Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This is a printable card game that you can craft at home and play with your friends. In order to create your own card game, you will need a printer and materials to make a playable game.

The Story
Our story begins with a bondage-obsessed villain called Egad. This fiendish fox came up with a brilliant scheme: To capture heroes from all around the world by creating a fighting tournament. Together with his partner in crime, Professor Mize, they created a teleporter device used to transport the champions into battle... but against anyone's knowledge, the champions that were defeated was instead brought into the villain's private collection as part of the "The Grand Prize."

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  1. looks interesting. Now to find someone to play it with.

  2. Hello, Bogrim ^^!

    I am loving your card game and my pet and i was thinking in printing your cards too :3! I love bondage, card games and furrys, and see everything together is like a dream xD! I hope that you and me can play one game sometime too ^w^.

    I am also with some questions, if you can answer:
    1 - What is the minimum and maximum amount of cards that you can have in a deck?
    2 - You can mix several cards from different decks?
    3 - You are planning release new cards too? Like "boosters"? =D
    4 - There is any chance that this game can have a online version? xD

    I now that i am thinking too much, but is just that i love your work and this game ^w^! Thanks for your time =D!

    1. If you decide to print the game, be sure to share your experience!

      1. The deck requirements have been added in the How to Play section.
      2. You can mix the decks as you like. It took a lot of mixing before I even got them balanced after lots of play testing!
      3. You won't see "booster packs" because it's a free game and booster packs would turn the game towards microtransactions, violating the my agreement with the respective owners of the various characters.
      4. Not unless a very skilled coder volunteers to do most of the work, and a generous host donates free online hosting. It's fun to play in real life though, I even played it with some of my straight guy friends. ;-)

  3. Dear Bogrim!

    Amazing game, I love all the decks and played with them regularly. Do you have any recommendation how to mix the card to make it a more interesting game? By the way, please make another decks, if possible 3 decks more!!! I really want to see deck that involves Hatred Demonwolf.

  4. 6 x 3 = Only 18 champions? We need MORE!!