Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Tournament TCG: The Story

Once there was a devious fox named Egad Nob obsessed with bondage. This twisted mastermind came up with a brilliant scheme to capture heroes by using a device known as the Magnetic Teleporter. Developed by the evil genius Professor Mize, the teleporter could transport a person to the teleporter's platform from any place in the world once they had been "attuned".

In order to trick the heroes into getting attuned, the fox hosted a fighting tournament as a sponsor the professor's new invention. After the announcement on the news, champions from all over the world signed up for the tournament to have a chance to win the fabled "Grand Prize" promised to the winner.

Out of the hundreds of volunteers, only twelve champions were selected for the tournament---the strongest of the strongest. Every day a new match was displayed on television, where the heroes would be teleported into the arena and fight each other for fame and glory.

But for every winner, there was a loser. Unknown to everyone, the losers weren't teleported home, but naked and bound inside a glass---like a trophy. The twelve champions who had fought so bravely and hard found that the reward for all their hard work was themselves, as the fox had turned them all into his own personal "Grand Prize."

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  1. So this is what happens to champions that didn't get sold. Maybe I should be glad I didn't enter. LOL.