stance, only to quickly return to crossing his arms again in the cold. The alligator charged towards him while swinging about a large claymore, "Looks like I win this one by default."

The wolf managed to jump out of the sword's path just in time to avoid getting struck, but the sword released a shock wave that shattered the ice below and created a hole into the freezing water below. Fenris gulped as he got back on his feet, one slip-up and he would drop into the icy water and undoubtedly lose.

The alligator continued in this manner and all the wolf could muster was dodging. If he didn't find a way to battle the cold soon, he would drop before even getting an attack off.

"Alright, let's get this started" he said as he tried to transform and the alligator took distance to avoid getting mauled, but nothing happened. He needed to channel his rage to transform, and all he could feel right now was despair in the shivering cold. The alligator looked so disappointed at his failed attempt and grinned as it came at him again.

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Fenris realized the alligator saw him as weak and realized he could use this to his advantage. Pretended to be paralyzed by the cold, he waited for his opponent to come close enough to do a drop kick and knock the guy over.

"Clever, but didn't think you'd fight dirty," the alligator mocked him as the beast got back on his feet. "Fi-fighting dirty? It's fre-freezing cold out here and you've got a sword!" Fenris blurted out and the alligator laughed, "Alright then, 'like men'?" He quoted Shred and put down his blade to duke it out with the wolf.

The wolf felt insulted but nodded regardless as the two of them engaged in a fist fight, but he knew the alligator only did this knowing he would lose and the reptile was right: His stamina was dropping much more rapidly from the cold and he wasn't getting enough damage done.

As he dropped to his knees panting with the icy wind biting in his lungs, the alligator picked up the sword again and before Fenris could react, plunged it into the ground and shattered the ice below his opponent. The wolf disappeared with a splash and the alligator raised his sword in victory.

Too busy smiling at the camera, the alligator failed to notice the large shadow beneath the ice before the huge werewolf emerged and swung the reptile into a cliff where all the snow and ice above crashed down upon the champion. Fenris looked at the scaled arm sticking out of the pile and waited for his opponent to get back up, but the arm disappeared in a flash of light - so there was a limit to how much cold the guy could take.

It had ended so quickly he didn't even realize what had happened until he stood there alone breathing in the fresh air. That was his opponent he just beat. He had done it. He had won the tournament!

The adrenaline from the victory rush filled his entire body and he didn't even feel the cold. He let loose a large howl as he imagined the crowds that were waiting for him. Finally, the warm bright light surrounded him again as he was teleported away.


When the light faded and he regained his senses, things were different from the last time he had been teleported back home. Instead of the usual center with lots of scientists greeting him and commenting him on his victory, he found himself inside a glass in a dark room full of other guys.

All of them were trapped inside a glass like himself, naked to boot, while bound and gagged like bondage slaves. As the feeling in his own body returned, it was obvious his situation was no different. His arms were pulled behind his neck and tied with rope, he was kneeling down and his ankles were crossed and joined with more rope. His own thick meat was suddenly hard as rock and pressed against the glass in front of him, while he had a sock stuffed into his mouth with a white bandana keeping it inside like a classic gag.

Had the teleporter malfunctioned and sent him to a wrong place by mistake? Looking down below he could see the brightly glowing platform at the bottom of the glass, someone had intentionally installed a teleporter inside this container.

[Click to Enlarge]

But when he looked around he realized what was going on. It wasn't just any guys trapped in there. The first guy to his left was Aquin, the alligator he had just beaten. The guy was butt naked, didn't have his sword anymore and was tied solid with massive rope. The next guy in the line was Shred, who had been given the same strip treatment and blindfolded, shackled, and even a cock-ring around his massive meat.

Further down the line he could even spot Kre'ul, Jacob's husband, who was sitting there completely naked and bound as well. Who the hell had done this? Who had kidnapped every champion in the tournament just to stuff them into some glass for display?


Back at the bar, the party raged on again, louder than ever before. The fox in the business suit was sitting at the bar and sipping from a drink, before he put it down and shrugged, "Guess it's time for me to go back."

The bartender stopped him and asked, "You've come here every day to watch the match, it wasn't you who donated the television was it?" The fox shrugged with a smirk, "I guess we'll never know."

"You don't wanna see what the grand prize is? We've all been waiting for the big reveal," the bartender asked as he poured another drink on the house. "I guess I can stay a little longer, but I have my own grand prize to get back to," the fox said as he winked before taking seat again.

"Now the moment you all have been waiting for," the news reporter said on the television, "THE...GRAND...PRIZE..." A drum roll played in the background before the scene shifted to a big cruise ship sailing over the ocean. "That's right, the champions of the tournament have been teleported straight on to a luxury cruise for two entire weeks of perfect relaxation - another example of this invention's magnificent use."

"Thank you all for following this event and join us next time on FurTV for more news and follow-up on the big events," the news reporter concluded as the program ended. The crowd applauded one last time before things went back to normal. The fox emptied his drink and thanked the bartender before heading out.

The two young boys from yesterday stopped him on his way out by pulling in his jacket to say something, "The champions went on a vacation, they didn't get captured by a villain. Why did you make that stuff up yesterday?"

"Don't you like a good story, boys?" He smirked as he kneeled down to speak with them. They nodded and he continued, "So if there really had been a villain, what do you think he would have done now?"

The boys looked deeply in thought again. "He would... make an evil speech, like villains always do," said the first boy. "And then the heroes would break free and defeat him!" the second boy added and they nodded in agreement.

"Oh, but what if the heroes couldn't break free? What if the villain won?" The fox raised his finger with a smirk, but the boys just shook their heads. "No way, no!" "The villain never wins, everybody knows that!"

He patted them on their heads as he got back up. "Well boys, in the real world good guys don't always win, and you shouldn't believe everything you see on television."

The boys looked at him again as if he couldn't be anymore wrong, "You're stupid." He raised an eyebrow as they stuck their tongue at him and ran along. "Hey if you're Fenris, I'll be Aquin and we'll fight in the ice arena! Rooar!"

He watched them run off before he headed out the door with a devilish smirk and mumbled to himself, "Oh believe me boys, you wouldn't want to be Fenris and Aquin right now..."

The fox headed down the street to a big corporative building, a skyscraper with a big logo that read, "The Foxmoore Company." He stepped into the entrance hall that swarmed with business workers, who all greeted him as he passed them, "Good evening, sir."

He went over to the elevator and pressed the button. "Headed up for a meeting sir?" A co-worker asked him as he waited for it to come down. "You could say that," he replied with a smirk and stepped inside.

Alone in the elevator, he entered a specific combination on the panel and instead of going up, the elevator started heading far down underground. He waited in suspense as his heart was drumming from excitement. Every second seemed like a year until finally, the bell ringed again and the metal doors opened.

He stepped into a dark circular room with no other exits and the only light was a bright ceiling lamp in the middle. There were twelve big glasses aligned alongside the wall, in each glass was a champion from the tournament. They were all naked and bound helplessly. They watched him from the moment he stepped into the room.

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Casually and relaxed he walked into the center, spread his arms and greeted them. "Welcome champions, to The Grand Prize!" Their eyes shifted as they looked around the collection, they had already guessed the plot but it was still something else to hear someone declare it.

All of these guys looked like they could beat the fox in but a second, it was a mockery of their strength to be dominated in this way. How had this one little guy managed to capture all of them?

He had undoubtedly planned every step of the way, calculated every outcome, but for what? So he could stand up to them in the end as the true winner of the tournament?

They could only ponder as they watched him gloat in the center of the room. Was he trying to prove something, that brains beat brawn? No, it was something more. They could feel it as they watched his eyes travel between them. The way he looked at them wasn't the eyes of someone who was looking down at them, but like a little boy who had just gotten every toy he ever wanted.

It was like being an action figure on display, they had been transformed into a collectible and all of their muscle and skill now only contributed to their collection value. If the situation wasn't so serious, they would have been embarrassed to be pinned up like this.

However psychotic the fox was, he had them all. Suddenly, a nobody they ever cared about was in charge of them. The question on everyone's mind was: What was going to happen next? The tournament was over, all the matches had been fought and there was no more champions left. Everyone was bound and gagged as part of the fox's "grand prize".

Those who had been captured for days realized there was no more hope that the new guy could escape, and the two new additions only had to look at the rest to realize how futile it was. One was all it would take for them to break free, but the growing numbers was also a statement of how helpless they truly were.

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Chaos looked at Egad, when he had been the first to get captured the fox had come to greet him personally. Back then it felt like the only thing that separated them was the glass, a cheap trick he would eventually find his way out of. Now, he regarded the fox entirely different. Every hero captured made the villain look that much more powerful and at this point, he actually felt beaten and the fox was just too good.

It was a difficult thing to admit as a hero. He had trained himself to never give up and always keep fighting. Most of these guys probably thought the fox was just playing dirty, but he knew better.

He thought of the day he was still at home, sitting in his couch and watching television. It was already back then he had walked into the fox's trap. One broadcast was enough to lure him in, the fox knew they were fighters and used the media to make the event look legit.

It was like a fishing net reeling them in... and here they were, squirming in his catch. It wasn't just luck, the fox had handpicked them out of a thousand and spent millions just to give them a false sense of security. They had underestimated the villain---he had been the most suspicious of them all, and still he had thought there was no way the fox would capture him again. He was wrong and now he was too powerless to do anything about it.

It was obvious the fox had no obligation to reveal anything to them. They had been expecting some grand speech, but no - the fox was taking his sweet time walking from glass to glass to compliment each and every one of them. What a bitch.

He stopped in front of the glass and looked at the naked body like he was inspecting a vehicle. He talked to them even though they were gagged and couldn't reply. It was a display of power - he was dressed and they had no clothes, he could walk and speak freely while they couldn't move an inch or even utter a sensible word. It was humiliating and the fox enjoyed every minute of it.

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Worst of all, the fox acted like he could understand their muffled speech. He stopped at the big black dragon and said, "Not so big and strong now, are you?" The drake roared and grunted angrily, "WHMP MH OUMH OMH HMMPH!" To which the fox replied, "You want out? But you fit in there so nice and tight!" He tapped on the glass with a smug grin and left the dragon flailing in anger.

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He then moved on to the naga next in line, who looked down at the fox like being approached by an insect. Despite being coiled up inside a glass with rope around both his muzzle, arms and thick cock, he still had his impervious dignity. The fox wasn't the least intimidated as he approached the beast, "You think we didn't notice you breaking into the lab and hacking the system to replace yourself with another contester?"

The naga hissed and didn't want to give him the satisfaction, but the fox continued all on his own. "A wanted criminal, no less. Venorax, a thief and a treasure hunter. After we saw your form, we decided you'd make a fine treasure yourself. Didn't think you'd end up joining the prize you sought to steal, did you?"

That was enough to make the naga snap and wriggle around in rage. That was all the fox wanted, to break the cocky bastard's pride and watch him struggle as he rubbed the lump on his pants.

The fox continued in this manner until he reached the end of the line. The winner of the tournament had only been here for less than an hour, but already had a pretty good impression of what was going on. He was unsure of how to react as the fox reached his glass, and Egad looked back at him with a raised eyebrow and a sly smile.

"So it turns out that the tournament you won was really a fraud and the whole thing was just a setup. But hey man, those were some great matches and you get to see all your opponents again!" The fox teased as he pointed to each of the captives the werewolf had fought, it probably wasn't the way Fenris would have liked to remeet them.

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The wolf glared at the fox as if to say, "Are you for real?" He had never met a person like this. The fox's personality was indescribable, he was a real villain, he was doing this to them because he could, because he was evil, but actually meeting a person with no personal boundaries who came on so strong and dominant was... something else. And he would have preferred not to be naked, bound and gagged at this person's mercy.

Why had he not listened to his friend's advice and looked into the situation earlier? Now it was too late and he was captured like everybody else. If he had only looked into the tournament and not let winning go to his head, he might have been able to do something about it.

Right now he should have been with some babes on a beach, instead his only admirer now was this scrawny fox who had stripped him and stuffed him into a jar. This guy had some nerve trussing him up like this.

There was no use thinking about what could have been done, the only thing that mattered now was breaking free. If he could transform into a werewolf, he could shatter the glass and tear the fox a new hole. Egad watched him with a smug grin as he struggled and wiggled around, trying to trigger his transformation.

But whenever he tried, nothing happened. He couldn't get enraged because his raging erection was breaking his concentration and making it impossible to transform. The fox had literally disabled his powers by making him permanently horny. Judging from everyone else's hard dicks, it was probably some form of drug to weaken them and turn them into the fox's bondage slaves.

With all the champions struggling again, the fox stepped back into the middle of the room and pulled out his hard dick from his pants and casually stroked it, as he watched them and listened to their grunts like music to his ears. They were only giving him what he wanted, but nobody wanted to accept being his trophy. They had to break free now or else they really would be his collection.

One by one they stopped, as they watched the fox and waited for him to speak again. Egad was doing this deliberately, to make them surrender and submit to him as his prizes. At first it was only a few who stopped, then resumed as the others continued to struggle. But eventually they all stopped and acknowledged their defeat.

It was bitter and nobody wanted to submit to this bastard. They all had their pride as heroes, but their pride as men was exposed and smushed against a glass for everyone to see. There was only so much they could take before giving up, and watching the fox get off to the sight of their naked bodies was demeaning.

They all looked at him as if to say, "Alright you won, now what?" The fox finally pulled his dick back into his pants and looked completely satisfied. This was probably the happiest moment of his life. 

"Champions," he addressed them as he started on his grand speech, "You have all fought hard and well. You have demonstrated your worth through blood and dirt and bone." That was an easy thing for him to say, being the only one who hadn't lifted a finger and yet also the only one not trapped in a glass while naked and bound.

His eyes traveled through their ranks as he admired their efforts, "You have become... something more. The heroes that children look up to, the champions that crowds gather around, the idols that shows what it means to be a man." Coming from him, it was more mockery than flattery. After all, he had been the one to tie them up and trap them inside a glass, he had reduced them from all those things to meager sex objects. Where was he going with this?

"Could you imagine how people would react if they learned the great tournament champions had been turned into bondage slaves?" He mocked them and they snarled with angry eyes.

"...If my big strong hero had been turned into a sex toy? I wouldn't want to admit it - well, *I* would - but deep deep down, your greatest fans would become your masters and owners," he concluded with a smug grin as he looked at their varying reactions.

They understood his intentions now, their eyes shifted and they wriggled about. It was an unsettling and disturbing thought. If they were revealed to the public, it would tear them down as heroes. Every criminal scum would flock at the opportunity to own a renowned hero, nothing would make them feel better about themselves than to beat a hero, let alone using him for sexual satisfaction.

"Tomorrow," the fox concluded with a devilish wide grin, "The champions of the tournament will be auctioned off to the highest bidders." His reveal caused an uproar and all the champions struggled to their utmost trying to break free and escape their fate. They could not let this happen.

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But the villain simply laughed as he walked back into the elevator. They watched as the metal doors closed again and the lights went out, leaving them behind in complete darkness. The sound of their muffled roars fainted quickly as the fox ascended up to his office.

To be continued in "Tournament: Aftermath" »


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