Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to Print Your Own Deck

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To craft your own deck, you first need to cover the materials and consider the expenses. The materials you will need are:
- A High Quality Printer and Ink
- A Paper Cutter or a Scissor
- Per Deck: 4 Sheets of Double-sided High Definition Paper
- Per Deck: 36 Deck Protector Sleeves
- Optional: Glue
Step 1. Pick a Deck
You will need at least two decks to play the game. Click on any of the images to download a deck.

Step 2. Print the Deck
Open up a page in any printing software (such as Adobe Photoshop). Press CTRL + P to access the Printing Setup. Before printing, click Page Setup. Choose the type of paper you are printing on to Photo Paper Double Sided and set the quality to High.

[Click to Enlarge]
Accept the changes and then set the size of your image to:
Width: 18,87 cm
Height: 26,35 cm

You should now be good to print the page. After printing, flip the page horizontally and print on the back side.

If you cannot print on the back or your backside doesn't align with your front, check the troubleshooting below.

Step 3. Cut out the Cards
Take a scissor or a paper cutting tool and cut the cards out of the pages. I recommend using a good scissor, as a dull one will make it difficult to cut and give you annoying results!

Step 4. Put your new cards in your Sleeve Protectors
Put your new cards into the plastic sleeves to protect them from damage.

Congratulations, your new deck is now complete!

Q: What about damage counters, markers or a "coin"? How am I supposed to play the game?
A: Take a paper and cut it into smaller pieces. Write "1" on the pieces. These can now work as damage counters. For a coin, you can use an actual coin (money) or a dice.

Q: What kind of paper should I use?
A: You want high quality photo paper that's thick enough to be shuffled without getting twisted or tearing. I used Smooth Gloss A4 210x297 mm paper from Ilford Galerie.

Q: My paper can't handle printing on the back, what can I do about the backside? / My printer isn't aligning the front and back of the cards properly together, what can I do?
A: Print the backside separately and either glue them together and/or stick them in a deck sleeve back to back.

Q: My deck sleeves aren't transparent, how can I show the card backside?
A: I printed the backside on a separate page and then used glue to stick the deck protectors together back to back. I recommend only doing this with the Champion cards and simply refrain from printing the backside on the other pages, as you can't shuffle cards that have been glued together.

Q: My printer is bad and can't handle high quality paper, what should I do?
A: If you want to print cards on normal paper, you can purchase some sheets of carton and glue your thin paper cards onto the carton.

Q: Are the deck sleeve protectors really necessary?
A: Yes. Unless you have an actual printer designed for making cards, chances are still fairly good that your cards won't be sturdy enough to handle shuffling without deck sleeves. The good thing is card sleeves are dirt cheap and you can usually pick up a large pack enough to contain an entire deck for 4$.

Q: How am I supposed to play this game with other people? I have no real life friends who appreciate... uh... erotic furry male bondage card games.
A: You can setup a web camera with an online friend and use a microphone to play in front of your monitor. It's actually really fun!


  1. Where are the people's personal cards? (such as mine)

    1. Unless the game becomes super popular and I get lots of messages about people's experience with the game, it's unlikely I'll spend anymore time releasing extra content such as stand-alone champions.

  2. Question: if I choose champion's from Egad's deck, does it mean that I can only get Instant Card from Egad's deck and not Sylas or Damian's deck?

  3. I think this game should be printed out (by a printing company) like some other adult game I seen